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Robret Hubbard 22-Apr-2022 22:30
Very nice series in detail of some beautiful target rifles. I think that previously you had a section on heavy percussion target rifles, Warner, Rhinhart and the like. Has it been removed for some reason or is it I just can't find it?
Thanks for keeping these posted I like to reference them in some of my own building projects.
Bob Hubbard.
Louise mays 12-Dec-2014 14:19
I am thinking about bidding on a cool 1860s slotterbeck 3barrel gun for my husband. It is on auction sale for $3500 I think this is a good buy! Any suggestions ? It can be seen at it was purchased in Colorado at auction years ago by the consignor
Doug Barrow 22-Jun-2014 16:26
halp: need assistance with your gallery containing the William Read caplock. I have its' soul mate. Pics provided much needed info. I have been researching mine 40yrs now. Can you tell me where these pics came from, contact info, owner? Any info appreciated.Please email.
I can provide pics of mine but not great quality.
edward epes 08-May-2014 04:27
i know carl pippert and george stanford are no longer with us. is rudy bahr still around ? is frank kobilis still aroound? i have a flintlock reportedly made by george stanford in the mid 70s early 80s.interesting snake patchbox and silver snake on cheekpiece.any help verifying this would be greatly appreciated..
Johannes COUTURIER 25-Feb-2014 16:51
Dear sir,

I live in France where, among others things, I wrote articles about american antique firearms, replicas, reloading and Shooting for french gun magazines.

For an article I am working on, I am looking for high resolution photos or of an original heavy underhammer match rifle, if possible with a period long scope and accessories. I need them in, at least, 300 dpi, because if the resolution is less than that, they won't be printable.

Could it be possible for you to furnish me such kind of photos ?

I hope not to bother you with that request.

Best regards from France.

robert pearce 12-Jun-2013 04:34
I will login and register but I have a 22 ballard action with an A.W. Peterson barrel that I used back in the 1960's and belonged to a rifle club that competed in 22 match competition. The rifle is in excellent condition and I'm thinking about selling but have no idea of the value.

Charles Leeder 07-Jun-2013 10:37
I have a Germa Parlor Pistol very similar to the Ed Kettner 22 in your pictures however, it is not marked Ed Kettner. How do I send you some pictures and get your input
Richard Rapp 01-Dec-2012 20:29
Hi, Im trying to find info on my w.wurfflin parlor rifle. Its dated 1877 and im looking for a triger guard. Can any body please help me
Peter Cameron 14-Nov-2012 08:48
Found your site while researching Sidle and Malcom telescopic sights. I have one of each in quite good condition. Can anyone suggest a value for these items. I haven't tried to join the Forum as I see it may be limited to the U.S. and I am in Sydney Australia. Any information would be appreciated. You have some intersting stuff.
Peter C.
curtis patience 12-Nov-2011 02:57
curtis patience 12-Nov-2011 02:43
...i love these pages...have for years now...i seem to remember a smattering of heavy bench rifles...which is how i found these pages...i was shooting a Nelson Lewis heavy bench .50 at the time...are these pages still somewhere...?...i now am shooting a 32-40 high-wall #4 barrel, DST...
Eugene Hallan 04-Aug-2011 16:13
I currently own a Maynard 44-100 32" barrel improved Creedinole rifle # 14 w/ spirit level frt sight mft'd in chicopee falls believed to be mft'd in 1860/1870 time range.
Gun was never shot since the 1890's complete with some loading equipment, brass, lead,
weigh scales and other tools along with orig shipping crate shipped from Chicopee Falls
to Ontario Canada owned by a target shooter shooting mostly at 1000 yards. Please supply other info or details that may help me describe gun better.
Mangles Photography10-Jul-2011 08:36
A great gallery of some great old firearms
Seppo Koivula 12-Aug-2010 19:30
Very nice photo collection! I spent almost whole evening by looking your pictures. Thank you.

Scott Coats 03-Aug-2010 12:40
Hello Warren, I very much enjoyed the pictures in the Gallery. I hope you and Ami are well.
Paul Spaedy 26-Jan-2010 03:46
I would like to talk with you about your Ballard rifled by F. J. Spaedy.
I would be interested in purchasing it. My Great Uncle was F. J. Spaedy and I have been looking for one of his rifles. My phone # is 816 536 5294.

