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Nancy Clendaniel 17-Oct-2022 20:05
Dear Phil - So thankful that our lives touched, all those years ago - when you were living in Swarthmore and I was based in Darby! Knowing you and experiencing multiple " Communicating with Pictures" workshops not only inspired me, but truly changed my life. The joys of being a photojournalist remain as exquisite today as they did 50 years ago! Enjoy every minute, kind sir!
Zandra Tiitso15-May-2021 11:19
Hi Phil,
I hope you are doing well. It has been a very very long time. I have finally, after some 10 years, found my way back to PBase and picked up my camera again. I had to keep hy head sane during our lockdown. I am glad I managed to find your gallerires again. Back in the day you knew me better as 'Miinerva'. You might remember some of the pics my Self portrait gallery. Sadly, most of them are lost but I have managed to find a few small old once. >
Just wanted to stop by and say hello :)
Phil Douglis05-Oct-2020 00:05
Great to hear from you, Jody. And yes, I am still passionately helping others to make photographs that tell stories and convey ideas. I am posting an image every few days on Instagram (pdouglis) and currently working on a series of YouTube videos featuring conversations on expressive photography. You and I first met at Rofflers in 1995 -- a quarter of a century ago. It seems like yesterday. I will tell you more about what I've been doing in an email. Thanks for reaching out to me. Phil
Jody Kendrick (Jensen) 24-Sep-2020 12:35
Hello Phil, it is so nice to see you are still doing what you love. I still admire your photos! Ever shot is taken with purpose and passion! I wanted to reach out and say hello! Miss our conversations! Hope you are doing well!! Jody
Phil Douglis30-Jul-2020 21:53
Hi, Claudia,

Great to hear from you again, Claudia,
and no problem with the delay. We all use different channels of communication every day. I always respond to messages from my friends by replying in the very same medium a message arrived in. In this case, the medium was my "guestbook." It is wonderful to hear from you in any medium. It's always a pleasure just to say "hi." I hope that you are able to stay healthy, happy, and creative. Thank you for those kind words on my pages. Phil.
Phil Douglis22-Jul-2020 23:40
Hi, Claudia,

Thanks for checking in, and for thinking of me. I am always ready to talk about photography with my friends, but I don't use the phones for that. I prefer email. Thanks again, Phil
Patricia Lay-Dorsey14-Nov-2012 05:20
Hi Phil, it has been too long since I've visited you here on PBase. It is such a delight to see your expressive creativity continues to flower, and in doing so, inspires others to follow their own passionate paths. You certainly inspired me to follow my passion back when we first met on PBase in 2007. My journey has brought amazing things my way, not least of which are two upcoming solo exhibits, one at Boston's Griffin Museum of Photography and the other at Fovea Exhibitions in upstate NY in 2013. My first book is being published by Ffotogallery in Cardiff, Wales and will be released in May, 2013. And I have you to thank for opening my eyes to the expressive way of seeing my daily life that led to my creating the self portraits that have become "Falling Into Place.". Thank you, dear Phil, and remember, you are always welcome at my home,
Guest 29-Aug-2012 23:41
I too just came across your galleries by accident. I also noted that most comments tend to date back quite a ways, at least 5 years or more. I do not know if you are still adding new pics or perhaps are retired. In any case, there is an encyclopedia of photography and text to digest here leading to believe you must be some sort of pbase guru. It will be my pleasure to spend more time getting to these pages.
Terry J. Graham07-Apr-2012 14:41
I came upon your gallery by accident and I'm glad I did, spent some time looking at all your photos. Very well done and very informative. Please feel free to visit my little corner of pbase.
Nancy Clendaniel01-Feb-2011 08:05
Hi Phil!
Happy 2011. Just want you to know I'm thinkin' about you and wishing you a wonderful, photo-filled year! I've actually been accepted into the MA in Photojournalism program at the University of Westminster, in London. Due to begin Sept. 21st of this year...just have to work out the financing. They do have a full scholarship which I'm going for. Spoke to Ben Edwards, Head Teacher of the course, and sounds the next step. Ideally, I can get down to Phoenix to see you before I take this next step. Would truly adore having a 1 day workshop with you...and seeing you and Liz again, of course! Nancy
Jurgen Treue Photography13-Oct-2010 17:23
Phil,,a wonderful series of galleries and hopefully an inspiration to anyone who visits.

