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Vince Ciricola 11-Jul-2011 06:04
I enjoyed your Lakeside Utah Album. Apparently you were able to travel freely in part of the western region? And even visit the causeway. I had the impression that travel in the west and north is prohibited... or at least discouraged. Could you clarify so that I can plan such an adventure in the future.
Carly Hill 13-Mar-2011 06:12
Too funny that your name is what my son calls his security blanket. I can tell you we were stumped for quite a while about what he meant by "beedon!" Your photos are really nice--we love Utah and have gone to Zion Nat'l Park several times. Happy travels!
Mike 21-Sep-2010 03:36
Hi Dave, I see what you mean by the draw of the Gooseneck. I have hiked Angels Landing and Bryce Canyon because of such a draw of attraction.(awesome/undescribable hikes)Thanks for posting those pics as I have another trip planned to that state Oct 2nd.Very helpful.If I dont get to do The Wave then Moab might be interesting.My car felt like a boat today because of the heavy rain!(Vancouver).No wonder I want to Captain it to Utah!
Jerry Sinclair 30-May-2010 05:44

I love trains and I love the humor and banter back and froth with your guests. God bless
Greg Little01-May-2009 09:04
Hi Dave,

Hope you're doing well. Spring has finally hit here in Germany. Its been a spectacular one, but sure as clockwork, its crappie on our 3-day labor day weekend! Thanks for the comment. Yes that canal outside Milan was always a favorite bike trip to get out of town; always with camera in hand.


Tim Lester 20-Jan-2009 21:06
I have been to Potash Utah !!! In 2004 while visiting Arches N.P. , we took the bridge crossing the river and drove to Potash. We had no idea where we were going or what we would find. It was a beautiful drive, late in the day with the sun at just the right angle. We're from Florida, where everything is flat,wet and green, this was like being on Mars ( Ha Ha ). Your pics are beautiful and so enjoyable to view, brings back lots of memories....Tim Lester
Emmie Gray24-Jul-2008 02:12
A Relaxed Cat
Greg Little04-Jun-2008 21:19
Hi Dave,

Yes to good old woods around Frankfurt. Quite convenient for an urban area. How you been? I've not been too active lately. Lots of travel for work and I'm way behind on posting. Had a fatal computer crash and just getting functional again.

Hope all is well in your world.

Greg Little23-Mar-2008 09:17
Hi Dave,

Yes I thought DB was a grafitti marking you'd put on everything around here... I was really impressed with your range and attention to detail!

Thanks for the comments. I decided to expand that gallery. I have some old Italian shots I'm throwing in there as I 'rediscover' them.

Hope all is well.
Gary England 29-Jan-2008 16:37
Hello Dave, My name is Gary England. We sort of ran accross each other on Flickr at Nevada Outdoors. It's an honor to have you as my 1st co-member in my group. I hope to meet all the members of the group soon and share our photos as well as our photography stories! Keep up the good work. Your very good at your trade! Write back any time. Gary England
mike robson30-Nov-2007 08:15
Thanks for your comments on my photo's - love the humour which of course really shines through on your site!
The one with the people wading through the water was on a walk across the bay to Mont St Michel in Normandy - a 12 mile return walk with an expert guide who takes you across these small river/waterways and dangerous sands towards the Mont - hence the appearance that we are all doing a "John Stonehouse" (faked his disappearance off the Florida coast in the '70's).Well recommended (the walk that is,perhaps not faking your own death....).
Thanks for the great laughs in these dark winter months (and I have just lost my job after 23 yrs) and so humour is always welcome!
exzim05-Nov-2007 04:08
Hey, there eally was a guy called Notner who emigrated to the USA
Guest 25-Oct-2007 00:56
Dave, thanks for the comments! love that gallery you showed me, i'm jealous.
Dave 05-Oct-2007 03:36
Excellent pics of the Dewey Bridge. Thanks, it brought back many memories. I grew up in the Moab area. My dad would always take that highway when we went to Colorado and I remember him having to fold in the mirrors on his pickup truck to cross. I rushed to get my drivers license in time when the new bridge was under construction so I could drive across the Dewey Bridge before it was closed. I just barely made it (with days to spare) and can say I've driven across it (but only in a compact car, it was much scarrier in a truck =-) Made me appreciate what an engineering marvel a simple bridge can be, something easy to forget on modern roads wizzing by at 75 MPS. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Your pics inspired me to write an article on Utah State Route 128 on Wikipedia and I listed you as a source, as well as uploaded some pics of my own. It's at Do you have any pictures of the engineering drawings for the bridge? The were on display in the Dan o'Laury Museum in Moab when I lived there. I presume they still are.
Johnny10-Sep-2007 22:40
I enjoyed reading your series on developing your very very old film. I myself just started shooting TMAX100/400 for photography class at school.