Paul Spaedy
Paul Spaedy 26-Jan-2010 03:46
I would like to talk with you about your Ballard rifled by F. J. Spaedy.
I would be interested in purchasing it. My Great Uncle was F. J. Spaedy and I have been looking for one of his rifles. My phone # is 816 536 5294.

Paul Spaedy
Paul Spaedy 26-Jan-2010 03:46
I would like to talk with you about your Ballard rifled by F. J. Spaedy.
I would be interested in purchasing it. My Great Uncle was F. J. Spaedy and I have been looking for one of his rifles. My phone # is 816 536 5294.

Paul Spaedy
Stuart 02-Sep-2009 10:23
Hello Halp,
I have just purchased a Schutzen rifle in 7.5x55 Swiss, it was made by a J.U.Banziger of St.Gallan, Scheiz. I can see a 22RF rifle displayed in your photo gallery and was wondering if you have any information on the maker or refer me to someone who might?
By the way, love what you have done here with the gallery and thanks for sharing your passion.

Thanks in advance,
RonJonUSN 10-Aug-2009 23:51
I enjoy looking at the details of your Maynard rifles. I have two #16s. One is all correct, except the cal. is 32-40. My collecting mentor says perhaps it was rechambered by Stevens after they took over Mass. Arms. Co. Original windgauge front sight and the the rear rack and pinion. Other #16 is a 22. Has a beech front sight and a Lyman rear sight. I dont believe these are original, however I have seen others with these same sights. The 22 has the short sight stud, making me wonder what was on her originally. Rgards, Ron
Halp 30-Jun-2009 04:48
Alex, We would be happy to help you but need an email address to contact you.
Alex 16-Jun-2009 06:46
I love the pictures and history on this site. I have a Maynard rifle with three barrels, two butt caps, and a Wells Fargo shipping crate. I believe it to be a model 16, and was wondering how to determine barrel caliber as well as where to find authentic casings? If you know anyone interested in helping me find history on this firearm please send contact information.
Bill Cameron 23-Mar-2009 15:53
Hi, I wrote you a very detailed letter explaining how you have helped me add great detail to the western I am writing. The Peabody-Martini, the better Remington Creedmoors and the H&M revolver, had a coupld of pictures better than what I was able to find before.
The computer ate it.
Your very professional photography, comes up to the beauty of your guns. There was indeed a few pieces of beautiful wood there and some great checkering. My major reference book is that "10 Old gun Catalogs" compiled by L.D. Satterlee. Things like the hooded target sight are mentioned, and now I can describe it better. There were atleast twenty pictures that will be of help to me.
I live now, in Germany, so access to major libraries and large book stores in English or running down to a gun show is limited.
Thank you very much. The photography was professional.
Ed Smith 02-Jan-2009 01:06
found this site today and believe a firearm I have is a Maynard Creedmore #15 or #16 from the photos on this site. Could you suggest book or web site where actual identification could be made. This gun has been in a closet for over 60 years but looks very much like those in photos. Thanks for any assistance.
Scott Jamieson 13-Mar-2008 21:38
I just came across this web site and the Wilkinson Powder measures immediately caught my eye. I have just compeleted a manuscript to be entitled ADIRONDACK ARMS about O. M. Robinson and his repeating rifles circa 1870-75. A partner in his business was J.D. Wilkinson the patentee and inventor of the aforementioned meaures. Two questions I have for you-what markings if any are on the duplex loader-I've never seen one before. Secondly the markings on the one loader showing only the 1877 date and the Improved date of 1890 are unknown to me. Very rare markings I'd have to say. The other measure shows the standard markings I've encountered on all his other loaders seen to date. I've encounted one with its' original funnel with instructions glued to it!! I'd like to use several of your shots in my book. I have one Appendix in the book strictly for late information so it can be incorporated in the book without disturbing the index very much. Thank you. I hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