I've taken the liberty of adding you to my favourite artist list. I shall return.
Fili08-Jul-2010 12:40
I was so pleased to discover your gallery yesterday! I do mostly selfportraits and now I feel like going out there to capture the beauty of the world around me...Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for teaching me how to ''see'' !!!

Marcia Rules20-Feb-2010 00:11
Glad I found you! Terrific, moving images only begin to describe your works. With over 20 years as a photojournalist, I am always giddy to find inspiring works. I would love to hear from you sometime as time permits...Regards, Marcia Rules
Rosemarie Kusserow19-Jan-2010 07:16
Thanky youvery much Phil, now I have a possibility to lern from your great variety of photographs and your informations how to photograph!!! It is a plesure for me to find such a great teacher here in PBase and it is a great lesson to improve my English! Your works are very inspirating and truly wonderful! I will try to browse all your galleries in nearly future.
My best wishes to you and your beloved ones for the New Year 2010,

kind regards, Rosemarie :o)
Guest 16-Nov-2009 16:47
very inspirational work - makes me want to focus less on image quality and more on expression - perhaps its time for me to carry a small camera

Thanks for sharing your great insight and talent
Kathy Khuner23-Oct-2009 18:33
Hi Phil,

Sorry for the delay in responding to your comments - I've been sick for three weeks. As usual, your comments are just exactly what I needed to hear next to go on to the next step - so incredibly spot-on. You are a fine teacher indeed! Thank you.

Kathy Khuner09-Oct-2009 04:21
Hi Phil:

I am back after a too long hiatus. I haven't been traveling much except for a wonderful 2 weeks in Norway. So, now I am back studying your galleries. I have posted some photos from my trip to Norway and would appreciate some comments. Thanks.

Thanks. Kathy
Guest 09-Jun-2009 22:13
Happy Birthday Phil.. :)
My congratulations for your great talent and good eye...
Robbie D7016-Jan-2009 23:32
Hello Phil, just want to say thanks for setting up such a great set of galleries and photography information tutorials , I think there is lots to learn and I will enjoy myself
BleuEvanescence15-Jan-2009 15:15
it is a real pleasure to walk into your universe through your numerous wonderful galleries. I like how you see the world through your lens...
À bientôt
Kathy Khuner10-Dec-2008 05:18
Hi Phil. I thought a lot about your comments on the lack of clarity and crispness in my photos so a week before I left on my trip to Morocco, I went off coffee - cold turkey - and my hands stopped shaking! I still have a lot to learn about post-processing and I am working on it.

I have been going through your galleries as well as galleries of your student. Very helpful, as always. My photos are up on my pbase sight and I would appreciate your comments. Thanks so much. Kathy
Kathy Khuner03-Oct-2008 19:20
Hi Phil. I have been going through your galleries again. Thanks for your responses to my comments. Making comments is helpful to me as I have to look more closely and intensely at the photos. There is always something new to learn. I recently returned from a trip to Provence and Paris and have posted some of my photos. There were times when I was shooting when some of your explanations in your galleries came back to me and opened my eyes to possibilities. I would appreciate comments from you on my latest photos.

Eileen fell and broke her wrist while I was in Provence. She is in a cast up past her elbow so our Morocco trip is up in the air.

Thanks again, Phil.

Guest 07-Sep-2008 06:52
Dear Phil,

Thanky you, tah we have a posibility to lern from your great variety of photographs. Your works are very inspirating! I will try to browse your all galleries in nearly future.

