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Fadir 10-Mar-2016 15:10
Jurists should be cheaperr
pacs22-May-2015 18:42
Great photography skills.
cheveux gras19-May-2015 06:42
Great shots!
tresse15-May-2015 16:49
I really appreciated, best regards.
hermankervel27-Sep-2014 10:52
nice pictures
Dolor酲 30-Jun-2012 11:10
Guest 23-Oct-2008 06:06
Peter Chou25-Dec-2007 08:06
Excellent captures of daily Hong Kong life. Have a great 2008 and keep your photos coming.
is3721photo 29-Nov-2007 12:03
Snowrain 07-Oct-2007 15:45
You're the very expression of the natural beauty, Chloe!!
Your lolita dresses are the most beautiful that I've never seen, compliments for your extraordinary sense of beauty!!
I really Admire you!
Bye from Italy
Guest 23-Jun-2007 04:48
Words can't describe how impressed I am of your work.
Guest 07-Mar-2007 15:16
Keep going forward. You have so much potential.
Guest 01-Jan-2007 19:29
Dear Mochizuki Chloe
iam currently living in Tokyo and have just moved here a couple of months ago. i just started with photography a short while ago, and i dont have much experience yet. I really Love the way way you act infront of the camera. And how natural you give yourself looking so natueraly.
I dont know many people here yet, and iam always looking for someone to model for me, and i would like to ask if you might be intrested. i know you have work for professional photographers and some of your work has been puplished.
I personaly would like to know more from a profesional model and how to work with them, and to get a better knowlidge.
this is the link to my side
if you have any intrested please let me know, i would realy apreciate it.
Hope you having a great new you.
hope to hear back from you at some point.
thank you.
stefan 22-Oct-2006 21:29
Nice Photo, please let me know if you are interested in exchanging nice hi-res(3000x2000) photo of Italy. look my gallery section at
Sanagi 29-Aug-2006 23:03
‚Æ‚Ä‚à‚©‚í‚¢ ~ ‚·‚²‚¢‚µ‚Ô‚ñ
‚½‚ñ‚¶‚å‚Ñ to you.

A fan of only 15 years old ^_<

Guest 20-Aug-2006 09:08
thank you for your prompt comment! glad you like my Gallery.... hope to see more of your work in the future....

Guest 19-Aug-2006 18:19
A truly amazing Gallery! Love the portraits of you, you act very well infront of the camera and look natural and confident in what you are doing!Wish i could work with a model like you oneday. Also like you own camera work, think you capture beautifull moments of the unexpect!

really wish you good luck with your model career and your own photography in the future!
Guest 02-Aug-2006 10:38
You are exrtremely elegant and graceful Chloe!
Do you like this one I took?
Kindest Regards,
Lee31-Jul-2006 10:58
Wow you're so cute! I wish I was 20 years younger... :-)
Christa Kettschau 19-Jul-2006 21:36
Hallo! Ich bin die Christa aus Dortmund. Wer Interesse hat, kann mich Freitag nachmittags im Solebad Wischlingen nackt in Augenschein nehmen. Ich bin Mitte 50, naturblond, teilrasiert und zeige gerne meine sehr langen inneren Schamlippen und meine kleinen Hängetitten.

Bei Sympathie blase ich spontan und schucke auch gerne den Samen. Stehe auch für schamlose Nacktaufnahmen im Freien zur Verfügung.
Guest 03-Jul-2006 12:29
Hello i am gigi ar~ how are you?
i have changed my ablum to
visit if u are free~~
同學仔論壇 17-Jun-2006 08:13
Niea 03-Jun-2006 01:00
Hi!! I've seen all your photos, you're a great model and photographer ^^, I really love your work, and I wish I had so many lolita clothes... But I have that Bodyline skirt with black roses that you own too ^_^
My fotolog:
Check out my gallery, kisses from Spain!!!!
Thierry 27-May-2006 20:23
Superb pictures Chloe-San,
Colorful, powerful !
Go ahead !
Emad Omar22-May-2006 08:47
a great gallery .. So many good images here..
Your site is wonderful
please check out my gallery Please
Kyo 25-Mar-2006 09:24
«Y§r ¦pªG§A³£¦³¥Îmsn´Nadd§Úla~~
Kyo 17-Mar-2006 15:38
§Ú³£final year la ¤£¹L²¦¥ª·~³£·|·Qo«Yau«×Ú»¤U¦³µL±oµo®i¥ý~~
icq~~~ §Ú¶}¦í¬[ja wo ³£«Y¥Îmsn¦h(©Ò¥H§Ú³£­øª¾§A¦³µLon¹Lline hoho)
Chloe Wong08-Mar-2006 09:50

