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Hailey Rivera 27-Dec-2023 11:51
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Dango Dingo 23-Dec-2023 03:55
Greg, your shots are just amazing. I mean, WOW!
Tamron India 23-Sep-2022 07:00
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Sarah Baker 19-Apr-2020 12:54
Your pictures are excellent! I don't know how you do it, that is...getting the shots you do. Your patience and determination must be extraordinary.
Hennie & Lies Lammers26-Aug-2017 07:24
Hello Greg, We've been on Pbase for a long time, this is the first time we've seen your pictures here on Pbase. You make beautiful pictures and are a very good observer of birds and nature.
We will visit your site more times in the future.

Regards Hennie and Lies from the Netherlands
Charles Mucciolo 15-Aug-2017 04:33
I've been birding for 30 years.You have some great pictures! I belong to the North Texas Bird and Wildlifclub in Wichita Falls Texas. Happy birding!
Judy 31-Jan-2016 15:03
Can you help us identify a bird my husband saw yesterday feeding on a wild berry bush. The first one came in it had green and yellow on breast and top knot and grayish on the upper part of his body. The next few were not as mature so their color was not as vivid. We have never seen them here before??? Thank you.
Doug Berkeley 17-Jan-2016 23:19
Thank you Greg for sharing your exceptionally fine images with the world. Many of your images are the best that I've ever seen of birds on my life list. Thanks again.
pacs22-May-2015 18:44
Beautiful galleries.
cafe18-May-2015 09:38
Vous avez un réel talent, continuez:)
tresse15-May-2015 16:52
I can tell that you put a lot of effort into your pictures.
huile de ricin14-May-2015 12:47
Je suis impressionnée par vos photos, woow !
Avoir une belle peau01-May-2015 13:07
I love your galery
Oskars 11-Nov-2014 18:31
Unbielievable great shots! There are the real treasure! My dream is to visit Costa Rica.
Greetings from Latvia.
Guest 02-Aug-2014 16:51
I appreciate your nice comment on my Gilded Flicker image...
Betty Wiederhold 09-May-2014 23:16
I really enjoy looking at the bird pictures you have posted. I like to watch birds at my home (north of Houston, west of Spring) and I like to watch birds at our south Texas property in McMullen county, and my Mom's old home just out of Sargent, TX. I wish I was as talented as you when taking pictures. My, that would be a thrill.
Ant Harrison 24-Feb-2014 18:09
Hi, great piece of reading, I've changed my sx50 from jpeg to raw now. Which setting do u take pictures with ie C1, C2, M, Av, Tv, P? And u mentioned about 1200mm with lens shot wide open, what does that mean?
Regards ant.
Carl Holmgren 21-Feb-2014 23:11
Greg, Stumbled upon your gallery while trying to identify a flock of buzzards (turkey vultures) around our lake in northwest corner of Brazoria County. We are blessed with an abundance of different types of birds here and I look forward to using your gallery to identify more. Thanks very much for sharing your bird photos and names with those of us on the internet.
Robert Morrow 16-Feb-2014 23:53
Thank you for this handy guide that I use to identify birds in the Dallas area. I have seen many different species out by my feeder. I really enjoy seeing them!
gk walker 12-Nov-2013 08:41
Your site has helped me identify lots of shorebirds and inland birds. Great job.
Dick Urban 22-Jun-2013 17:49
We were out at our Texas Duck Ranch near Rock Island and took a picture of a strange bird. Thanks to your gallery we were able to Identify the Crested Caracara. Regards,
Dick Urban
Greg Lavaty01-Feb-2013 05:53
If you are in Houston, Eastern Bluebirds are here all year long. It probably was a bluebird.

Guest 31-Jan-2013 18:39
Yeaterday saw a bird that looked just like a bluebird, ( not jay) but it's so early what could it be
Greg Lavaty31-Oct-2012 14:02
Gabby, thanks very much for your observations and question. I believe what you might be observing could be because there is a lot of natural food available right now. Lots of plants are producing seed and birds don’t depend as much on feeders at this time of year. This is also in the middle of fall migration and some of the summer birds are heading south and many of the winter birds haven’t yet arrived. I expect that you will see an increase in bird activity over the next several weeks.
Gaby 31-Oct-2012 13:59
Normally we have a lot of cardinals and chickadees plus blue jays woodpeckers titmice, and so on. We were gone for a month but we had a helper keep feeding with our usual seed. Now in October, we don't see almost any birds, and they're quiet. Is this normal or did we lose them? We live in wooded countryside, with neighbors 3 football fields away on each side. Lots of bird cover.
Hasib 22-Sep-2012 03:13
Thank you for the tips at White Lake, Cullinan Park this evening. (09/21/2012).
Mike Womer 08-Sep-2012 18:34
Did I see you at White Lake, Cullinan Park this morning (09/08/2012). Nice morning for the birds and light conditions, but too many two-legged types wandering about. (Present company excepted, of course).
Richard G. Ballek 31-Aug-2012 15:30
Spotted an unusual bird on my Humming bird feeder in Baytown, , about five or six inchs, brownish with black specks, yellow orange breast and two white stripes on the wings, any idea what it is .? Have pic, if needed, how do I send to you ?
Ellie 26-Jun-2012 05:18
After looking through all your pics, the bird i saw is a mix between a northern cardinal, that confusing pyrrohopia bird? I know i didnt spell that right but its pic is right beside the northern cardinal in your gallery, and a sawee. Ive seen alot of birds but nothing like this. Hoping your experience will give me some peace of mind...
Ellie 26-Jun-2012 04:56
Im very inexperienced in birds but hv always been in awe of them. I hv a seed feeder and i saw a bird ive never seen before. The closest pic that compares is a northern cardinal, however this ones beak is very red orange n it has a mohawk, brownish like in color... Is it indeed this type of bird? I do hv a pic but dont know how to send it. I am located in Texarkana, if that helps.
Guest 15-Jun-2012 03:04
I stumbled upon your galleries while trying to identify the birds in my photos taken at Brazos Bend State Park. I was awestruck seeing your AMAZING photos! Every single one of them captured the beauty of each animal/plant so perfectly. I was visiting Houston from Seattle, WA for business, and I'm glad I made the time for a little adventure and visited Brazos Bend. What a wonderful place. Everything is so different from Pacific NW (not to mention the alligators!). I can still hear the croaking bull frog, the chirring locusts, and the chirping birds by watching your photos, and they make me want to go back to Brazos Bend again! Your photos are a gift from God for everybody who visit your galleries. Thank you!
Wendy 27-May-2012 03:09
Enjoyed looking at your pictures. I had two young birds drinking from my pool today. I think they may be a rail from your pictures. Hard to tell because they still have the fuzzy baby hair. Thanks for sharing your pictures.
sammy 06-May-2012 15:23
I a surprised you wouldn't choose one of these considering you already have a S90.
(looking at your s100 review, thanks!)
snapsort. com/compare/Canon-SX230-HS-vs-Canon-SX260/specs
Though you could get slack with bringing your DSLR out,
which would be a pity, beautiful shots.