Kind Regards,

Guest 25-Apr-2008 00:38

I want to thank you so very much for your cyberbook on expressive travel
photography. I am an avid travel photographer and find your concepts
very enlightening. I have always felt that I go beyond as you call it
the “artistic snapshot”, but rarely do I feel that I enter the phase of
interpreting the things I see to express any kind of special meaning to

I have always followed the more typical ideas of travel photography
taught by the likes of Bob Krist. Thinking in terms of a collection of
images much like those found in a travel article. An overview shot,
street level images, details, portraits, and unique points of view used
together to form a gallery, slideshow or other form of presentation.
Most of my shots end up being very picture postcard like and I am always
a bit short of the human element.

Your expressive travel concepts are very intriguing. I fully understand
the principles of Abstraction and Human Values. I struggle a bit with
Incongruity. Obvious juxtapositions of scale, age, and the like are easy
for me to see, grasp, and photograph. However, looking through your
galley of Travel Incongruities there are many images in which the
incongruity is not obvious to me, sometimes even after reading your
caption. This got me to thinking. Your concept of expressive travel
photography is stated in the form of a triangle with the three principles
forming each side; Human Values on the bottom providing the anchor.
When putting together a collection of your work do you try to give equal
weight to each principle? In other words, I am trying to come to terms
with not only a full understanding of Incongruity, but also its
importance. Looking back over my images, I find very few I think follow
this principle.

The more I think about the true meaning of the principle of Incongruity,
I feel it simply boils down to the unusual; images of subjects that are
at odds with the expected, or usual. Would this be accurate?

I plan to look through and study further all of your galleries. Any
feedback you can provide on my questions regarding the principle of
Incongruity would be great.


Ted Chappell19-Apr-2008 00:10
Tena koe (greetings in Maori).
I just discovered your site via your 'gallery sixteen' to which I have already added a comment. The depth of your work stuns me, and has already stimulated my imagination. I have immediately added your site to my favourites, and no doubt will be returning many times to both enjoy and 'absorb' both your images and your 'thought-pattern' behind your work.
Kia ora (warm regards)
gillianmee02-Mar-2008 09:30
How great to be able to produce an image that makes you think rather than a photo you just look at! Your page on pbase makes me realise just how far I have to go and inspires me to try harder. I found your page through the thoughtful and constructive comments you have written on those of Jennifer Zhou and Kal Khogali. I will return in the hope of learning more. Thank you, Gillian
Barry S Moore23-Jan-2008 09:18
Hi Phil,

I appreciated your return comments and will continue to view your work to learn some more. To fully appreciate your work will take a little time, but I will nevertheless enjoy the journey.

I much appreciate what you have created here for us all to benefit from. Patricia Lay-Dorsey mentioned your gallery and I followed the link from her work.