¤é¤å§r, ¦b¤é¥»Åª¤é¤å, ¤µ¦~¦Ò¤@¯Å(³Ì°ªlevel)

§Ú¨S¥Îicq¤Q¥@¤F.....(«¬¦í«¬¦í¦n¦üout dateªº¤H¥ý¥Î:P)
Kyo 08-Mar-2006 08:59
«Ywo ¨ä¹ê§Ao«Y¤é¥»Åª«§¬[~~:p
¦P®I§A¦n¤p°Ýicqla e­Ó°ÝÃD§Úo«Yicq°Ý¹L§A ¤£¹L~~¥Û¨I¤j®ü
anyway ¯¬ ¨­Åé°·±d
Chloe Wong05-Mar-2006 14:42
To Kyo

same as before, so far so good.
Kyo 03-Mar-2006 11:53
hello, long time no see
how are u getting on~~
麆謚樨 28-Feb-2006 07:36
Olja 03-Feb-2006 02:02
Hi, my name is Olja...I'm Surinamese, but currently living in Beijjing, China. I've seen your dresses on the line by chance, and fell in love with them...I have two little girls. Mimi is 3 and Laura 1 year old. I've just started sewing myself, and hope to be able to make some of your pretty dresses for them...I would love to hear from you, and maybe even get the detailed instructions...Take care...
DM 28-Jan-2006 10:42
i study at abk before too
now im studying at senmon sch
nice to meet you~^^
Josefine 25-Jan-2006 13:57
Hi! I like your photos a lot! I will surely remeber this site! ;)
Take care!
/Jossan, Sweden
Flora 21-Jan-2006 14:28
§Aªº¦Û©ç«Ü¼F®`§r~ ¼v±o«Ü¦n~
¤½¥J­m³£¾ã±o¦nè°§r~!! Ä~Äò§V¤O¼v¦hdè°¦Û©ç~
火火 21-Jan-2006 11:20
¨I´eªº¬f´µ, ¤£¸T¥O§ÚÃh©À­»´ä
Guest 21-Jan-2006 10:28
Hi ±æ¤ë,
nice to meet you! ¦³®É¶¡¨ì§Úªº¬ÛÁ¡Ú»¤U, ¦h¦h«ü±Ð!
eric 21-Jan-2006 09:50
liansong 15-Jan-2006 08:54
Dear Chloe:

I love your gallery pbase, I am impressed by the poem you selected
¤O¶q³Q»´µø¡A¦×Åé³Q«V½°¡C´dÅw©ö ³u¥h¡A³ß®®ÅܤF½è¡C
²]¿º¨Ï¤H¦Ñ¡A¯Â¼ä³Q¥X½æ¡C©ö·Pªº¤ß¦­¤w¿i¶w¡A ¦Ó«iªÌªº­·ªö¤]±N®ø¥¢¡C
¢w ¤T®q¥Ñ¬ö¤Ò Mishima Yukio
I started digital photo a couple months ago and my site is, I am trying to use small things to tell big feeling/thinking I have in my life. Mishima Yukio's poem is so striking and I feel so chill when I read it. how can you type chinese in pbase? do you have more poems of Yukio?