kirk breidenstein 24-Apr-2012 15:50
very large bird eating ssquirrel in my yard, dont see it in your pics
Guest 24-Apr-2012 15:46
i took a pic of very large bird eating a squirel. its on my facebook page. would like to know what it is. how can i show you
Christine 31-Jan-2012 21:46
Do you have any book compilations of these in print???? I'd love to purchase for many species of animals from birds to reptiles/snakes, etc. Thanks!
Chrissy 25-Jan-2012 07:43
You have witnessed and served the wonder and awe of this earth in the form of your photos of the birds so marvelously. Could there be any greater gift than to bear witness this way? Share this way? May you know the gifts you have been given by the presence of the birds. I am grateful to partake. Thank you most profoundly.
Will Rountree18-Jan-2012 03:49
I see you were in Trinidad/Tobago! Nice shots!
Janis 12-Sep-2011 18:10
Your photos are amazing! You are our "go to guy" when trying to identify birds at our feeder here in Salado.... Thank you!
Pam 05-Sep-2011 02:02
There have been a pair of elusive herons at a nearby drainage pond. They are more difficult to see than the obvious blue herons. Thanks for the photos to help me ID these as green herons.
Joanne 08-Aug-2011 13:50
Wondering how I can purchase copies of your barn swallow photos.
Guest 25-Jul-2011 16:46
Greg, I am thinking of buying the Sigma 150-500mm os lens for my Nikon D700. Do you recomend it? Carole
Evelyne Walls 16-Jul-2011 20:55
Amazing bird photography,I enjoyed these very much !
Loren 12-Jun-2011 15:56
Stumbled upon your bird photos this morning --- WOW! Really enjoyed them. Of course many more to see. I especially enjoyed the Brazos Bend State Park photos of the Sora, Vermilion Flycatcher, and Red Shouldered Hawk. Thanks for sharing your photos.
Diane 30-May-2011 20:32
Where and when do you see the wonderful painted buntings I have not seen one since I was a child and can I buy a print?
Guest 23-May-2011 20:04
Greg - I've now come to your website a dozen times to ID texas birds! As a nudding ornithologist, your gallery is invaluable! Thank you!
-hildreth, austin
Nancy Hogan 15-May-2011 15:44
WOW....I just saw this beautiful bird , never saw one before . We live about fifteen mi west of Abilene Tx and he was drinking out of our dog water I feed in cold weather but looks like Im going to have to keep feed out. I really enjoy watching. We have had no rain and fire all around us not out property yet just praying we dont. so I gues we are seeing things we have never seen before .Thanks for your pics Nancy Hogan
Danny Jackson 13-May-2011 01:09
o.k here goes I work in addison tx near plano and dallas, today a bird hit our window I went to see about it. the bird was a lite brown colar with bottom beak was yellow top beak black had white with a little tan on its neck and about center off its wings had a pretty reddish pink colar I,ve lived in texas for 43 years and never seen this kind of bird . If you have info on this bird please let me go, Oh by the way after about 45 min it shook it off and flew away
Cliff Ward 07-May-2011 17:32
Nice site, I was at my hunting lease west of Ozona (behind Fort Lancaster) in Texas when I saw a woven tube type birds nest. I have never seen this type of nest outside of Africa, it was more horizonal then vertical but still had the single opening in one end, I suspect the nest was around 12 to 16" long. Any Idea of what bird uses this nest? This was the 4th of May when I saw this but don't know if they were current nests, looked older like last year.
Tom Backlund17-Apr-2011 06:39
A great collection of birdpix!
Guest 28-Mar-2011 20:50
Great Galleries
Michele 17-Mar-2011 00:30
Greg, what a great reference site. Thanks so much for putting it together. I WAS using National Geographics's Field Guide to Texas Birds but your site is better than their book. I think it is because you have so many different pictures of each individual bird that it makes it easier to identify. And your site is so organized. Thanks again. I have it bookmarked and use it regularly.
Karen 12-Feb-2011 23:38
Hi Greg!
Thanks for helping me identify the bird that hit my window! That American Woodcock had a miraculous recovery and flew away! Love your amazing photos! You are very talented!!
Frances Stone 21-Jan-2011 12:40
I feel very fortunate to have stumbled across this web-site. All I can say is WOW
Guest 31-Dec-2010 06:41