Guest 29-Aug-2007 12:28

Thank you for stopping by my site, your comments are appreciated. I visited your site and you have some great stuff. I really enjoyed your funny comments/dry humor. See you on the road!

Jomosoft19-Aug-2007 00:17
Hi Dave,

some very inspiring stuff here ! I've added you to my favorite artist list so I can keep an eye on you. Especially like your scientific approach on some of your subjects.
Thanks for your comment on my humble knots.
Greg Little16-Aug-2007 21:53
Hi Dave,

Yes the tail light was of a T-Bird. Beautiful car, and an interesting museum. You'd have liked the train exhibits. They have a few elevated off the track (slightly) and move the wheels with sound effects. Pretty amazing exhibits.

Thanks for the comments in my galleries.
Greg Little23-Jul-2007 18:27
Hi Dave,

Thanks for all the comments on my Frankfurt galleries. To answer one question, the reflection in the Depot was the old Bockenheimer Warte Depot. It was an old engine house with a 'turntable'. Now its used for some small theater and or music performances, but not that often. Usually it just sits there "looking good". The shot of the 'corner' that looks like a ships bow is the Museum of Modern Art. I would have taken it a bit further back and gotten the entire height, but the sun was just over the building.

That new tunneling technology is something isn't it? Thanks again for the comments. Regards,

Michal Pistol29-Jun-2007 07:51
Hi Dave !

Thank you very much for your comment & visiting my gallery.

I enjoy your photos very much…

Guest 20-Jun-2007 05:09
This is stellar work. If I ever see you, I might just ask for your signature.
Paul Beiser13-May-2007 22:17
Hi Dave,
Thanks for your comments and feedback. You have some really nice work, I love all the trip photography, esp the stuff on Poison Spider Mesa. Keep them coming!
Flying Dutchman27-Apr-2007 22:35
Hi Dave!

Thank you very much for your comment on my 737 gallery!
Very nice to see where the airplanes actually come from. In fact, last week a couple of colleagues of mine went to this factory to get a totally new aircraft and fly it to Amsterdam!
You have some very nice pictures as well, I'll keep on checking them every now and then!

Guest 20-Apr-2007 04:58
Dave, thanks for making me laugh tonight. Your funny.
Guest 09-Mar-2007 23:01
I would have been tempted to throw my camera at that palm tree. I hate palm trees, and viewing your images has freed me to admit it.
Dave Beedon09-Mar-2007 05:57
Horsegoggles---tempted to do what? Some temptations are better than others. I would not wish that "B" condition on my worst enemy.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 15:58
I am being influenced by a force foreign to me. I was sitting outside of a McDonald's this morning waiting for my wife and noticed a small palm tree planted directly in front of a disabled parking sign. I didn't have my camera, but if I had, I would have been tempted. I think I am possibly being Beedonized.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 07:26
I'm going to model some of my work after you in the soon as I get a new camera.
Ian Dalgliesh18-Feb-2007 09:24
Dave,Seriously,I have a photo,uploaded today,which needs some interpretation.I have titled it "UFO".Look at it for me,as I can not explain,why something is very obvious on one image but missing from the same image,transferred.Look forward to your insight.
Ian Dalgliesh16-Feb-2007 08:06
Thankyou for your most recent comments;always welcome.You did of course refer to women-kind,no.
Guest 11-Feb-2007 18:07
Hi Dave,

You have a interesting and different gallery, I like your sense of humor also.

Thank you for your commentary in my pbase gallery.

Best Regards.

Colleen Prohaska11-Feb-2007 06:57
Dave, I have spent hours for the last two days pouring over your galleries, seeing the routes I did not take, learning invaluable toilet paper tips, discovering the extent of your UFO knowledge, seeing more self-portraits than Van Gogh ever created, and reading your exquisite narrative and follow-up comments. This is the kind of stuff future historians will treasure when they reconstruct our civilization. Get this in a time capsule. Your anatomically correct snow woman might just be revered by future societies.
Rick Kobylinski10-Feb-2007 23:17
The nuns did some damage but the marks don't show today. No sense in being a smart ass if you can't act like one. Thanks for the comments on my site.
Guest 22-Jan-2007 07:59
Thanks for your comments on the desert shoot. It's great to get encouraging feedback like yours. -Rob and Nicole.
Guest 12-Jan-2007 01:26
Hey Dave,

I really love your galleries, you never know what you're going to see in here. great images!!
Craig Sadler05-Jan-2007 00:49
Hi Dave
Thanks for dropping by my humble galleries:-) Your love for life and love for photography puts a smile on my face!!
Both creative and photojournalistic styles blend to compliment your talent.

