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My Best Shots

Of the more than 450,000 photographs I've taken since going digital in 1999, the ones in this gallery
and in its subgalleries (first four thumbnails below) are what I consider to be among my best.

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Most Viewed Photos
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Personal Favorites
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Best of the Photo Odyssey
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Best of 1998 to Early 2004
<< Best of 1998 to Early 2004 >>
Departing VIA Rail Train 41 Torontobound In Fog 90D55050 Night Clouds Above The Rideau River 90D55938 Barns On A Winter Night 90D52062 VIA New Fleet Train 41 Arriving In Fog 90D98330BW
20240510 Aurora 90D111295 Parking Lot Lights In Night Fog 90D104892 Sunbeams Through A Hole In The Sky DSCN146773-5 Sunrise Beyond Fog 90D69566
Trees In Ground Fog At Sunrise 90D92748 Bald Eagle On Ice DSCN156720 (crop) VIA Rail Station Tower In Night Fog 90D104925 Otter In Ice DSCN156658
Walkers At Night In A Spring Snowstorm 90D107300 Wood Duck Head-On DSCN132983 Westbound Freight Train Rear DPU In Night Fog 90D105104 Hotel Under Moonlit Clouds (iPhone14-2560)
Red Dawn Beyond Duck Island Footbridge 90D51792-4 Beckwith Street Bridge On A Snowy Autumn Night 90D91098 Old Stone Arch Dam Autumn Trees At Night (iPhone14-2503) Barn In Winter Night Ground Fog 90D54952
New VIA Fleet Train 41 In The Rail Yard 90D92437 New Mexico Window 72423 Westbound CP 8714 Rear DPU At First Light 90D51675 Westbound Freight Train On A Foggy Night 90D90266-70
Winter Hydrangea & Shadow P1090721 CP 118 End-of-Train At Sunrise 90D81810 Sunrise Beyond Fog 90D69581-5 Juvenile Osprey Calling DSCN143498
Turtle Island In Steam Fog At Sunrise 90D54477-81 20230113 Winter Storm DSCN119182 Channel Marker At Sunrise 90D61555-9 Mallard Family Swimming In Foam DSCN131265
Cloud Bank Beyond Lone Cloud At Dawn 90D46747-51 Barn At Dawn 90D62899-03 Male Eastern Forktail Damselfly In Flight DSCN141295 Winter Sunrise Beyond Old Barn 90D48886-90
Juvenile Trumpeter Swan Swimming Past Old Tree Roots DSCN116279BW New VIA Fleet Train 41 (90D90923) Faint Sunbow Beyond Great Lakes Freighter DSCN118017 Light Pillar Beyond Trains At Night 90D51959
Old Barn At Dawn 90D47476-80 20221217 Winter Storm At Night 90D48006-10 Wet Mink With Catch DSCN111785 Distant Beaver On Snowy Ice DSCN117434
Duck Island Trees On A Hazy Late Autumn Morning DSCN116077 20221108 Total Lunar Eclipse At Dawn 90D42312 20230113 Winter Storm At Night 90D50426 Wellington Street At Sunrise 09870-1
Early Morning Commuter 90D39466 (SC) Osprey & Rainbow P1300952 Barn In Autumn Sunrise 90D07298-02 Misty Morning Fishermen 20100731
Osprey With A Big Catch DSCN104535 Cedar Waxwing Dining On Tree Buds DSCN94456 Trumpeter Swans & Cygnets DSCN103042 Moon Beyond Old Barn At Dawn 90D51312-21
Loon & Raccoon Swimming Past Each Other DSCN100075 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20100715 Lilac Closeup DSCF01816 Cedar Waxwing With A Berry DSCN94805
CP 8751 At Sunrise 90D21454.8 Old Barn In Ground Fog 90D33692BW Tree Swallow In Flight P1090481 Goose Breath DSCN71734
Tree Swallow Taking Flight DSCN94477 Female Common Merganser With A Catch DSCN88175 Red Barn Doors 20100204 Yellow Warbler In Flight DSCN94789