I find this amazing that so many birds can be viewed. This is my favorite site. Thank you that we (the address I have already passed several people.) Unfortunately, I can not write in English.
Kees UijtdeHaag 26-Dec-2010 11:37
Ik vind dit geweldig dat er zoveel vogels te bekijken zijn .
Dit is mijn faforiete site.
Bedankt dat wij (dit adres heb ik al aan verschilende mensen doorgegeven.
Jammer genoeg kan ik dit niet in het engels schrijven.
Groeten Kees
Jonathan Garrett 22-Dec-2010 03:39
Hey Greg, It was nice meeting you today. I have looked at your work and it is very good. You have all the great tools and great eye. Drop me a line next time you are going to the park or other location in the area and maybe we can meet up. Look foward to it.
Tom Grey02-Dec-2010 16:20
Hey Greg, thanks for the comment -- it means more coming from one of the best! Tom
Irene andrews 16-Oct-2010 15:44
Greg, I stumbled upon your photos while seeking an answer to the disappearance of all my back yard birds. I live in Nolanville, maybe 7 to 10 miles from Ft Hood in Central Texas. I love your photographs! I am a photo-bug wanna be in awe of the lenses you use. Wow! I have an organic garden, use NO pesticides or herbicides, and I'm concerned that there are no birds around! My feeders stand untouched. All summer long, the air was full of songbirds tweeting and white-wing doves flapping and woodpeckers walking up and down trunks and every tiny bird busy at feeders and Cardinals everywhere. But now...not a sound, not a bird, and only one squirrel of 6 that used to tease my poodle-dog every hour! I am very concerned. My 5 feeders are clean and full and usually would be empty after a few hours everyday. No changes have been made in food source or how I work my garden or maintain my yard.
Any ideas? Thanks for listening and keep up the great work you do with such joy and talent! Irene in Nolanville, TX
Jason Smith13-Sep-2010 17:12
I've made a trip to Brazos Bend the past couple of weekends (and hope to do many more!). I came back and started trying to ID the numerous bird pics I took. I came upon your site and... wow. You are incredibly talented and have an absolutely awesome collection of photos. Not only of birds, but of my other love, air shows! I'm looking forward to Wings Over Houston this year! Anyway, thank you for the time you've put into your awesome gallery. It is very inspiring!

Carolyn 19-Aug-2010 18:11
Thank you for sharing your talent with these photographs. I'm a beginner photographer and trying to capture birds in photos. Yours are an inspiration.
DENNIS BARBATO 29-Jul-2010 00:04
Scott Baughman 18-Jun-2010 12:15
Greg, your photographs are awesome, the Kentucky Warbler images are some of the best I've ever seen. Thank You for sharing your talents with everyone.
Karen Graham 12-Apr-2010 15:27
Your photographs are breathtakng. They are an invaluable resource and a great source of pleasure. Thank you so much for sharing them.
Guest 29-Mar-2010 01:37
I especially enjoy the birds of Texas collection. Thank you for posting all these great pictures and keep up the good work.
Steve Walker07-Mar-2010 03:06
Greg, It was great to see you out at Baytown today.
Timm 24-Feb-2010 19:12
Great pics! This further inspires me to investigate the Addicks Reservoir!
Trudy 07-Feb-2010 00:16
trying to find out what bird it was we saw at a truck stop near houston. It was blackish on top but a deep dark blue breast. Markings around the eyes, white spots at the base of the tail and was very noisy. It had a long tail like the great tailed grackle you have a pic of. Any clue?
robertoparmiggiani25-Jan-2010 08:58
Great work
Angel 16-Jan-2010 16:02
I've attempted to i.d. a bird that appears at my feeder but cannot find a pictue anywhere. The bird has an entirely white head. The only other coloring is a brown body like a common wren. He looks like a bald eagle except he is the size of a wren. He feeds with all of the other birds in the early A.M. and then disappears until the next morning. I live in the Hill Country outside of Boerne. Could you i.d. this bird?
Joyce 03-Jan-2010 19:37
Awesome photos! We're attempting to i.d. the birds flying through Austin this winter and gorging on our feeder, and Googled/found your site. One little guy we're intrigued with LOOKS like the Eastern Wood Pee-wee however he is a dull gray-green and has a thin band of rose coloring under both wings, and of course that cute little (subtle) top-notch. We can't find his i.d. anywhere. The Eastern Wood Pee-wee on your site is the closest we could find. Any ideas? We live on Blunn Creek Greenbelt and see all kinds of birds and critters, some of whom are regular seasonal visitors. From Feb-Mar for the last 4-5 years there's a solitary Sandhill Crane ("Sandy") who settles in, feeding on fish, etc. from our creek. Last summer we had a Blue Heron and a nice-size Kingfisher, too. Ah, Nature!