I wish you can get this email and looking forward to hearing from you.
yeemee 13-Jan-2006 16:10
u a very lovely & beautiful. & U a welcome by my space (from)msn name is /yeemineetje/ and greeting yeemee
小吉 27-Dec-2005 13:17
Merry X'mas & Happy New Year!!!
Chloe Wong20-Dec-2005 15:23

I Live in Japan. you can only find me in Japan.Hope that you have read my profile instead of posting msg without consideration.
Guest 19-Dec-2005 13:37
昹圖 02-Dec-2005 10:48
To nana:



昹圖 02-Dec-2005 09:17
To nana:



TO nana 02-Dec-2005 07:27
Chloe Wong02-Dec-2005 07:11

×ðÖØPHOTOGRAPHERµÄ†–î}·½ÃæÈç¹ûÊÇƯ°×ÑÀýX£¬ÎÒÏëÕûÈݲ»Èç¸üºÃÄØ£¿ÐèÒªÖªµÀß@Ò²²»ÊÇÎҵĚ˜I£¬²»ß^ÊÇéfðN•rÅÄÒ»ÅÄ°ÉÁË...Èç¹ûÒªß@˜Ó²Å½Ð×ðÖØ”zÓ°ŽŸ£¬ÎÒ•þÓXµÃ²»ßtµ½£¬ñö £¬½»Á÷¸ü¼ÓÖØÒª¡£¬FÔÚÎÒÒàÒѽ›²»ÄêÝp£¬Òѽ›Í£ÁËÓ°Ó°•þÏà°ëÄêÓжࡣÖÁì¶ÎïÀíÖίŸ£¬¶ÌÆÚƒÈÒ²²»´òËã×ö£¬Äã¿ÉÒÔÕfÎÒ²»ÁôÒâÍâ±í£¬µ«ÎÒÏàÐÅ×÷žéÒ»‚€³ÉÄêÈË£¬ÓýðåXíÎïÀíÖίŸÈ¥ÖÎß@‚€ÍâÓ^ÉϵÄ벡£¬²»Èç¶àŒWÒ»·NÕZÑÔºÃÁË¡£›rÇÒÎÒ³ÐÕJ£¬ÎÒºÜÅÂÈëátÔº¡£

nana 02-Dec-2005 01:42
ÍûÔÂ, ÄãºÃ, ÎÒÊÇnana, Ò»ÃûÖÐÈÕÌÑ»ìѪ. ÎÒÁôÒâºÍÕÒÄãµÄÙYÁϺÜéLÒ»¶Î•rég, ŸoºÒâ, ²»ß^²»Í²»¿ì. ÄãĘ²»Á¢ów (²»ÉÏçR) e.g. ÖxÙtÕæÈ˲»ºÃ¿´µ«'ʳ¹â', ËùÒÔºÜÉÏçR. ·´¶øÄãÕýÃæ߀¿ÉÒÔ, ¶àÀûÓÃ. ÁíÕˆÄã×ðÖØphotographer, ÕÕÏà֮ǰՈƯteeth, (×îºÃĥһĥ) ºÍÒÂÂÄÕûýR, ÄãºÜϲšgÈÕ±¾ÎÄ»¯, ›]ÀíÓɲ»ÖªºÍ·þÒªÓЃÈÒrÅۺʹ©ÉÏsocks!? ×îáá, ÄãÓÐÃ÷ï@µÄ×ãÄÚ·­ (o ÐνÅ) 3-4‚€ÔµÄÎïÀíÖίŸºÍ¼ÓŠ±ÈÄ¿ô~muscle ¿É¸ÄÉÆ. ÄêÝpµÄ¶¨ÁxÊǽдóÈË¿´²»ß^ÑÛ, µ«×ÔÖªŸoÖªÊÇÖǻ۵Äé_¶Ë
Sammy 06-Nov-2005 14:58
hihi ~~~ «D±`¦n§r~~:)
kino 22-Oct-2005 00:27
C(R)eL e^^CþeNfi`GCaeC?Cƒ¶CAC?e`eNCLcu^CrC†CƒÎC?C‘Cƒ¶CaeCLCqCƒÊCƒ¶A‹B

LucY 07-Oct-2005 11:09
忠記 14-Sep-2005 05:19
«ÜªY½à©pªºè°¬Û, §ó³ßÅw©pªº²M¯Â. §Æ±æ¦³¾÷·|¬ù©p¼v¤@½rè°¬Û !
¦³ªÅ½Ð¨Ó¤p§Ìªº"©¾°O¯ùÀ\ÆU" §¤§¤°Õ!:
MEKO* 14-Aug-2005 17:07
§A­Ó¿èAddiction To Doll¶W¥¿§r!
Milian Lo 05-Aug-2005 22:36
Hi ,

I am Milian LO, I saw your beautiful pics in the web.