Kind Regards Barry
MaggieOlivie06-Jan-2008 18:38
Unbeleivable photos.
I also enjoyed Monique pics and asked for some pointers and she mentioned your name.
My website is
I live in tempe az.
Of course i am just an amateur and willing to get some help.Plz give me your workshop schedule.
Guest 03-Jan-2008 03:40
Hi Phil,
hope all is well and happy new year. Once againg thanks for letting Lay Quan and myself tag along those 2 wonderful days in Augest. We had such fun. I finally edited my pics and made a gallery. Please visit this site when you are free.
I will also be sending pics of you via email. Hope that we get to meet again soon to have more fun.
Until then, do take care.
Guest 08-Dec-2007 21:42
Great photos, and an education for me as well. Thank you very much for both.
Guest 18-Aug-2007 19:42
Phil, I found your gallery when I entered the word "color" into the pbase search engine and came across the pic of the couple standing before a metallic wall of sherbet-colored reflections. As I clicked on image after image, I was amazed and impressed. Your philosophy and comments greatly enhance your art. I suspected a teacher/writer at heart, an assumption that was confirmed as I delved deeper into your body of work. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and ideas. You are truly gifted. I can't wait to wander through your gallery again. What a treat! Regards, Cyndy L.
William Hartshorn27-Jul-2007 05:25
Hello Phil.... Found you amazing Galleries today and was quite impressed by your keen eye, excellent colors, and gorgeous compositions!! I will be back!!
Guest 22-Jun-2007 21:04
Dear Phil, Truly an excellent and resourceful gallery. To be honest, I forgot about this gallery for awhile and recently came back to it today. Once again, I feel like my travel photos do not fully convey the feel and culture of the place. If you have some time, please take a peek at my galleries. I recently took some travel photos from Buenos Aires and Easter Island. I'd very much appreciate comments from such a talented photographer as yourself.
Guest 24-May-2007 15:18
Dear Mr. Douglis,
thank you for your reply. Your coming to Singapore is exciting news to us! We will surly try to get in contact with Ai Li.
Looking forward to finally meeting the person responsible for all those wonderful images. We eagerly await your arrival, see you in August.
Sufan & Layquan
Guest 23-May-2007 01:51
Dear Mr. Douglis,
just wanted to take this opportunity to say ‘thanks’ to you for sharing you images and knowledge with us. My friend and I have been inspired by the images and have also learnt a great deal from them. Again, sending a sincere, warm and big thanks all the way across the sea, from Singapore.
Sufan & Layquan
Steve Viscot28-Apr-2007 09:20
Hi Phil, glad to have come across your work. You have a very personal way of seeing things that greatly enjoy.
Guest 27-Apr-2007 19:34
Phil: Congratulations on an excellent and informative gallery. I ran across this site quite by accident and I am very happy I did. I first ran across your work back in about 2003 or so when you did the Alaska trip out through the Alut. Is. chain. That was a classic and you had some great images captured a G2. Since we have compressed time with the digital revolution, I guess those were the good old days. Thanks for taking the time to do what you do. Great work! Ralph
Roe..20-Apr-2007 03:00
I'm truly impressed by your work..Phil I've added you to my list of favorite photographers so I can visit your galleries often..regards roe
Guest 14-Apr-2007 14:28
Thanks Phil for your kind comments for the " Kinderdijk" pictures!
Greetings, Martijn Weijts.
Guest 08-Apr-2007 14:04
Phil, I'm truly amazed by your pictures...but you take pictures to another level for me with your descriptions. I travel extensively due to my work and not until a couple of years ago, I started to take pictures because it was not fair for my family, friends and others not to see what I've seen, and pictures are the form I chose to tell my stories and share a bit of the trips. I just started to put some pictures in pbase as it allows me to share them with family in Mexico. I just found your site because of the comment you left for a picture I also liked. Thanks for your pictures and all your comments.
Guest 19-Mar-2007 20:54
Even though it is often very late when I browse Pbase, and despite being tired, running your photography past my eyes provides a special kind of food and energy. Your work brings amazement, uplift, awe, and a serene feeling to the heart and mind. It's the perfect meal before going to sleep, and I know my brain is processing your comments plus images while I rest. So I am writing to thank you for the outstanding "groceries" you provide -- and for your continuing generosity in RESPONSE to what I do. I treasure you!
J Rayner19-Mar-2007 20:01
I enjoyed your photos and commentary a great deal- good stuff!
I have been shooting for many years with film (various formats) and only recently with a DSLR. I would very much appreciate any comments you may have- good, bad or indifferent on my galleries and any tips for improvement- as I would greatly value any critique you may care to make.
Phil Douglis16-Mar-2007 21:38
NOTE: DUE TO AN INCREASE IN SPAM MESSAGES, PBASE.COM NOW ALLOWS ONLY PBASE SUBSCRIBERS TO ENTER COMMENTS IN OUR GUESTBOOKS. If you are not currently a paid subscriber and wish to leave a comment, please send it to me at and I will be delighted to answer it via return email. Meanwhile, I shall continue to welcome any comments posted here in my guestbook by my fellow subscribers. Thanks.
Phil Douglis
Emad Omar15-Mar-2007 13:22
I enjoyed very much your fine work
Guest 06-Mar-2007 21:34
Hi Phil,
I enjoy your commentary about your photos. I recently started taking photos of my pencil drawings, and you are helping me to understand how to make my art interesting. This will also work for my photo compositions. I have not finished reading all the way through, but I enjoy it so much, I thought I would go ahead and write you to let you know how much I am enjoying your galleries! Thank you!
Guest 02-Mar-2007 16:39
What wonderful work you have here. I've only viewed a small portion of the photos that you have but I know I'll be back again and again. Your commentary is not only interesting but quite educational as well.
ltanh24-Jan-2007 03:46
Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. They are much appreciated, especially coming from you - one of my favorite photographers. I love travel and photography is just my hobby.
Best regards!
Guest 13-Jan-2007 16:15
Hi Phil. Your photos and commentary are fabulous. I share your love of photography and travel, as I can't think of a better tandem of hobbies out there. I've been using your tips during my current backpacking journey through the Americas. Have a look if you are interested. Your critic would be highly valued.
Nat Pagayonan13-Jan-2007 00:22
Thanks for unselfishly sharing your knowledge in photography Phil! Your galleries here is a perfect treat to a novice photographer like me. Actually, I'm about to move to a DSLR world but your work just convinced me that there's no need for me to move to that direction yet. And another many thanks for sharing your Leica V-Lux 1 review at Leica Talk Forum in DPReview.

