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Canon EOS 5D Mark II SLR Digital Camera Sample Photos

Marketed: 17-Sep-2008
Lens Mount: EF
Megapixels: 21.1
Random Canon EOS 5D Mark II Samples from 750112 available Photos more
g4/36/73936/3/143466218.EvpwqCb4.jpg g1/31/725631/3/127390294.QlkhGgbQ.jpg g10/94/339594/3/167733873.fx6ZUSVB.jpg g1/30/414830/3/127931168.mGv6uQle.jpg
g4/36/73936/3/134867733.gcxHv0JQ.jpg g9/21/785521/3/154547815.5nzy8PY9.jpg g9/99/814599/3/155421064.vSYJZarL.jpg g9/99/961199/3/156768977.DiAltuCh.jpg
g10/50/1149750/3/166335846.BixbxIGH.jpg g4/95/89495/3/133079659.TNO6iS5R.jpg g9/36/73936/3/152768986.MME9LmE9.jpg g1/29/396829/3/111855058.cvbR4bMO.jpg

errolishourix02-Feb-2012 23:48
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Impubbipina31-Dec-2011 21:02
spacedrone80825-Jun-2011 18:30
-true full frame 35mm
-not so expensive
-FuLLHD video 1080P at 30fps
-good at low-light

I think that this is the best Canon digital camera for last 10 years.

Problems: -slow auto-focus (if we compare it with Nikon d300 or Canon 7D, for example)
-rather cheap buildup (Nikon wins)
-more noisy sensor at high-iso`s (and again Nikon wins :) )
@ Bruce Gilling13-Apr-2011 04:18
Mike Liquorish Captured Frame22-Feb-2010 09:43
Have only recently acquired my 5Dmk11,had resisted buying one as I really liked the performance of my original 5D and was going to go for a 1Ds111,but after having read many reviews on the 5Dmk11 saying how it performs I decided to take the plunge and buy one - and what a great decision it was - ok it is not a 1Ds111 but boy the performance is too close to call.I really can not fault it the only picky thing would be the memory card door( Canon still not taken on board any criticism from original 5D in this area).Would be the pick of any camera for landscape work and I suspect a lot of studio pro`s will look at the 5D11 for their work as it is a stunning camera for portrait work. Be warned though to get the best out of this camera you should use quality glass on it( absolutely love it with my f2 135L lens on it) I admit that I only have Canon L glass with the exception of a Canon f1.8 85mm (which has found a new lease of life on the 5D11) so that does help in regard to the quality of images this camera produces. This camera also feels a bit more solid in your hand over the old mk1 - still not as solid and heavy as 1D series which are built like tanks ,I have a 1D11n and you know you have been carting that around all day . I would have no hesitation in recommending a 5Dmk11 especially if you are wanting to do landscape,portraits or wedding work.
Jim Stiles28-Jan-2010 05:42
I've shot nearly 9,000 images with my 5D MKII since getting it in August, 2009 and have nothing but great things to say about this camera. I've been shooting with a 1Ds MkII and still love it, but I have to say the 5D MII kicks butt! My images are crisp and sharp and I'd say that's due to the high quality lenses I use exclusively.
zipperfoot10-Jan-2010 01:55
I have heard several complaints (and seen a bit in these galleries) that this camera has a very hard time getting truly sharp details... is this true or just a lens problem? Thanks.
blu14-Dec-2009 15:02
Check out some of seasonal shots made with th 5D MKII - comments appreciated:
Guest 16-Sep-2009 21:02
I am angry because I know a $500 all manual full-frame digital rangefinder is possible.
blu29-Jul-2009 06:54
Hi everybody! I've finally got my new 5D MKII. It's simply a great machine - coming from the 1D MKII, I must say high the ISO performance of the 5D MKII is simply amazing.

First shots:
Guest 09-May-2009 21:38
Nice pictures everybody, I am pretty new to pbase and just recently became more active with photography.
If anyone is interested to give tips comments you are welcome.
My lastest work you can see here:

I had a rebel xti before the mark2 and what an improvement. Now the only one to blam is myself!
georg herder25-Apr-2009 18:17
Have my 5D mark II for one month now and I am very impressed (also coming from the 'old' 5D) about the details and the IQ in general!

If you like to see some newest Pics please visit my galleries (there are also fotos from my 5D partialy):

wbr George
Ali Majdfar21-Apr-2009 12:01
Coming from 20D to 5DmkII, I'm absolutely stunned about the quality of this camera especially in term of high ISO quality:
Ali Majdfar21-Apr-2009 12:00
Coming from 20D to 5DmkII, I'm absolutely stunned about the quality of this camera especially in term of high ISO quality:
Guest 05-Mar-2009 18:22