§Ú¤]·Q¼v§r, ¥i¥H§ä§A¼v¬Û¶Ü? (MTV Link)

½Ð¦h¦h«ü±Ð,¦pªG¬Ý¤£¨ì,½Ð¦wWindows Media Player 10,


My Icq: 2612 4582 (pls add me)
千鶴 Chizuru 18-Jul-2005 11:18
´M±ß¦­¨«¥ª, ¯u«Y¥¢Â§®Í, §Ú¤µ¤é³£ªð­ø¨ì¤u, ­nsick leave
³Ì¥i±¤¿ù¹L¤F¤Á³J¿|ªº®É¶¡©O >___<

§A¶V¨Ó¶Vè°§r, ¤U¦¸¦A¤@»ô¼v¹L¤X
LG4761 17-Jul-2005 11:46
ayu 01-Jun-2005 14:01
I went this HP too!!
this HP is many picture
I see it...!!
It s interesting~~ and so cute..

and....are you model?
it's great!

There is lolita town IN TOKYO
ITs NAME IS harajyuku!
I like harajyuku!
many LOLITA and gothic...... wagothic(kimono) etc.....wwwwwwwwww
PLEASE COME harajyuku
harajyuku interesting ¦²(ŽÉ¢Ï¡®*)
ayu 31-May-2005 05:43
you are very cute ¡Ê*¡­_¡®*¡Ë
I am sweet lolita
I like pink pink pink.....!!!!!!!!yeah!
I make lolita dress ,more!
a...I am 17 old
I hope friend to you!
Guest 26-May-2005 18:18
great photos here.
very pretty and cute model.
a few things here and there to work on but
great potential.
Heidi 21-May-2005 16:00
hello, ±æ¤ë
¦³¾÷·|, ¤@»ô¦P¤½¥J¥X¥h¼vè°¬Û§r!!
*MEKO 16-May-2005 10:33
Nina, SWEDEN 16-May-2005 08:25
I love all your photos...very beautiful! The Lolita outfits are very pretty ;)
KA 28-Apr-2005 12:14
hi, ±æ¤ë, ¦ô­ø¨ì§A³£¾¤§Ú­Ó¬Ûï¯d¨¥, §Ú³£¦¨¤éÚ»§Anewsgroup, ¦nÄÁ·N¼v¤½¥J¦Plolita ­m
¦pªG§A¦a¦³«½»E, §Ú³£·Q°Ñ¥[:)
Stephen 21-Apr-2005 14:06
Some great pictures, charming - and a very striking girl. Excellent stuff.
Yin 21-Apr-2005 00:50
Hello ±æ¤ëª¾­øª¾§Ú«YÃä­Ó°Ú!!¤W¦¸«Y¤j®H®üÀؤ½¶é¼v¹L©p¬[!!!
斯楠 02-Apr-2005 15:16
¾¤o°Ç~~~~!¨ä¹ê¾¤¹L¦n¦h¦¸~~,haha¤µ¦¸«Y²Ä¤@¦¸¯d¨¥©O~~,¤@¸ô³£¦³Ú»§Ao¬J¬Ûïo¬[~,¦³¦n¦h§Ú¯u«Y³£¦nÁé·N,¥Ñ¨ä«Y§A¤@setŨ¦n«{~lolita o­Ód°Õ~~,§Æ±æ²Ä®É·|¨£¨ì§A§ó¦h­ø¦PÃþ«¬o¬J¬Û°Õ~~^^
Lawrence Chan 31-Mar-2005 13:27
Thx for your visit and messages......^.^! I hope I can take photos with u in future lar!
Lawrence Chan 31-Mar-2005 13:24
Lawrence Chan 31-Mar-2005 13:22
Zen 20-Mar-2005 10:48
Fili 22-Feb-2005 12:41
Nicky 17-Feb-2005 05:45
nicolo 13-Feb-2005 08:33
§A¤£»¡§Ú³£¤£ª¾¨º±i·Ó¤ùµn¤W¤F¼Æ½X¼s³õ~ ¤£¹L¨º·Ó¤ù¨S¦³©ç¨ì§A¨º¤Ñªº¸È¤l, ¦³ÂI¥i±¤°Ú!
Alex 11-Feb-2005 17:09
Nicky 25-Jan-2005 17:36
nicolo 25-Jan-2005 15:52
«D±`°ª¿³©p¹ï§Úªº·Ó¤ù¦³©Ò¦@»ï³é~ ¯uªº¤Q¤À·P°Ê~
¿ß¨à´d¶Ë¦a­ú? ¿ß¨à§Ö¼Ö¦a¸õ»R?
¿ß¨à¬°¦ó­n¬y®ö? ©Î³\©p¤w²q¨ì¤F§a!
michael 24-Jan-2005 21:21
¸ô¹L¸ô¹L, ©pª¾§Ú¬O½Ö¶Ü???xddd
§Ad¬Û¦nè°§r, keep it up~~¦³ªÅ¾¤°ÑÆ[¤U°Õ
michael 24-Jan-2005 21:21
¸ô¹L¸ô¹L, ©pª¾§Ú¬O½Ö¶Ü???xddd
§Ad¬Û¦nè°§r, keep it up~~¦³ªÅ¾¤°ÑÆ[¤U°Õ
Guest 10-Jan-2005 14:06
Hi ±æ¤ë, here is the album that I have taken before which is include you~
keelia 07-Jan-2005 17:20
thx for u come to my website ar^^ um....... i dont think my website very good la, because my photo not good ar ma, but i love your photo ar^^ all so beautiful^^ and also love your lolita clothes lei^^ u are so elegent when u wear them^^ i love it^^ haha, hope later can take photo with u together la^^ thx thx~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
HUBERT 03-Jan-2005 07:43
my album :
Chloe Wong28-Dec-2004 04:16
i have not yet receive it....may be i will ask wilson soon^^. thank you!
Kazaf Pang 27-Dec-2004 19:54
Hi Mochizuki
I like this photos
And do you received the DVD disc ?
If that too Long ask for Re-cut it.
See you bye.