P.S. Please allow me to link your gallery to some of the forums I'm participating, your work is the perfect example what the photographer can achieve in a camera like the Panasonic FZ series, the Leica V-Lux 1 or a similar type of camera.
Enrico Martinuzzi18-Dec-2006 22:47
Hi Phil,
I have added your site to my favourite artist. I am a new starter in digital photography and I will come back to your galleries to learn more.
Thank you for sharing your work.

Guest 21-Nov-2006 18:08
wow, excellent work of art.... just loved ur gallery....
alan 15-Nov-2006 21:42
Aloha Phil!
(Alan Pryce from dpreview forum here) Genuinely inspiring stuff. Bookmarked and in my top favourite photography sites. Thanks again for decent advice/guidance on the forum. Al (Hereford UK)
Guest 06-Nov-2006 15:24
I love the way you saw/read Ken Zaret's site. It prompted me to visit yours. Making you one of my favourites. Am interested in your workshops. Any workshops in Asia?

Micky Absil 01-Nov-2006 20:48
Hi Phil,
Thanks so much for posting your gorgeous DLux 3 shots. I was trying to decide between the Dlux 3 and the Canon G7. Your shots convinced me to order the Dlux 3. Micky Absil
Armando Amaya 28-Oct-2006 23:22
I am a pro-sumer photographer and love to learn from Masters like you, I congratulate your for the lovely work and wonderful shots. Thansks for your lessons and I am glad you like the FZ50 I love it

Armando Amaya
Miami, Florida
Tom Tang28-Sep-2006 20:20
Wonderful collections, inspiring and unique.

Guest 09-Sep-2006 16:27
dear phil
Thank you very much, for your analytic,inspiring and interesting comments.
I will"visit"you soon for longer.
tomorow i go to Istanbul.
Dan Chusid26-Aug-2006 03:05
Have admired your comments over the past few years I've been here
at Pbase.
You definitely do something that others rarely take the time to do here
and that's point out the strengths and weaknesses to your fellow
Wish there were more with that sort of initiative here.
I plan to take a little stroll in your galleries this evening as I've got
some rare free time.
Best wishes,
- Dan
Iain M Norman13-Aug-2006 19:21
You have educated me Phil. Thank you for that.
Guest 12-Aug-2006 13:36