A new gallery with 5d Mark II : Venice carnival 2009:
Howard Banwell26-Feb-2009 06:22
I give up...
Howard Banwell26-Feb-2009 06:21
Sorry again! I wish we had PREVIEW here! Should be: [url[/url]
Howard Banwell26-Feb-2009 06:20
Sorry, I meant to post this link [url[/url]
Howard Banwell26-Feb-2009 06:13
I took my brand new 5D Mark II for a walk yesterday and it started to pour with rain. So a few shots here show it's incredible lack of noise in a real world situation. See image captions for details.
KAZUYA KIMURA ؑ08-Feb-2009 09:08
These are my new images using 5D markll.
Guest 03-Feb-2009 16:46
Can anyone provide a list of Canon EOS Digital cameras sorted in the order of their cost?
Igor Babkin26-Jan-2009 12:26
Simply the best Digital SLR since the bigining.
KAZUYA KIMURA ؑ17-Jan-2009 19:00
I got a new images using 5Dmarkll.
You can see how good this camera's noise level is...
Check this out!
Guest 12-Jan-2009 14:35
Thanks a lot CANON ! The only think I can see on my back screen is "Err 20 Shooting is not possible. Turn the power switch to and again or re-Install the battery."
I try everything another lens or CF card...but after a few shots the problem is back again !
Don't know what to do...I will return it and hope to get a new one !
Guest 12-Jan-2009 12:14

I'm just back from Morocco with my fantastic 5d Mk II. You can see the pictures here:
Landscapes, people and birds, with the 16-35mm f2.8 L, 135 f2 L, 24-70 f2.8 L and 70-200 f2.8 IS L.

I Hope to read your comments
KAZUYA KIMURA ؑ08-Jan-2009 10:11
I got 5DMarkII 18 plus images in here.
@ Bruce Gilling04-Jan-2009 00:21
Guest 03-Jan-2009 19:14
Hi ppl, nice picts, but I wold like to see some full res pictures, specially at high ISO's, let's see if someone does something like I did between my D-200 and my D-700:
If anyone will feel like doing something like this please don't postproduce with Photoshop or so because you varie the perception of the picture with it too.
BTW, it wold be even better if you wold do it with pictures at full resolution and at medium since I imagine that the medum size is the one that goes closer to the D700.

Well, hoping to see who bites the dust with noise problems hope someone feels like doing the test. :)


QUERIDO29-Dec-2008 11:45
some more pictures with 5D MKII there:
Guest 23-Dec-2008 12:49
Yes, it would really be nice to have this feature fixed.
Guest 23-Dec-2008 09:58
Why are there not more than 13 pictures on pbase according to the system?
KAZUYA KIMURA ؑ22-Dec-2008 08:13
I have some girls image here.
I used 5dmarkII.
Check this out!
Steven Noyes15-Dec-2008 20:57
Last comment since the gallery page won't update.

Some recent images from my recent trip to Hawaii with the 5D Mk II.
Guest 14-Dec-2008 02:09
Some ISO 6400 test shots of 5DmkII :
Guest 13-Dec-2008 14:53
here are my first 5d mk II shots :
KAZUYA KIMURA ؑ11-Dec-2008 17:52
Sorry. here is link!
KAZUYA KIMURA ؑ11-Dec-2008 17:52
I have some 5DMarkII shots here!
Check this out.
Roger B10-Dec-2008 02:34
Further to my comment about color finging: Lens used was 24-105L. DPP software seems to correct this CA problem even with CA correction turned off, which is what threw me off. This is no doubt more of a lens problem than a camera problem. The higher resolution of the 5DmkII makes it more visible when viewed 1:1.
Roger B09-Dec-2008 13:53
Notice to 5DmkII users: I have found that using the Adobe Raw to DNG converter results in color fringing (green band) on vertical surfaces when viewed at 1:1. Canon DPP software does not seem to have that problem. Has anyone else seen this?
Justin Kim09-Dec-2008 09:50
I just got today.
check my work. :)
Guest 09-Dec-2008 03:35
I picked up the 5DM2 last Friday. It has taken the standard to a wonderful new level. I have shot about 4000 shots with it so far and I love it! Great colors and the transitions from darks to lights are so smooth and accurate. Well worth the 3g or so. To bad they just shot down their 1DsM3, but they needed to do something as quick as possible in this ISO/mega-pixel war zone. I have both of Canon’s current pro bodies and the 5DM2. The 5DM2 will be my main at this point. The only minor thing with this camera is color noise starting at or around 800 ISO. It is not bad, but you will notice faint red and green color splotches in your darks. I still like the photos more than my second favorite body the 1DM3. Best of luck to you all. (18+)
Roger B08-Dec-2008 16:06
I picked up my 5DmkII a few days ago and have shot a few test pictures at
From what I can see, it's a very significant step up from the 30D. Probably 2 - 3 stops better ISO performance and much sharper images. Since I print most of my shots at 12"x18" and 300dpi, no enlargement is necessary and pixel remain 1:1 with only minor cropping required.
Mikhail Shlemov08-Dec-2008 13:49
The new 5D Marc II is simply excellent camera ... just tested yesterday at night with hight ISO ....
Jay Levin02-Dec-2008 18:14
My understanding is that the 5D (and I would expect the 5D Mark II) has wonderful resolution for prints much larger than 12X18": . I am very tempted to switch to this camera for landscape work. But I am simply not sure that I plan to print as large as 20X30". For posting on Pbase the above suggests that image quality from this camera would be virtually the same as from my Nikon D300.
Steven Noyes30-Nov-2008 03:39
I have a few full resolution samples (PP for how I would print them on a continuous tone printer). So far, this is a great camera, a solid upgrade from the 5D with noticeably more/better detail than the 5D.
roberta29-Nov-2008 16:47
There are other images on pbase that were taken with the new Canon 5DMkII but they are not showing up in this sample gallery yet. Check here:
Rob has several images that are tagged as 5DMkII. When will pbase add these to the sample gallery? Thank you.

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