Bala 11-Dec-2009 19:14
Wonderful pictures of Wings over Houston!. Thanks for sharing these photographs
Ivan Cholakov28-Oct-2009 22:17
Great aviation gallery from Wings Over Houston! I will check out the show this year and hope to take some photos as well.
Mary E 28-Aug-2009 12:51
Awesome photos. I too take wildlife photos and just recently photographed a beautiful yellow/green bird and started searching to identify it. I had several friends helping with the search. A dear friend of mine, sent it to her brother and he said it looked like a female painted bunting. Not knowing what that was I Googled it and found your Painted Bunting page - WOW - it is a female painted bunting. Thank you for such wonderful postings.
My photos are being uploaded to a Facebook album, and now I can name my wonderful, beautiful bird thanks to your photos. Once I get them posted, I would love for you to take a peek to see if I am correct on the female. I have several of Woodpeckers as well and even a momma mocking bird dive bombing me!
Betty 24-Aug-2009 01:12
My cousin send me your link, knowing how I want to take images likes yours...awesome work!!!
Nancy Oliver 22-Aug-2009 02:03
Your photographs are incredible. Thanks for sharing them with all of us!
f solomon 29-May-2009 15:52
wow-- very cool.. i googled you :) Sent the link to mom and lollie.... very nice to see you!!
mast-g 05-May-2009 19:05
A beautiful Roadrunner has turned up in my "wild-live" garden - how may I ensure I continue to get visits?! Keep up this good work for those of us trying to tell the difference between a male/female Roadrunner!!! Only trouble is, they live up to their name, but this one seems to be catching on that they're all welcome here. Being a Brit., I do love some of the wonderful colours these birds have!! P.S. My hummingbirds just love the "juice" I put out for them, and so do my cats - it means instant fun for all of us watching the hummingbirds dive in for "yummies" - I've even had to put out a second feeder this year!!! Word gets around in the wild-live community when there's a human nut about!! :-)
Linda Walters 27-Apr-2009 12:36
Have been looking and looking for a really good site for indentification of a lot of birds. Finally found your site!!It is by far, the most informative. Your coverage is awesome.The pictures are so vivid and clear. We live in Brenham,TX. Moved here from Kansas. Thanks so much for your site!!Could you give me what the correct name is for the Jenny Wren?
Kath 23-Apr-2009 19:42
Love your site, love your images! Thank you for sharing your talent!!!
Michael Berberich 20-Apr-2009 04:12
In Galveston this afternoon I had a close up of three birds I had never seen before. I tried the usual official web pages. They were lame. Then I found your site and my three birds: they were yellow warblers. Thanks! Your site is now bookmarked.
Greg Lavaty18-Apr-2009 11:12
Glenn, my first guess is that your birds are Pied-billed Grebes
glenn robinson 17-Apr-2009 23:30
Hi Greg. While fishing local DFW lakes I often see what appears to be a miniature sized looking duck. I only observe it in the water and never have seen it in flight. It is an excellent diver (can stay down for at least a minute). It has a long, vertical neck and its color(s) is a solid brown throughout I believe. It also looks very young. I see a number of these birds or ducks but cannot ID it in my Peterson's Field Guide to Birds of Texas. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Greg.
Jude Haase11-Apr-2009 18:47
Very nice galleries you have here Greg...look forward to see your future additions!!!
MatthewSHarrison 10-Apr-2009 18:57
Greg-Your photos are beautiful. I found you because I have a bird hitting the feeder here I have never seen before. I was wondering if you would care to receive an email with pics, so that you can help me identify him/her.
MatthewSHarrison 10-Apr-2009 18:56
Greg-Your photos are beautiful. I found you because I have a bird hitting the feeder here I have never seen before. I was wondering if you would care to receive an email with pics, so that you can help me identify him/her.
Carol Jones, Los Angeles 12-Mar-2009 22:29
Thanks again for showing a couple of old ladies around Brazos Bend State Park in February. Have you ever thought of being a professional birding guide? I plan to revisit Texas and could use a good guide to the Rio Grande area. When I get a computer I'll contact you again. LOVED YOUR PHOTOS!
Guest 09-Mar-2009 01:02
What an amazing work on the Costarican Birds, Thank you for sharing with the world our great birds
Orlando Vargas B
Costa Rica
Steve & Julie Lomas08-Feb-2009 15:25
Hi Greg, Your photos are exceptional. Keep up the excellent work.
Guest 26-Dec-2008 09:09
Hi Greg,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Guest 26-Dec-2008 07:34
Hi Greg