I just subled across your site this morning more or less by accident. Very glad I did, though! Not only are your photographs technically and aesthetically superb, but the galleries are also so well structured and filled with copious insight and analysis. It's so good of you to make your wealth of experience available to us all-- you've done a great service here. I'll certainly be spending a lot of time here going through your work and learning.

thechebb10-Aug-2006 20:19
Your work is as inspiring as it is educational. I find myself drawn to your galleries here and on the world is round more than any other site - truly a mind opening experience.
Thank you so much for sharing your cyberlessons.
Guest 28-Jul-2006 23:28
thank you for sharing your photos and your ideas.
Sue Roberts21-Jul-2006 21:32
I dont know how i ended up looking at your pictures but iput youon my fav list and ithink i could learn a lot from you.
Guest 14-Jul-2006 06:08
I've been visiting your galleries for a while now and your pictures and comments are helping me improve the way I take picture and the way I see things. Thanks for sharing so much knowledge, it really help.
Guest 10-Jul-2006 22:42
so many nice photos here
but i can take only little amount of pretty things at a time
pretty things tire me easily
i'll be back

Rob Rosetti29-May-2006 20:14
Your galleries and images are continuous sources of inspiration for my hobby.
Thanks for sharing, and keep on shooting.

Roberto Rosetti
Guest 28-May-2006 17:33
Dear Phil
you have so many great galleries it hurts!!!
Best regards
Phil Douglis26-May-2006 22:54
Thanks for the comment, Tony. It did not show up here because I have had to disable all comments from non pbase members due to an increase in spam messages. But I am copying your kind words and posting them below. Phil.

"Hi Mr. Douglis,

I truely enjoyed your gallery. It is really nice collection of images with wonderful insight. You have done great wonder to the world. Like you, I truely enjoyed PJ also, and still have much to learn. Keep up the good work.

Tony Quan ( )"
Guest 24-May-2006 12:38
Very well presented...informative and inspirational. Full of stunning images.

JSWaters18-May-2006 04:28

I sat down at my computer tonight to study one of your galleries, and chose, at random, Gallery Twenty Three: Stirring emotion through atmosphere and mood. I read your introduction and was intrigued that it was inspired by a comment Jen made about one of your images. I spent a good deal of time today studying the galleries of some of your favorite pbase artists, and Jen was one. She is so obviously gifted, so articulate with her imagery, as are so many of the artists to whom you have directed me. For example, Ruth Hanson, whose images are haunting me still, bares her very soul for us, daring us to look away from the unsavory. I applaud their vision.

There is a point to all this. You, Phil, have transcended ‘Expressive Travel Photography’, and offer purely ‘Expressive Photography’, with all it’s many subcategories. So many of your online students and commentors are from various parts of the world, and they bring their own cultural perspectives to their photographs as well as to their critiques of your images. You are fortunate to travel and convey the expressive images you make, but you’ve connected on a deeper level with your students. We are learning that expressive photography is not restricted to traveling the globe, but to how we navigate and respond to stimuli in our own world. ‘Travel’ as used in your cyberbook, to me, has become a metaphor for the visual interpretation of what surrounds us all. Your depth and value as a teacher is reinforced by your willingness to separate self from the very images you offer. You may chafe at being called an artist, but you’ve certainly encouraged the rest of us to respond to your interpretation of the world.

I wanted to post this somewhere on your site where it could be read by anyone, but I’m not sure where to put it. I just want to thank you for your passion and devotion to your objective – if I come anywhere close to success at expressive photography – I will be forever grateful.