Rick Kobylinski31-Dec-2006 03:08
Dave, your comment on Susan's sleeping squirrel on my page had me laughing out loud. Don't ever change. Your galleries make me slow down to read the captions as well as admire the photographic quality of the captures. I appreciate pbasers who put some humor in their captions and descriptions when it is appropriate. Thanks for looking around my side of the country.
Bill Chilcoat26-Dec-2006 21:22
You would enjoy reading the book "Blue Highways" by William Trogdon. [Least Heat Moon]
Brent Andersen25-Dec-2006 01:32
Dave, thanks for sharing your pictures and your humor. Looks like we made the "switch" at about the same time, only I went with the Canon 10D, much to the dismay of my Nikon pro friend. Thanks for visiting my galleries. Brent
artemis2715-Dec-2006 19:04
thanks for your comments! =) love your pics as well-interesting perspective on a lot of them...
Eileen 03-Dec-2006 20:59
Wow! Incredible pics!...still ooohing and aaahing over Castle Valley! Magnificent!
Guest 26-Nov-2006 21:39
Thanks for sharing your pics David. Jeff B.
tomr-photos23-Nov-2006 15:27
Hi Dave. Thanks for visiting. I believe we all have the right tool for the right job if used properly. The best piece of photographic equipment money CAN'T buy is our mind.
Guest 05-Oct-2006 03:02
/Thankyou Dave, for Outwit West 3 quest
Guest 21-Aug-2006 23:43
really enjoyed your 'what is it' gallery, thanks for your comment and link to Wesley's site!
Crystal & Kyle Little15-Aug-2006 18:24
Thanks for the comments, I have been enjoying your galleries. At first I thought that you must live in Utah, because you seem to know it so well. But now I see that you enjoy roadtripping. You have an interesting style and fun way of looking at life.
Guest 13-Aug-2006 02:35
Dave, Great galleries. It would be fun to see an account of your equipment also! Pierre.
Steve Clarke31-Jul-2006 00:10
Lots of great Utah photos here, Dave. I look forward to browsing through them. Thanks for looking and commenting at my gallery.
- Steve
Guest 23-Jul-2006 22:15
Thanks for visiting. I do like your railways themes: great capture of the
west soul.
Guest 19-Jul-2006 14:43
Dave, Thanks for the kind words. I love your travel gallery of Utah and have sparked plans for a possible trip in two years.
Beyer09-Jul-2006 21:05
Thanks for stopping by at my gallery and commenting Alfred E. Neuman. Actually the photograph is the girl's credit. She saw the bill, turned her head back and asked me to take a picture of her inspired by Alfred. I then rotated the picture 180¤ (ref her glasses).
It's been a great pleasure to look through your gallery Dave, much humor and "different points of view". I had a good time watching your images and often "nodded recognizing". Krs
Guest 09-Jul-2006 02:35
Dave ... thanks for visiting My PaD recently (well, a couple months ago actually; I'm just getting around to responding). Your whimsical comment on my B&W [time] zones shot made me laugh out load. Also enjoyed touring your galleries while here. I particularly like your Moab and other Utah images; sure makes me miss those annual 4x4 and dirt bike trips to the slick rock area. :-/ Cheers.
Guest 05-Jul-2006 12:17
I think the aliens may be breeding on earth. Check out the photo of the "truck" in my gallery on the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. I can't find any other explanation for it as the days of the psychedelic buses are long past.
Guest 04-Jul-2006 19:20
such a wonderful gallery!
Guest 04-Jul-2006 05:05
I think the your picture of the Sellars Bridge is most interesting. My bet is a leaky radiator on 115 degree Wenatchee day. Hope you'll visit my bridge gallery again. I've reframed most of it and add alot of captions from my still unpublished manuscript. Also like the picture of the old cement plant at Lime, Oregon brought back memories from 30 years ago when the place spewed out tons of dust.
Rich Doody
Guest 03-Jul-2006 14:03
Thanks for the kudos. Getting around in the West, for those of us who are lucky enough to do so, can certainly inspire. Happy travels.
Guest 29-Jun-2006 06:12
Dave ... thanks for taking time to stop by My PaD recently and especially for the vote! Cheers.
Guest 14-Jun-2006 19:34
I think your work is an inspiration to many of us. Do keep updating as I will always come back those updates!
Soenda11-Jun-2006 23:16
Your assortment of photos and galleries is as rich as your wonderful imagination. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent here this afternoon. Plus, I garnered important information that will allow me to be more alert to any possible UFO sitings!