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Bob24-Dec-2008 06:27
Hey Greg. Thanks for all the great pictures. I have several generations of Cardinals that stay here all year long. I thought I'd get some pictures using an old Sony Handi-Cam through a bedroom window and was surprised at all the colorful birds we have here in Central Texas, 60 miles north of Austin. I have identified most using your albums but I have a couple that I can't ID. And I'm not quick enough to catch the Road Runners. If anyone could ID some of the birds I have pictures of I'd be grateful.

Thanks again.....

The birds

Greg Jackson 13-Dec-2008 18:29
Fabulous Photography.
andrew Whiteman 27-Oct-2008 23:44

Hi Greg,

The species we would like to feature (two images of each) in the exhibition are:


Can you help with all these?

Many thanks,


Andrew Whiteman
Senior Curator of Exhibits,
Exhibit Designer
Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture
University of Washington
Box 353010
Seattle, WA
Phone: 206 685-1731
Fax: 206 685-3039
Guest 21-Oct-2008 04:35
Your photos are exceptional!
lynda earley 05-Oct-2008 21:11
Words cannot do justice to these images - they take my breath away. I am a beginning bird watcher and painter of birds; your photo are truly inspirational. Thanks!

Lynda Earley
Sorrento BC Canada
Guest 22-Sep-2008 22:26
Greg, if you have as much delight taking these photos, and you obviously do, as I have in viewing them, then you are having a great life! I hope so. You've added to your viewers' delight.
Tulsa, OK
Guest 02-Sep-2008 06:25
Damn, awesome photos.
Guest 04-Aug-2008 02:26
We live in Dublin Texas, and there is a type of bird I have never seen before. It looks like a sparrow yet a little larger with a longish neck. It's head and breast have red feathers while its wings are like a sparrow. If anyone can tell what the name of this bird is or if they have a photo please e-me. Thanks, Tommy B.
Terry Rasberry 25-Jul-2008 01:14
I would like to send you a couple of images of birds that I photography in our yard. The birds do not look like any on your web page.We live in Ovilla, TX. Please give me your e-mail address!
Guest 24-Jul-2008 04:10
enjoyed your pics greatly.
just starting, but I am having a great time and hope to one day step up with you big boys.
do u have any formal training, or are you self taught.
i am from Texas City and the Dike and surrounding area has alot to photograph.
Robert Houde08-Jul-2008 19:19
Wonderful photos of B.I.F. Congrats
Dave Hawkins12-Jun-2008 23:21
The pictures of the Golden-winged and Cerulean Warblers are wonderful! Laurie
Kay Amos 10-Jun-2008 04:17
Greg, Great photo work, I loved pictures but you didn't have some of the birds I see in my yard, pasture and at the tanks.
They are the Red Wing Blackbird, Downey Woodpecker, Cow Birds, Starling, Crows, Finches, Mourning Doves, White-crowned Sparrow, the beautiful Barn Swallows or Chickadees.
I also see around here a bird I think is a Blue Bird, it has a beautiful bright blue on it's back with a rose color on it's chest. I was also trying to find out what kind of bird I recently saw in the marshy area near the tank which kind of looked like your picture of the American Bittern but this bird was darker with a large black bill and no tail to speak of.
I was glad to see you had a picture of the Whistling Duck, they have come to my tank again this year and are very interesting, nobody I talked to around here seemed to knew what they were and it took me forever to find them on the internet. I hope you add pictures of the other birds I listed as you do have all of the others I normally see around this part of Texas (I'm 45 miles from Dallas).
Dee 13-May-2008 20:22
I am a native Texas, North Central, Fort Worth born and live. There has been a new addition this year. We have large oak trees and she has made an almost perfect round hole in our backyard tree. She worked from sun-up to sun-down everyday and now seems to be nesting. She has a red top and her wing feathers are black and white and in almost in stripes. Do you know what kind of bird she is; I named her "Beauty"! Silly, I guess to some but she just amazes me! Thank you so much, love your gallery!
Anne, Cape Cod 02-May-2008 22:22
Loved your bird photos.
Helped me identify a painted bunting.
Beautiful macro work!
Ryan 28-Apr-2008 21:12
I have seen your macro shots on pbase and really like your work. I have a new photography forum and we have a section dedicated to macro photography where you can share your work, get comment/critique on it, and can also help others by leaving comment/critique on their work. We have a really great group of guys on there and would love for you to join and share you work too. We also have many other photography sections
Hope to see you on the site
Ryan Miller; Owner & Founder
Richard lind 30-Mar-2008 19:09
magnificent seabird photos!
Guest 30-Mar-2008 19:09
beautiful photos of seabirds. Must have taken many hours of painstaking setup
miriam 29-Mar-2008 18:18
are you mary lavaty's son? if you are tell me cuz she was my substutue (i cant spell that) teacher in third grade the other day!!!! BTW i love yo pics!!!!
Anna 10-Feb-2008 05:28
We are relatively new to birding...just a couple of seasons...and your photo helped us identify a Golden-crowned Kinglet today here in Michigan in February! Thanks for sharing you beautiful photos!
suchin rai05-Feb-2008 18:28
I am totally impressed by your bird photos. They are vibrant and alive. You capture the feeling of each bird. I don't know how you do it but keep doing it and keep posting.
Jane 05-Feb-2008 03:28
Your photos are so beautiful. Thank you for posting them so people can enjoy them. I like to paint and often try to photograph a bird and then paint it. Would you be ok with me painting a bird with one of your photos as the 'model'? This is just for my pleasure...not a business or anything. Also, I am planning to buy a Rebel XTi and wondered if you would be willing to advise me on which lens to buy to go with the body. I am hoping to take macro shots of flowers and to be able to zoom in on birds. Thank very much, Jane
Guest 22-Jan-2008 14:03
Excellent work Greg.
Guest 18-Dec-2007 22:38
Guest 09-Dec-2007 00:12
Hi Greg:

Made it over to the lake yesterday afternoon and again this morning. Got there at 3pm and the light was gone by 3:30. Today I was there on the east side at 9am, but no sun there until 11am. I started bleeding so I had to come home.

I only have the XTi now, and I found I had to go to ISO400 to get the same shot I used to get at 200 with my 20D. Many of these are iso800 and required noise reduction. Nothing worth posting here, but I would like your comments on post processing, sharpening NR etc. All are hand held.

The 5D is on its way back. I need to wait a week until I know the bleeding is over, then I will take the 5D and try for some good perched shots and maybe a feeding shot at high ISO. I can get fairly close in shady areas. But to get feeding shots with sun, they are all far away.
david gibson 03-Dec-2007 14:07

Awesome bird work my friend - you need your own domain! It was great meeting you guys yesterday on the dike, my arms are sore from swinging that new lens around but i am very pleased with the results for just the 2nd day of shooting with it. i think i am ready for a duck blind this weekend! I am sure we will run into each other again - we seem to like the same places. take care and keep up the good work - i'll check back often to see where you have been... ;-)

david gibson
Guest 15-Nov-2007 12:45
Dear Greg,

I like your approach to publish series of birds. This gives a good impression of them for people interested in them (or viewer). It looks almost like a movie and the quality of the pictures is even much greater. In general I found the quality of pictures is very pleasing. The red spoonbill portraits are outstanding!

Thanks for sharing,
Kelly 12-Nov-2007 19:19
Hi. Your pictures are great. I was looking for a bird I just saw in my backyard, I had never seen one like it before. I haven't had any luck on your site. Do you have any more pictures of southeast Texas birds?
Steve Rutledge 24-Oct-2007 13:42
Hi Greg- I'm enjoying your bird photos. I wonder if I could show some of them in my not-for-profit classes at the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society. Please write and I will be happy to send details. Thank you, Steve Rutledge
csmallari19-Oct-2007 21:23
Hi Greg. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my gallery, for the comments and the vote. Truly enjoyed looking at your new photos - excellent BIF captures !!! Have a great day :)
twistedlim18-Oct-2007 23:49