Ken Pang Photography
Ghost 27-Dec-2004 14:44
Alex 28-Nov-2004 04:11
Guest 25-Nov-2004 06:01
wei ±æ¤ë~!!!
©p«l¦hevents«l¦£­ù~~!! ^^
©p°Ý§Ú¦³­Ó¤ô¤«ªG«×Ãä«×~? hee..
·Qª¾´N§ÖD add§Ú°Õ~ ICQ ¶É¤X~~
維維 16-Nov-2004 18:17
±æ¤ë, ¤S«Yºûºû§Ú§r
Thanks for you welcome in my Gallery
維維 15-Nov-2004 20:44
^^¥ç§Æ±æ§A±o¶¢¥i¥H©â¤U®É¶¡¥h§Ú¥»¬Ûï, ¤ñD·N¨£ºûºû°Õ
Thanks A loT
仙子 08-Nov-2004 15:07
§A§Öd add§Ú°Õ
12988602§r §Ö§r~
hehe §ÚµL¿ú¶R­mµL±o¼v¬Ûkaka ¦]¬°b ¤k¦n¦ü©ú¬PËÝ­n¤é¤é´«§r
§A§Öd °µ¦hd ­m¤ñ§Ú¼v¬Ûehheh~ yeah kakaka
仙子 08-Nov-2004 15:06
§A§Öd add§Ú°Õ
12988602§r §Ö§r~
Guest 23-Oct-2004 15:43
Guest 21-Oct-2004 17:04
Chloe, §Ú«Y²Ä1­Ó¨ì©pªºÃ±¦W, §Ú¬Ý¹L©pªº¬Ûï¤F, ¦n¦hè°¬Û~¤×¨ä¤é¥»®ÕªAªG¿è, ¯u«Y¼v±o¦n¦n!!