Scott Jamieson
Tommr 28-Feb-2008 15:24
I noticed on your website (a great site) a gun made by Ken Bresien and engraved by C. Hunt Turner (Stevens 44 1/2). I have some winchester guns engraved by C. Hunt Turner with great gold inlay work but can find no information on the engraver other than he lived in St.Louis. What can you tell me about him; I know he died a few years ago.
Jack 22-Dec-2007 16:33
On your Niedner Ballard, there is a barrel marking I can't quite make out. Could you post or send me a photo with a different perspective that shows all the marks clearly that are under the fore end? I am looking for a mark that looks like an X inside a square.
Rete R. Odom, Jr. 07-Nov-2006 03:28
I have owned a rifle similar to the 4mm Zimmerstutzen for many years. I am just begining to understand it and would be most appreciative of any information regarding balls and 4mm caps (where to obtain them). It is possible that what I have is not a 4mm. Although the assembly at the upper end of the rifle, the sights, decorative cheek pad, checkering etc. all seem to point to that. I look forward to hearing from someone. 20-Aug-2006 14:32
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Tommy U- 29-May-2006 21:16
WOW! This site was mentioned on 29 May 06 in a Yahoo SCHUETZEN group email, so I checked it out...amazing! The guns and the photographs represent artistry in firearms. I'll return often, and also pass along the site address to shooting pals. Thanks for your time and efforts!
Tommy U- 29-May-2006 21:07
WOW! This site was mentioned on 29 May 06 in a Yahoo SCHUETZEN group email, so I checked it out...amazing! The guns and the photographs represent artistry in firearms. I'll return often, and also pass along the site address to shooting pals. Thanks for your time and efforts!
Phillip 14-Apr-2006 12:55
Nice site! | | | |
Guest 01-Apr-2006 23:42
I just can't come back to your great pictures enough! Simply stunning photography, and guns! Hope you're on the mend Hal!
Mike Brooks 05-Mar-2006 05:22
Simply Wonderful! You are saving history with these pictures.
H A WATSON 24-Feb-2006 13:55
Frank 19-Feb-2006 01:43
First time I have seen a Creedmore Gallery gun outside of my own. My gun looks like yours aside from minor differences. My rifle is called "The New Model Creedmore" Patent date Nov.20,1877 Philadelphia Wm. Wurffline. Condition not as good, but I haven't come across any others until your's. Do you have any info on my model? are you interested in seeing some photos? Take care...
Mark Hardig 10-Feb-2006 03:13
hey, I have a Martini style schuetzen rifle remarkably like yours, missing the buttstock. I have the buttplate. Any chance I could get you to trace that and mail it to me, so I can begin reconstruction of mine?
Bryan Kaufman 06-Jan-2006 22:46
What a fine source of quality firearms pictures. You are to be complemented not only on your photographic endeavors but also on acquiring the articles to photograph. Other than the online photos available at a few of the Gun Auctions I've seen very few firearms photos that compare with yours - maybe I just don't know where to look.
Thanks again, I really enjoyed your site - and keep them coming.
Keith Watson 30-Aug-2005 21:55
Great collection, cream of the crop, outstanding condition. I have never seen a Maynard Credmoor like yours up close. I love those Maynards..What I like about them is that you never seen two just alike..Keith
John L. Martin 11-Aug-2005 02:31
I've got a muzzle loading benchrest rifle that I would like to have an expert look at. Is there someone who qualifies in Ohio? The gun is in Jackson, Oh. I live in Alaska but will be in OH during the fall. I could make a day trip from Jackson if there is someone who can help me id it and maybe give me an appraisal. Thank you.

John L. Martin
PO Box 3283
Homer, AK 99603
Guest 09-May-2005 18:10
Hey Halp, you sure have quite the collection of weaponry here. Cool shots!

Just browsing by after I noticed the kind note that you left in one of my galleries. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a bit of your support.
Mike Gordon 12-Apr-2005 19:40
Does anyone know what the Buttstoick markings on the Sharps Borchardt mean? It appears to be a Circle with the scripted letters "L" "B" intertwined. On a Sharps Borchardt that I own it also appears on the bottom of the receiver.
wayne 15-Feb-2005 17:13
I have a 1865 Maynard ( I think) with 3 serial # matching barrels (.35,.40 and 20 gauge shot) and all the casings, lead, gunpowder flasks. etc. in a cased set. This set has been in our family for 140 years, and the case was made by my Great Grandfather. The gun has not been fired since 1910. Two of the barrels look absolutely new. This gun was seldom used. Any ideas on how I can get this appraised. Any assistance you can offer would help greatly.
Wayne Sperry