Tree Shadows 20100816 Ground Fog Beyond Running Horse At Dawn 90D25872 Red Barn In Snow 20091223 Yosemite Valley 22919BW
Park In First Light 20091124 Rising Sun Over Ground Fog 90D04302-6 Snowscape 20111226 Geese Flying By Setting Moon 20100726
Foggy Sunrise At Edmonds Dam 20100604 Park Bench In First Light 20091212 Ottawa Dawn Skyline 20091101 Autumn Backroad 20100924
Two In The Hand 20091026 Light At The End Of The Road - Take 2 (20100410) Old Quarry Trail 10096 Two Horses In Misty Sunrise 20120917
Snowscape At Sunrise 14400 Autumn Farm Lane 20101007 Train Station At Night 20101109 Stony Swamp Trail 26 (10165)
Rideau Canal Downtown 20100131 Two Horses On A Frosty Morning 20091111 Shack By The Water 20100321 Tree Shadows At Dawn 20110117
Sky Lights 20100207 Tranquil Snow 11597 Lone Tree In Misty Sunrise 20140825 Blue Wildflowers 20100513
Goose & Gosling 20110512 Stony Swamp Trail 26 (10181) Grasshopper Closeup 54245.50 Squirrel Feeder 20110509
Rideau Canal Foggy Sunrise 20101103 Snowscape 20100116 Rideau Canal Icebow 20110314 Pumpkin Stem 20100928
Buildings In Sunrise Glow 20091129 Wood Duck On The Edge 20100506 Winterlude 2010 Fireworks (20100205) Loon In Sunset Reflection 20100625
Sunrise Fishers 20100707 Lockmaster's House At Sunrise 20100727 Corktown Footbridge 11988-90 Snowy Old Milk Wagon 20110208
Backlit Fallow Field 20275 Frosty Chain 20101112 Purple Tulip Top 20100430 Sunrise Sky Squiggle 20110409
Barn At Sunrise 14526-7 Rusting Bridge 20110418 Short & Winding Road 11062 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge 20120105
Log Barn In Snow 20100102 Sunset Solar Pillar 20110114 St John Catholic Church 20101127 Field Shed 20100322
1939 Ford Truck Detail P1020059 Rustic Horse Shed 20110306 Canal Lights On A Foggy Night 20101116 Trees In Fog 20100721
Stretching Its Wings 20100716 Alight at Night 20091227 Friendly Horses At Sunrise 20110530 Trinity United Church 14565
Winterscape Sunrise 20121226 Red Sky In The Morning 20100723 Thousand Islands Bridge At Twilight 20111031 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge 20100929
Snowfall On The Canal 20101206 Otter Lake At Sunrise 20101113 Geese Taking Flight 20091121 Sunrise Shadows 20444-5
Frontenac Axis Sunset 20100619 Winterlude 2010 Fireworks (13705) Gazebo In Night Fog 20110921 Bird Watching 17290
Barn In Sunrise 20100802 Moon Over Heritage House 20110330 Wet Ferrari 20091205 Sunrise Pine 20110120
Four Young Tulips 53156 Log House At First Light 20101224 River Grass 11683 Autumn Along Irish Creek 23104
Nighttime House 20111210 Railing Shadows On Snow 20110122 Trees In Misty Sunrise 20100828 Cove Road 16830-1
School Bus Park 20110126 Sunrise Shadows 20120123 Parliament Hill 20091206 Snowy Field 11575
Park In First Light 10961 Train Station 20100629 Spring Runoff 15343 Foggy Rideau Canal 20100810
Big Sky 20100206 Purple Flower 20100718 Fishing A Misty River 22528 A Dying Breed 20101021
Parliament Hill Gazebo 10914 After An Ice Storm 20091228 Antique Gas Pump 20101226 Barn At First Light 20101102
Rideau Canal Rainbow 21259 Merrickville Ruins At Sunrise 20101114 Otter Lake Sunset P1010173 Frisky Swallows 20100512
Trees Beside Freezing Pond 20091207 Three Horses At Dawn 20110315 Foggy Sunrise 20100801 Apple Closeup 20110420