Guest 17-Apr-2006 01:10
Thanks for sharing your great photographic insight.
tina 11-Apr-2006 00:19
It made me think of other places besides flint mi, It seems other places seem simpler.And not in a hurry, Thats nice.
arminb08-Apr-2006 19:21
How did I miss your galleries up to now; count on me to be a regular student :o)
Cheers, Armin
steven low 08-Apr-2006 18:51
I absolutely love your renditions of these beautiful places--many, though not all, of which I have seen. How do you find the FZ30 compares to the D2? I see that you tend to use the former moreso in your recent shots. I am currently torn between either or these vs DSLR.
David Wirawan 09-Mar-2006 04:21
Amazing website, writtings, and great photos here.
The photo really can talk.
Thank for sharing.
Guest 05-Mar-2006 11:47
Phil, I want to add how enlightening it is to know that your beautiful shots were captured not with expensive and sophisticated camera gears, but with cameras such as the G2 and G5 (not that these are cheap and not sophisticated, but you know my point). Proof that it is the cameraman, and not so much the camera! You go into some DSLR forums and there is all these big debates on gears and lens tests. Your gallery puts it all in perspective! Thanks! Regards, mhlau.
Guest 02-Mar-2006 20:11
Good job Phil!
You have such a very good collection of documentary photography here. Honestly, I feel so bad after viewing your pictures and find out that they were taken with a compact camera sicne i had invested lots of money on D-SLR.

Thanks for sharing them,
Guest 01-Mar-2006 08:32
I saw your site at WorldIsRound, and was directed from there to this site at PBase. Both sites are among the greatest I have discovered, and what treasures they are! I will need some time to look through and study each of your great photos in detail and learn from them. Thanks for sharing with us your travel impressions and interpretations seen through your camera. Will be a frequent visitor to your sites until I have learnt everything from them, which may be never ... Best regards and respect from me to a master photographer and traveller!
Guest 28-Feb-2006 14:38
What a jewel of a site I have stumbled onto. I am a fan of travel and creative photographer, very amateurish and learning all the time. Your galleries have inspired me to develop the art of seeing and take better photos. I have bookmarked your site in my favourites. Thank you for your cyberbook.

Min-hui from Singapore
Guest 26-Feb-2006 18:02
Hi Phil,
A friend gave me the link to your site--it is indeed an absolute treasure trove, and I can see that I will learn a lot from going through it with real care. I was particularly intrigued by your 'travel incongruities' gallery--one of the main reasons to travel surely has to be to experience the other in all its unpredictable forms. Inspirational stuff! It seems you have a lot of people ask, but if you get the chance please drop in at my galleries (/sethlazar) -- I'm trying to do on a small scale the things you have done so well. Your advice would be very much welcomed.
All the best,

Guest 26-Feb-2006 03:48
Hi Phil,
I chanced upon your website whilst at Jennifer Zhou's gallery.
What a treasure trove of knowledge for any photographer, especially one planning to embark upon an area of interest such as myself. I will take the time to digest bits of your wisdom. If you have the time, I'd appreciate your comments on my work at Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
Guest 23-Jan-2006 10:40
Hello Phil!
Discovering your work on pbase is priceless...Indeed, photography is a dynamic and intense form of expression; no words, just emotions and feelings. Your work is loaded with silent passion and vital force; when it comes to art, perception and reflection are so very subjective; but there you are, giving the world this HUGE intense new dimension , which lies underneath plain, ordinary life bits,faces or landscapes - waiting to breathe through our eyes. Some remain buried under the plain-dusty curtains of everyday life - and some get the chance to live through the work of artists like yourself... Best regards,I will be back. Crina
Erinn McGurn 20-Jan-2006 22:47
Hi Phil-
We met in Zambia at Luangwa River Lodge. Looking forward to seeing your photos when you have them up on the site. We have a great photo of you at your work, I'll send it along in an email. Hope the rest of your journey was a success.
Best wishes, Erinn (and Guy)
Guest 10-Jan-2006 02:51

A picture worthes a thousand words and images in Your pbase are perfect examples.
Your pbase is full of emotions. I wish one day I can have the same skill just you have. Thank you for taking me to your world.

