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When I Look Around

Photography by Michael Shpuntov

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             Welcome to my galleries

      I'm an amateur photographer, whose passion to photography was in and out for many years. I started to see myself more seriously involved in it when I bought my first digital camera several years ago. Since then I'm trying to use any possible occasion to shoot. Mostly I'm not the guy who is putting together elaborate setups or studio work (at least not at that stage), but just trying to reflect in my pictures what I see and what is interesting in this world for me.
      Thank you for visiting my world of photography and browsing and commenting on my work. I feel really inspired reading your comments and appreciate both positive and constructive critique. You can choose either category browsing by clicking on the any thumb in the first row or directly access more than 80 different galleries representing my work by clicking on "All My Galleries" thumb in second row.
Many of my images are for sale as a digital files or fine art prints. If you interested in purchasing them just click "Buy This Image" button below the image to be redirected to the appropriate pricing pages.

People & Street Photography
:: People & Street Photography ::
No Colors
:: No Colors ::
Small Things
:: Small Things ::
Going Places
:: Going Places ::
:: Seasons ::
Everything Else
:: Everything Else ::
My Favorites
:: My Favorites ::
:: Portfolio ::
Night in Old Quebec City
:: Night in Old Quebec City ::
Not a Postcard New York
:: Not a Postcard New York ::
Paris  Mansards And Roofs
:: Paris Mansards And Roofs  ::
Ontario's Golden Fall
:: Ontario's Golden Fall ::
Now Like Then
:: Now Like Then ::
Paris, London, Night
:: Paris, London, Night ::
Five Days in London
:: Five Days in London ::
Five Days in Paris
:: Five Days in Paris ::
Prague in HDR
:: Prague in HDR ::
Street Cars In HDR Desire
:: Street Cars In HDR Desire ::
Vanishing in Mysterious Morning Fog
:: Vanishing in Mysterious Morning Fog ::
Spring Has Sprung :-)
:: Spring Has Sprung :-) ::
Casa Loma - Toronto's Majestic Castle
:: Casa Loma - Toronto's Majestic Castle ::
You Don't Have to Be Irish to Enjoy Green Color
:: You Don't Have to Be Irish to Enjoy Green Color ::
Cars - Hundred Years of Beauty
:: Cars - Hundred Years of Beauty ::
People, No Photoshop, No Gimmicks
:: People, No Photoshop, No Gimmicks ::
A Lazy Stroll Through Prague
:: A Lazy Stroll Through Prague ::
Toronto's Last Castle
:: Toronto's Last Castle ::
I Love To Ride My Bicycle
:: I Love To Ride My Bicycle ::
Autumn Leaves Fallen Leafs
:: Autumn Leaves Fallen Leafs ::
Prague in Magic Night Lights
:: Prague in Magic Night Lights ::
Golden Prague - Symphony in Stone
:: Golden Prague - Symphony in Stone ::
My Extremely Shallow  View on Flowers
:: My Extremely Shallow View on Flowers ::
Street in 50 Black and White
:: Street in 50 Black and White ::
Graceful Death
:: Graceful Death ::
When Spring Knocks You on Your Head
:: When Spring Knocks You on Your Head ::
City of People - Street Candids
:: City of People - Street Candids ::
Study in Minimalism
:: Study in Minimalism ::
Toronto - Nights Before Christmas
:: Toronto - Nights Before Christmas ::
Have You Got Yourself Scarf This Fall?
:: Have You Got Yourself Scarf This Fall? ::
Quebec  City  in HDR
:: Quebec City in HDR ::
Fall Colors
:: Fall Colors ::
Finding New France - Quebec City
:: Finding New France - Quebec City ::
Separated by Connection
:: Separated by Connection ::
White Beauties
:: White Beauties ::
Most Beautiful Sunsets in the World
:: Most Beautiful Sunsets in the World ::
All That Jazz
:: All That Jazz ::
Recent Uploads
:: Recent Uploads ::
Picture-A-Day May Be
:: Picture-A-Day May Be ::
I've Seen Him Shooting There...
:: I've Seen Him Shooting There... ::
Life as It Seen from Beach Chair
:: Life as It Seen from Beach Chair ::
Lost In  Fog
:: Lost In Fog ::
Splashing Drops
:: Splashing Drops ::
Street Life in Monochrome
:: Street Life in Monochrome ::
Streets Paved with Gold
:: Streets Paved with Gold ::
Down the Rabbit Hole with Alice
:: Down the Rabbit Hole with Alice ::
 Downtown Toronto You Have not Seen
::  Downtown Toronto You Have not Seen ::
When Colors Leave Toronto
:: When Colors Leave Toronto ::
Life Does not Stop with Bad Weather
:: Life Does not Stop with Bad Weather ::
Two Rainy Days In Ottawa
:: Two Rainy Days In Ottawa ::
Toronto in Sepia
:: Toronto in Sepia ::
Neck Twisters
:: Neck Twisters ::
Let's Smoke It Toronto
:: Let's Smoke It Toronto ::
World Without Colors
:: World Without Colors ::
Tulips For Those Who Hate Flower Shots
:: Tulips For Those Who Hate Flower Shots ::
Toronto Painted Black & White
:: Toronto Painted Black & White ::
Forbidden Glimpses of The Brickworks Past
:: Forbidden Glimpses of The Brickworks Past ::
 People Like You and Me - Street Candids
::  People Like You and Me - Street Candids ::
Winter in Niagara Falls
:: Winter in Niagara Falls ::
Spring Insanity of Hibernated Photographer
:: Spring Insanity of Hibernated Photographer ::
Incredible Ice Crystals
:: Incredible Ice Crystals ::
Small Town Wonders
:: Small Town Wonders ::
I Don't Like Winter
:: I Don't Like Winter ::
Big Apple Pie of People
:: "Big Apple" Pie of People ::
Amazing Insects -Super  Macro Shots
:: Amazing Insects -Super Macro Shots ::
Amazing Orchids - Toronto Orchid Show
:: Amazing Orchids - Toronto Orchid Show ::
3 of  Winter in Sepia, Black and White
:: 3" of Winter in Sepia, Black and White ::
Beyond Camera's Reach - HDR
:: Beyond Camera's Reach - HDR ::
Faces Passing By on Streets
:: Faces Passing By on Streets ::
Images From Mirror Walls
:: Images From Mirror Walls ::
Chained Bicycles
:: Chained Bicycles ::
100 x 100
:: 100 x 100 ::
Quebec City -Taste of Old Europe
:: Quebec City -Taste of Old Europe ::
Badlands or Three Hours On Mars
:: Badlands or Three Hours On Mars ::
New York  Hop-on Hop-off
:: New York Hop-on Hop-off ::
It's So Frustrating to Shoot Roses
:: It's So Frustrating to Shoot Roses ::
Butterflies, Dragonflies and Others
:: Butterflies, Dragonflies and Others ::
Shooting Shooters
:: Shooting Shooters ::
Lost in a City
:: Lost in a City ::
Christmas In Cullen Gardens
:: Christmas In Cullen Gardens ::
Driving Through  A  Rain
:: Driving Through A Rain ::
Works of Fire
:: Works of Fire ::
Just Montreal
:: Just Montreal ::
My Favorite Songs
:: My Favorite Songs ::
The Art of Graffiti
:: The Art of Graffiti ::
One Spooky House
:: One Spooky House ::
Ontario Parks
:: Ontario Parks ::
Garden Flowers
:: Garden Flowers ::
Wild Flowers
:: Wild Flowers ::