Moon & Barn At Sunrise 03867-8 Rideau Canal Icebow 06989-90 Tignish Church Interior 27699-703 Sunrise Reflection 10701-3
Chrysler Hood Ornament 16913 Tree In Foggy Sunrise 20100824 Rustic Horse Shed 20110308 Foggy Rideau Canal 22490
Lakeside Cottage At Sunrise 20101118 Triple Trunk 19534 Viceroy On A Daisy 20100912 Frontenac Axis At Sunset 17689-90
Squirrel Feeder 20100316 Barn At Dawn 20100902 Red Barn In Snow 20110109 Ottawa At Sunrise 20091213
Winter Barn In Sunrise 20140204 Park At Dark 20101117 Alight at Night 12308 Old Barn At Sunrise 20110412
Holiday Lights 04015-21 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20938 Mirror Lake Dawn 20130928 Wolford Chapel At Sunrise 20100630
Bate Building At Dawn 09864-5 Glen Isle Reflection 14817 Irish Creek Ice Shelf 06440-1 Lockmaster's House At Night 20101023
Wet Tulip 20110527 Snowscape 32576 Swallow Taking Flight 20110506 Grebe Among Lily Pads 23169
Finished Fishing 19006 Waxwing On The Wing 20110124 Snowy Old Fence 11565 Alight at Night 12322
Annie's Den 04446-54 Park Trees 20091128 Chipmunk On A Rock 20100505 Hard Water 12176
Alight at Night 12294-5 Barnyard In First Light 20100820 Coffee Cup Lid Condensation 20120316 Pedestrian Underpass 05341-2
Laundromat At First Light 20110102 Tree In Foggy Sunrise 21209 Tignish Shore Lighthouse 20120914 Foggy First Light 20100605
Barns In Snowfall 20111228 Snowscape 20100114 Sunrise Fishers 20100704 Autumn Sumac 23542
Trees In Fog 19026 Soccer Girls 14631 Landscape At Sunrise 20454 Church Door 20100803
Green Barn At Sunrise 22753 Field Shed 15098 'Max' 20100119 Stark Tree At Sunset 20100120
Fort Wellington Lass 16186 Foggy Road At Dawn 20110907 Docked Raft 12435 Millar Brooke Lane 24163
Tree-Lined Lane In First Light 20758-61 Two Redpolls 20110303 Canadian Shield Scene 20215 Snowy Sunday Sunrise In Town 20101219
Church At Autumn 20101004 Barn At First Light 20100813 Gull Closeup 20100508 Headbutting Bison 20120628
Canal Dock 20100526 Tree In Foggy Sunrise 20100809 Mist On The River 20101014 Otter Creek At Sunrise 23889-91
CP Holiday Train 2011 Arrives (20111127) Lights In The Windows 20101230 Spring Runoff 20110417 Woodpecker Taking Flight 26412
Holiday Perth 20101218 Lighthouse On The Point 20100418 Lower Reach Park At Night 20101213 Alight at Night 12267-8
Autumn Split-rails 23460 Misty Sunrise 20110521 Cactus Under An Interesting Sky 85623 Oak Leaf On Ice 20111125
Biking The Cataraqui Trail 20110726 Hen & Chicks 20120801 Munster Library 20100404 Dragonfly 54279
PEI Lighthouse 20120909 Log House At Sunrise 20111104 Alight at Night 12336 Foggy Rideau Canal Sunrise 20111108
Lucy! I'm Home 26686 Red-winged Blackbird Foggy Breath DSCN03612 Rideau Canal At Sunrise 20110924 After-The-Walk Stretch DSCF03623
Sunrise Mist 20110801 Alight at Night 12258 Solar Array 20120206 Irish Creek Sunrise 12361-4
Multi-Barns DSCF03980BW Autumn Back Road At Sunrise 16995 Centennial Flame & Peace Tower 17330-1 Flaming Paint Job DSCF02270
Misty Rideau Canal 20110101 Wilted Tulip 20110518 Sunrise Ripples DSCF04656 Old Building At Sunrise 20100831
Wolford Chapel At Sunrise DSCF00554 Lifting Fog At Sunrise 21588 Birds Over Otter Lake 01460 Autumn Fence 20121021
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