Thanks for the kind comments.
Guest 11-Sep-2007 16:11
Thanks for the comment and the vote!! You have an excellent collection of shots!! (and equipment) Cheers!!
Marwan Habib11-Sep-2007 15:08
Your galleries are always a great pleasure to visit. Wildlife is so beautiful through your images. Thank you for sharing.
twistedlim30-Aug-2007 19:14
Thanks for the comment Greg. I love your "little blue heron" shot. Good stuff!
Guest 17-Jul-2007 02:32
Greg, you have some amazing photos in your collection. All supurb work. You have some great toys too! Keep up the great work.
Guest 14-Jun-2007 04:09
Pure talent.
Guest 27-May-2007 20:27
Hello Greg. :) If I send you a pic of a bird I've never seen in Texas before, could you let me know what it is? Thanks, Debra ;)
Guest 23-Apr-2007 23:29
Hi Greg,

I thoroughly enjoyed your extensive collection of the birds. Good work. :)
Tim Vidrine17-Apr-2007 02:10
Greg, you do great work. I really enjoy your shots of the smaller birds.
Dawn Pando23-Mar-2007 17:08
Your pictures are absolutely amazing--but what really sets you apart are the moments you capture. Love your work.
Guest 20-Mar-2007 16:59
Guest 08-Mar-2007 13:57
Some true talent here :)
Guest 07-Mar-2007 14:29
I'm totally speechless. Good stuff.
Guest 26-Feb-2007 20:59
Hey Greg. Thanks for your comment and vote. Lovely galleries of excellent quality. Keep it up!
yoram shpirer26-Feb-2007 20:56
Hi Greg
You have many excellent images in your galleries, I've really enjoyed looking at your photos & will be back again soon for another look.
David Grundy17-Feb-2007 17:38
Hi Greg. Glad you enjoyed looking at a few of my recent shots. I just popped over to have a quick look, and realised you're obviously passionate about bird photography. There are a lot of fabulous shots in your galleries. Even though this isn't what I usually do, my few recent pitiful attempts (not posted, of course!) at birds mean I'm even more impressed by yours.
Guest 14-Feb-2007 20:38
Thanks for your kind words on my Gallery Greg.
Bill Warren14-Feb-2007 13:25
Thank you for visiting my galleries. Bill
Guest 14-Feb-2007 02:23
You have so many great photographs Greg I can't comment on all of them so thank the skies for the guestbook. Great Work, enjoyed surfing thru 'em.
Guest 12-Feb-2007 21:19
Thanx Greg for you comment and Vote.
Norbert Fortelny12-Feb-2007 18:05
You have so many excellent bird pictures, for an old birder like me it is hard to pry myself loose.
Guest 12-Feb-2007 17:00
Thanks for the vote and nice comment on my scenic...
Guest 11-Feb-2007 18:36
Greg, do me a favor and check out my Hawk photos. I wasn't sure what it was and someone said it was a red tailed hawk, but it doesn't look exactly like yours. You seem to know your birds quite well. Appreciate it. Karen
Guest 11-Feb-2007 17:00
saw two bald eagles perched on the eastern end of the lake. sunday, 2-11, 10:00am.
ratluk09-Feb-2007 18:29
excellent shots! and so many of them! Great work Greg, keep on photographing - I will be back to your galleries.
Guest 09-Feb-2007 06:38
Thanks for the vote and comment on my picture
Sefval Mogalana09-Feb-2007 01:35
THank you for your comments Greg, I love your animal photography too.
Marwan Habib08-Feb-2007 22:02
Thanks for your comments in my galleries, Greg.
It's with pleasure that I'm looking at yours, now. You have also great pics.
Judy Sinclair08-Feb-2007 00:19
Hi Greg.......thanks for the kind words about my birds. Your galleries are spectacular, always a joy to wander thru them........cheers, Judy
Bob White06-Feb-2007 19:27
Thank you for your visit and comment --- you have some excellent work in your galleries a pleasure to browse through them
Regards Bob
Guest 06-Feb-2007 14:12
Thank you very much for you comment and your vote on my PAD shot the other day!!
Guest 05-Feb-2007 17:40
Excellent work Greg, though not my territory. I'll keep an eye on your galleries....
Guest 03-Feb-2007 09:16
Great photos all around. It's always a pleasure visiting your galleries.
Alejandro02-Feb-2007 21:18
You galleries are great!!. Wildlive pics (specially birds) are the most beatiful I have ever seen. Well done!!!.
Guest 01-Feb-2007 18:40
Thanks for the vote Greg
Guest 01-Feb-2007 15:23
Thanks for your vote and nice comment on my flower image...
Guest 31-Jan-2007 16:08
Very nice work in all of your galleries!
neos_marc31-Jan-2007 01:09
What a lot of birds and animals species in your country! And what a great photocollection!!!


Kindly Greatings,

gsl00730-Jan-2007 22:31

Some of the best wildlife photography I've ever seen. I assume you do a lot at Brazos State Park?
Guest 30-Jan-2007 14:11
Thanks Greg...
Greg Christie30-Jan-2007 06:02
Many thanks for the comment on my peach faces. You have a great lot of superb bird images here. Its going to take me a while to go through them but they will certainly be worth it.