Trevor Edwards09-Jun-2006 13:14
Mind you - they do look alien in construction!
Trevor Edwards09-Jun-2006 13:12
Hi Dave, You asked about the purpose of the strange rooftops in my picture: Well it's an Oast House, used for drying hops made in the process of beer making. The roofs themselves drew up the hot air from the drying hops.
If you look here it will explain a bit more with a cross section of the oast house. Hope that explains it a bit. TREV.
anuschka02-Jun-2006 14:38
Thanks Dave for your comments on my bike travel gallery.
I see I can learn a lot from your galleries and look forward to coming back here.
But for now I wanted to leave this message.
Rerards Anuschka.
Guest 02-Jun-2006 00:11
Thank you for your comments. I think that Pbase should offer you a pixel discount for the service you provide to it's subscribers on their behalf. Keep providing those insights to the inner workings of Pbase.
Rick30-May-2006 05:42
Wonderful sense of humor. Write a book! Your thoughts are the ones we all have, but never think of.
Guest 27-May-2006 21:34
Thanks for the comments on my photos. Looks like we both like to travel. Keep the laughs coming.
Guest 27-May-2006 15:57
Ding ding. What an eye. Landsend french blue most likely.
And, how about this: A blue just looking for a catchy name to take over the fashion world.
Dave Beedon23-May-2006 08:24
Note to horsegoggles: regardless of the manner in which you were pulled here, one thing should be clarified. As the result of investigations in the late 1990s, the Bermuda Triangle was renamed the Bermuda Parallelogram.
Dave Beedon23-May-2006 08:22
purpod: the reports, as you well know, will continue, but at a rate that reflects the incident density (which I cannot predict).
Dave Beedon23-May-2006 08:20
Martin, the latest news is that the last 23 rolls of undeveloped film have been developed. One step closer to a life without chemicals!
purpod23-May-2006 07:55
Keep your reports coming, Agent L ~ be careful of unwanted infiltration, tho ~ even hidden communications via pbase can be intercepted by the alien invaders (Not to be confused with space invaders...) Had to putcha on my fav's!! Nice to meetcha ~
Dave Beedon23-May-2006 01:58
Gary, thank you for offering to help in The Battle. In the interest of security, I have replied to your comment at the receiving point mentioned in your missive.
Gary Winters23-May-2006 01:17
I want to join in the battle against extraterrestrials. What do I have to do to get started?