Thierry Lucas28-Jan-2007 14:02
Hello Greg,
Thanks very much for your comments and votes in my galleries, they much appreciated.
You have nice pictures and will return to see more.

csmallari26-Jan-2007 00:54
Thank you so much Greg for dropping by my PAD gallery, for the nice comments and the vote. Your photos are fantastic. Your jaw dropping equipment are so lucky to have you to serve :) You truly are a very, very, very (i could go on with the "very" till eternity) talented photographer. Thanks for sharing your wonderful captures with all of us.
Guest 25-Jan-2007 14:55
Thanks Greg for your vote and nice comment on my Winter Scenic...
Guest 24-Jan-2007 10:15
Some truely magical images on your galleries,Greg! I will return again,and again..!David.
henrywong24-Jan-2007 04:33
Hi Greg,
I enjoy very much your great works, especially the birds, well done ! I'll be back again and again to learn more from you guys.
Randy Adams24-Jan-2007 00:57
Greg, thanks much for your nice comments in my galleries. Great to have discovered your galleries now also...have added you to my favorites...keep up the good work!
Guest 19-Jan-2007 18:56
Thanks for your vote and nice comments on my Winter Scenic...
Gilles Aubin19-Jan-2007 14:46
Merci Greg pour ton commentaire sur le Merle d'amerique
Debbie B.18-Jan-2007 03:27
Thank you for the kind words about my bison image. It was a fun trip!
Guest 17-Jan-2007 22:53
Thanks Greg, this image really doesn't do justice to the real beauty of the momment...
Guest 16-Jan-2007 20:44
Thanks Greg for the vote and nice comments on my Goldeneye image, much appreciated...
Cliff21-Nov-2006 08:49
Greg - I've really enjoyed looking through your galleries. Your photographs are inspirational. I will most definitely be back for another look. Thank-you for sharing these beautiful images.

Pat Wade 08-Nov-2006 21:09
Last May (by email) you had given me / my school, UTB/TSC (University of Texas @ Brownsville / Texas Southmost College) permission to use some of your pics for a campus bird guide we were wanting to put together. The first edition is done. Basically, it's a front & back laminated 1 pager that we can give visitors so they can attempt to identify some of our most common birds here on campus. We would like to send you some copies if you want some. What is your mailing address? And thanks.
angelique raptakis07-Nov-2006 07:23
Greg, you've got some excellent images in your galleries. I will be checking back often.
Kristin Anderson 19-Oct-2006 00:21
Thank you for these stunning photographs. I am a birder and I am using a number of these as screen savers. I hope you don't mind. I find it so relaxing to bird while at work. 13-Oct-2006 15:56
Cool site. Thanks!
Lynn 05-Oct-2006 17:45
Hey Greg,
I just got finished looking at your new photos. I was quite impressed with your recent pictures. You got some great action shots. I always enjoy looking at your website.
RafM 04-Oct-2006 20:29
It's a pleasure to view your bird galleries.
Simply stunning.
Dan Kirchner04-Oct-2006 05:05
Greg - I really enjoyed viewing your galleries. I particularly enjoyed your numerous bird galleries. You have some truly amazing shots!
josh 26-Sep-2006 19:47

your galleries are just fantastic. every day i go through your galleries, especially the birds. i love all of them. keep it up. im beginning to get into bird photography and am getting the 400mm f/5.6 lens. hopefully they are as good as yours!
Phyllis 14-Sep-2006 22:06
Hi Greg
Seeking permission to use your orange crowned warbler photo in an educational article I write for a local paper in Bolton, Ontario. Thank you for your consideration.
Margaret 04-Sep-2006 22:21
Hi Greg! I'm thoroughly enjoying your photos and your posts on Texbirds--especially since I live in SW Houston so it gives me a "heads-up" on what birds are around! As with many of your comments, I'm a beginner so the photos help me to identify the birds. Do you remember where you found the red-cockaded woodpecker?
Guest 04-Sep-2006 18:30
Someone posted a link to your photos on my forums. I'm excited to see such great photos from the Digital Rebel XTi so quickly. I would be very pleased if you would post a review for your Rebel Xti on my site. Here's a link to that review page. You will almost deifintely be the first to post:

Thanks in advance for your review! I'll be checking your PBase page often.
Guest 01-Sep-2006 06:11
Ho Greg
I am lucky to find your gallery and it's a pleasure going through your photos. There are plenty of high quality photos here. Congratulation.
Mary Scott Gilbert 30-Aug-2006 17:07

I work with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. We would like to purchase your red-cockaded woodpecker photo for use on a folder we are producing for our program. Would you be so kind as to please contact me at your earliest possible convenience? Thank you so very much! Mary Scott Gilbert, Public Information Director. Telephone: (850) 410-5291 Email:
josh 14-Aug-2006 01:50
all i can say is......WOW!!! i have never seen so many pictures of different kinds of birds and having them be all so awesome. i was wondering, what len/lenses do you use?
Gayle 02-Aug-2006 17:39
What a treat! I am a beginning bird watcher and seeing the birds in real life photos and various activities will be a real help when trying to identify. Have you published a book of your photos? It would be a great tool for birdwatchers. Your Texas photos have put Texas on my birding map.
Raymond J Barlow02-Aug-2006 03:35
Hi Greg, I just browsed and enjoyed your many galleries, and wonderful images., we share the same sort of style and interests., except I don't have near the hardware resourses you have.. stunning work sir, well done!
Roger sanderson 02-Jun-2006 16:32
Just happened on your photos via Texbirds and was blown away! Just returned from a week in west Texas & Big Bend and was really impressed with your images of so many birds I saw there. I will soon be in the market for a new camera and was wondering what you use and what you would recommend. Again, Fantastic Photography!
David Merrill 26-May-2006 20:55
wow man, been a long time since i've talked with you. drop me a line and let me know how things are going. your pictures are fantastic !!!! 23-May-2006 15:40
was concerned in this formerly. nice.
Greg Lavaty09-May-2006 17:10

It seems that the consensus is that both godwits are indeed Hudsonian Godwits.

Guest 09-May-2006 06:33

Great photos of the Godwits! I'm the photographer you met Sunday afternoon
while you were photographing them that commented on recognizing you by your
hand-held lens.

So what is the verdict on the "light-colored" godwit (your photo # 59847011)?
The tail pattern I saw sure looked like the black-and-white pattern of a
Hudsonian. Did anyone think it was a Marbled (and, if so, why)?