I've already done my part to keep the FBI from stealing my thoughts: <
Guest 23-May-2006 01:16
Dave, Thanks for visiting my galleries and leaving your kind comments. I see you have a stock of undeveloped film - me too. I am clearly only an amateur procrastinator: only 10 rolls in my drawer! Cheers, MartinM
Guest 22-May-2006 18:11
Thanks for taking a look at my galleries and for leaving a comment. I enjoyed your work as well. Kevin
Gary Coffman21-May-2006 15:04
Dave - Your photography and narration make for some fun viewing. I'm inspired now. Thanks a lot for the kind words on my gallery. Gary (I'll be back)
Guest 19-May-2006 18:51
haha probably. thanks for the comments Dave
Guest 19-May-2006 18:34
Thanks for visiting, I was strangely, strangly, strangley, pulled to your site, and was unable to leave for several minutes. I think it must have been something like a Bermuda Triangle experience. When I finally broke free and left, only several minutes had passed.
John Glines12-May-2006 08:37
Re meeting under the clock in Grand Central: you're right, after my correction your comment didn't make sense anymore, so I deleted it. If you find any other bloopers in my captions, please don't hesitate to holler.
John Glines11-May-2006 06:02
Thanks for the appreciative comment on my NYC public art gallery. And OK, OK, you caught a real blooper in my caption of the main concourse of Grand Center Station. I'll change it. But the dates on my NYC pix (June—September) will have to stand as I can't date them any more specifically. Cheers. And thanks for taking the time to leave comments.
Andy Dunn08-May-2006 14:20
You have a great collection of shots in your gallery.
Keep clicking my friend.
All the best,
Andy Dunn
1moremile05-Apr-2006 14:56
Thanks for looking at my photos again and leaving comments.
I checked out Dan Dunn and he is ready. Just like you said. He has done his homework. His explorations are unparalleled even in parallel universes. History will record his fantastic discoveries and future classrooms will teach his legacy. I am sure of it.
Dave Beedon30-Mar-2006 03:33
Larry, thank you for your concern about my safety and for your compliment. You need not worry about me, as I am protected by an infinite number of levels of security at PBase. In addition, everything posted in my galleries has enough disinformation about my identity, habits, and place of residence that The Enemy will never identify me, let alone find me.
1moremile29-Mar-2006 10:17
Thanks for viewing my galleries.
Your travel photos are really great as I have never been to that side of the U.S.
What really makes pbase worth the effort though is I am amazed at your proof of alien life you can actually post here. How do you remain free? Surely you know they are watching you and your days are numbered. Getting the word out is vital to our survival and I applaud your effort. Yes, pbase is good for more than just entertainment.
There goes another night's sleep!
Guest 28-Mar-2006 03:58
i enjoy the way you "take us along with you" in your pictures. your pics are full of humor and sincerity. keep up the good work!
Guest 27-Mar-2006 05:20
Acually that Tent has a full floor and zippered Bug netting. I is 1.1 oz. Silicone Nylon made by Sixm,oons in Portland and is US made in Seattle . Best light tent I ever had and great in wind with alot of head room to sit up. You need this tent!!
Selvin Chance26-Mar-2006 21:27
This idea for humor is fantastic
Aloha and thanks for sharing.
Guest 25-Mar-2006 20:54
Mel Brooks claims that laugh increases life expectancy, which is what I need. T-H-A-N-K-S !
vegasrails25-Mar-2006 09:30
Interesting galleries
John Glines24-Mar-2006 07:06
Thanks for leaving a comment on my photo of the martini glass & the Empire State Building. It was just one of those lucky shots.
Steve Martin08-Mar-2006 03:52
Hello Dave... thanks for visiting and commenting on my recent travel gallery.
artemis2717-Feb-2006 20:31
hey, not exactly actually... it is a ceiling lamp...but there was no earthquake (building is still standing) its just that the bulb was so bright that it "drowned" out the rest of the celing... that's why it's black. nice pics here by the way...
Guest 12-Feb-2006 05:51
Dave, Thanks for the comments on my Eastern Washington Gallery. You're right, I love the area! I grew up in Walla Walla, and spent a large part of my life there. Almost every weekend, my Dad, Brother and I were in the desert, exploring and camping all over Eastern Wash. and many times, on and near the Columbia River. I try to get back to Walla Walla as often as I can, and the photos you mentioned were taken on several of my trips. I have plans to head that way as soon as summer arrives, and will continue take many photos of what I consider to be a beautiful part of the state...I very much enjoyed looking at your great shots of Ephrata! I've been there several times!

Dale Unruh
Guest 06-Feb-2006 19:46
Thanks for stopping by my galleries and offering some commentary...very funny! BTW, the Golden Gate Bridge shot was only a terrestrial fly by and not by aircraft!

Long Bach Nguyen05-Feb-2006 16:10
Thank you for your comments on the photos...If you recogize any of those peaks please feel free to add the name to the comments. We have maps while flying but not in such details for the exact name of each peaks. Thanks again for your visit...Love your travel pixs.
Cheers, LOng
Peter Chou03-Feb-2006 16:16
Hi Dave,

Thanks for visiting my gallery and I like your documentations of travels and everyday lives! I have a locked gallery with a password of seance. I think you will like them!

Jim Woodworth03-Feb-2006 03:25
I enjoyed your galleries Dave. You gave me some ideas for places I need to check out.

You do good work, you need to post more images.

Brent E27-Jan-2006 02:02
Great shots, Dave! Thanks for sharing.