Erik Breden
Ingram, TX
Bill Reichert 28-Apr-2006 03:14
Greg, having seen the quality of your work as well as your awesome equipment collection, I would like your opinion. As a world birder concerned with quality images, what Canon lens would you recommend to get a good taste of birding photography before stepping up to the 500mmL f4?
Thanks in advance for your help and opinion, Bill
Raymond J Barlow17-Apr-2006 16:29
wonderful site Greg, awesome shooting.. I sure hope we can get down to texas some time, and have some fun there!
John Bomar 15-Apr-2006 00:40
It was nice to meet you today Greg. I am sorry the shoot wasn't that great. John Bomar
Dwaine Gipe 12-Feb-2006 20:23
Super work my friend. Keep it going.
Ann 30-Jan-2006 07:17
Your photos of the Hummingbirds in my yard is a clearly defined copy of what I have sometimes seen and at other times wished I could see as I focused my binoculars on them. Thank you for sharing your talent, technical and visual! Thank you for photographing in a non-threatening way these "Jewels of Nature". Look forward to your visits and photos!
Greg Lavaty14-Dec-2005 23:39

Most of my work using the fast short primes is not for public consumption and hence not posted here. I also have tons of shots taken at 400mm and f/2.8 and there are even some posted here. Just because you don't see it here on this small site doesn't mean it isn't going on. Sorry to disappoint.

Guest 14-Dec-2005 17:49
Hello, your photos are pretty good, but in your equipment page, you seem to own very sought after Canon lens known to man. Yet a lot of your work doesn't even show you using them! I was shocked to see many of your 400 shots did not utilize your f/2.8 capaility, and not a lot of low light samples, using your fast primes (35L, 24L and 50L) you know, not many people have the 50, it's challenging to focus I know but man I would be experimenting with that thing constantly. Just my piece. Cya
Greg Lavaty13-Dec-2005 18:48
Most of the images in the 70-300 IS page have had some USM sharpening applied to them.


Tom Boppart 13-Dec-2005 04:14
Greg, Did you do any sharpening of the photos for the EF 70-300 IS lens? I have the same lens, but do not get the same sharpness without post-processing.


sandra harris 21-Nov-2005 14:22
I am your grand mother Victoria's good friend Sandra. I love the bird pictures. Cand you add the name of each bird as a caption with the respective picture.
Greg Lavaty07-Nov-2005 17:32

The only shots that were done using a tripod were the comparison shots with other lenses. All of the actual pictures (not bottle labels) were taken hand-held with IS turned on.

Thanks for your message,

Jim 05-Nov-2005 13:47
Hi, Greg -- Looking at your EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM gallery - I've got a question. Were you using a tripod or monopod for any of the industrial shots? I'm considering buy this lens and quite impressed with the sharpness of many of your shots - especially at 300mm. Great photos all around.
Gerson 04-Sep-2005 13:49
Hi, Greg. Your galleries are even better each time I get here. Congrats for every photo. I wonder where we've taken some of those alligators, frogs, and birds pics. Something tells me you've been to Brazil and particularly to Pantanal, just near where I live.
Gerson Rossi, from Brazil.
Bee 17-Aug-2005 02:33
hey, why don't you take your pic do as the year calender and published, it will look really nice.
Michelle 02-Jul-2005 17:59
Actually I don't really know about your aquipments.
but your dogs are so lovely!!
Guest 21-Mar-2005 04:43
I know that everyone thinks of your pics as wonderful and i have believed in your work from day one i viewed your photos.You are really great at what you do,keep it up!
Gary HIggins 18-Mar-2005 02:59
Hi Greg. I'm assuming you're a resident of south Texas. Your photo of the Great Kiskadee had me searching for about 30 minutes before I stumbled across it. A good shot, and a challenge for this Southern California birder to identify. Gary.
Bill 16-Feb-2005 00:58
Your photos continue to be outstanding and your valuable and unselfish contribution in capturing the Steak-backed Oriole, a Texas first record for this species, made this identification possible. A great effort for which you shouldbe proud and the viewers anxious to see your continued excellent work.
Guest 02-Jan-2005 20:26
I'm breathless. Fantastic work reflecting intense dedication. Thank you. Request: as a fairly new birder, I'd love some ID, especially species, but also, location of shot.
Guest 02-Jan-2005 20:25
I'm breathless. Fantastic work reflecting intense dedication. Thank you. Request: as a fairly new birder, I'd love some ID, especially species, but also, location of shot.
Jakob Ehrensvärd25-Dec-2004 20:18
Great galleries. A special star for your "Industrial" gallery :-)
Naturephoto Monique24-Dec-2004 00:20
Hi Greg, wonderful galleries! Love your birds and dogs:)

Best Wishes,
Guest 15-Nov-2004 06:38
I really like your photos. nice variety of images.
great work!
Très belle gallerie avec beaucoup de variété
En fantastisk samling, mycket vackert.
Wunderbare Bilder.

Donna 14-Nov-2004 04:28
Greg, my daughter is a ranger at Brazoria; I was looking for some pictures to explain the beauty of that place and yours are fantastic. Next time you are there, ask for Eric or Miranda and tell them you want to see the pictures of THEIR dogs' Halloween costumes.
drhoads 10-Jul-2004 21:03
Dude, you have a serious obsession. I'm saving your gallery to show wife next time she complains about me buying more equipment. You go dude!
Guest 05-Jul-2004 07:16
Greg, beautiful nature gallery here. All images are sharp and colors are superb!
May i ask, almost all of the images you took with the Mark II are at 560mm, exactly what lens is this? Is this a telezoom with an TC 1.4x or 2x? The lines are super sharp. Keep up the good work. Good day!

Roger 26-May-2004 20:50
Greg, you are a very talented young man. Keep up the good work and remember the best way to improve is to shoot, shoot, shoot.