Irene Firck23-Jan-2006 19:24
Dave, thanks for the kind comments on my "milk meets coffee" gallery. I've been having browse around your galleries. Very good indeed.
Best wishes,
Big Mike23-Jan-2006 04:06
Hey Dave, thanks for commenting... Nothing is left in Frankfurt, but Wiesbaden is still around and will get a major upgrade soon with a large post exchange. You said you like railroad, well I imagine you enjoyed it while in Germany. I like your galleries and you have some great ideas. Take care and thanks again.
Guest 21-Jan-2006 00:34
Thank you for the comments on my images
Erik Pronske
Guest 08-Jan-2006 23:57

Thanks for the comments

Ted Levin 25-Dec-2005 07:28
David Thank you for your comments for the Nightmare is over. Remember Cheney is in Jail and hopefully it's after the 2006 elections and the Dems control the house and there are investigations
jCross10-Dec-2005 03:05
Thanks for all the kind comments. You asked about the clocks. The one that you mentioned might be PBase time is actually UTC, Universal Coordinated Time which is what we used to call GMT or Greenwich Mean Time. PBase uses that as its time standard, which makes a lot of sense. I have had that clock there for many years because of my Amateur Radio interests where we always use UTC.
Guest 25-Nov-2005 00:38
Interesting photos and explanations you have here. I will come back to read more!
Guest 18-Nov-2005 13:21
I really enjoy your Utah galleries and captions. I also tend to document the world via photography.
Guest 10-Nov-2005 17:59
Hi Dave: Thanks for visiting my galleries and commenting on my work. I enjoy your photos and perspective as well.
Guest 10-Nov-2005 17:29
Hi Dave,

thanks for the bunch of comments and compliments on my pictures! I need some time to discover your fine galleries in total.
Regards, Guenter
Emmie Gray31-Oct-2005 05:55
There you are! Did your gallery disappear for a bit? I'm sorry it took so long for me to comment - unavoidably detained by life, you know.
These look great - I'll just browse for a while, and comment here and there. I do have one question - are the b/w markings on the walking stick 12" apart? 8-)
saintj28-Oct-2005 14:11
Dave Beedon 28-Oct-2005 06:04
>This reminds me of light shows of the late 1960s. Show personnel used overhead projectors, plates and bowls of glass, and non-mixing liquids and food coloring.

Well Dave that is exactly what I was doing during the 60ies. Thanks for the kind words :)
Guest 06-Oct-2005 08:24
Thanks for the travel chuckles. You have an interesting take on things!
Bill Taylor22-Sep-2005 03:01
Very Nice Galleries , Dave! I like your travel gallerys , and the detail information along your route .
Guest 10-Sep-2005 04:15
Hello Dave. Looks like we started our galleries about the same time. You started on August 8th, and then I started on the 16th. Thanks for stopping by my gallery. I had only been working on the "Photo a Day" project, but tonight I opened a new "Family Faces" folder. Thanks for your comments. I enjoyed your galleries as well! Traveling is so great- I'm going to China in February. I can't wait for the photography chances over there!!
Hubert Steed10-Sep-2005 00:49
Welcome to pBase. Thank you for your comments at my galleries. Especially enjoyed your Utah photos. Best wishes to you and your new galleries.
Dave07-Sep-2005 05:57
Nice galleries Dave, I really enjoyed looking at all of them. Thanks for looking in my "211" gallery and leaving a comment. I've been taking pictures all my life with a few brief pauses along the way. The advent of digital got me back into it with a passion.
Guest 24-Aug-2005 10:15
Hi Dave,

Just got back from bei9ng on leave and saw your e-mail. Nice collection of photos you've got here. I especially like the one of the truck and the boat

Thanks for thinking of me and for inviting me to check out your site. Keep up the good shots.
Greg Harp20-Aug-2005 19:45
Thanks for your visits to my galleries. You have many fine photos yourself. I've added you to my 'favorites' list, and I look forward to more of your fine work. :)
Ian Morehouse19-Aug-2005 11:58
thank you for the invite. You seem to have a similar philosoiphy to mine, not only take great holiday photos, but also take lots of the locals dalily life. The stuff that doesn't feature in tour guides or TV shows, but show what actually happens at sites you visit.Ian M
Kim Schmidt 16-Aug-2005 05:39
Very nice. I am circumstantially very familiar with the Tri-Cities region. Sometime take highway 240 between Vantage and Richland for some interesting river and Hanford views. Keep up the good work!
fotabug16-Aug-2005 05:00
Hi Dave, thanks for sharing your photo collection with me. I added you to my favorites, so I can keep up with your new additions.
AviBen16-Aug-2005 04:12
Dave, nice to see your site is up and running. A lot of nice images -- and fun to page through them!
John Cooper13-Aug-2005 13:23
Dave, Pure white letters are good. I can read every word now.
John Cooper12-Aug-2005 11:29
Hello Dave, Pictures ok, nice for me to see other countries. I have never left England.
Sadly I cannot read a word of your notes, the black background and grey words beats my eyes. Hope to see more photos later.