Azlin Ahmad26-Dec-2005 16:09
Phil, thank you for your gallery. I am a relative newcomer to pbase, and am overwhelmed by the wealth of knowledge that I've come across so far. Your gallery opens up new dimensions, and I will be a frequent visitor. Thanks again for sharing your experience with us.
Guest 23-Dec-2005 01:04
Hallo Phil,i dont know why it took me so long to notice this wonderful page of yours,i am a new member and new to photography too ,but i have been on pbase searching for motivation for long time now,´well, it´s already 2 in the morning here,too late to go through all of your wonderful galleries now,i´ll go through the pbase magazine and your gallery tomorrow,just a few mins seeing a few of your pictures and i feel there is a lot i can learn from them, thankyou verymuch for the articles too.
Offer Goldfarb18-Dec-2005 03:59
Phil, Thank you very much for your warm words. Keep doing your great job and see you at pbase.
all the best
Offer Goldfarb17-Dec-2005 18:47
Thank you for your great contribution to pbase photographers
I think you are outstanding artist
keep doing
please visit me at
take care
Guest 11-Dec-2005 23:34
Congratualtions on your great collection of work. Your in depth comments and analysis of your individual photographs help those of us who are just starting out. I haven't been photographing long but I too hope to have a great body of work like yours someday. All the best. Nile
Guest 18-Nov-2005 19:00
Reading the interview in "pbase-magazine" led me to your cyberbook. This happened at a time, when i started to get inceasingly dissatisfied with the pictures i am taking. I did not see myself developping.
Snapshots and sometimes 'artistic' snapshots, as you said in your interview and the introduction to your page. The concept of 'expressive photography' you were outlining, sounded interesting and stimulating.
Then i started to work on your cyber-book, looking at the pictures and reading the comments. And i have to say, i am learning to look differently at things. It almost was like buying a new pair of glasses. Suddenly everything is looking differently: clearer. You say yourself that you did not invent this way of making pictures, but that you have learned it yourself from people like M. White. Well, i only started to sniff into the vast photographic historic experience that is around. A couple of weeks ago i went to see a
retrospective of Robert Frank's pictures with a expressive title: 'Storylines'. And there it was: The pictures and the stories they were telling. And i saw, this man kept looking his whole life, moving from pictures to film and back again. Contents and subject matters were changing. Some of his recent works I could not make head or tail of. I am telling this, because without the analysis and the arguments in your cyber-book i would have looked very differently at the pictures in this exhibition.
I do realize too that sometimes i was taking expressive pictures without knowing it. When a subject touched me, i was able to make a picture of what i was seeing and feeling at the time. I am looking forward to develop this process more consciously. (It is funny, because in English there is a semantic difference: taking pictures and making pictures. There is no such difference in German.) The reason, why i wrote all this, is that i want to say thank you. Thank you for providing me with some new glasses, thank you for your commitment and patience in discussing all the questions, opinions and contradictions your students are bringing up.
Guest 10-Nov-2005 20:26
Thanks for sharing these visually stimulating slices of life from so many exciting places around the world. Keep it up, Phil.
Pessach Levy 06-Nov-2005 11:35
hello Phil
I discovered your site recently and I was surprise to discover how good it is. how wellcome you are and how cooprative you are. It is the first time I find somebody in your level that is ready to explane and advise in such details.
I have homeworks to study for a long time - Thank you
I have a question : do you have tips or experiance regarding collage ? I am very iteresting in this pictures presentation
Thank you again
Pessach Levy
Peter Chou30-Oct-2005 11:07
Hi Phil,

Looked through your wonderful work and I must say I am impressed and enjoyed your perspectives tremendously!

imminentfilm27-Oct-2005 03:29
Phil, really nice stuff. Thanks for the visual tips.
Dominique Oudiou 15-Oct-2005 23:48
a real great pleasure to look at yours, a fantastic trip, inside and outside travel!
Fine and powerful! Thank you so much.
Galina Stepanova11-Oct-2005 18:49
I am spending a lot of time in your galleries, looking, reading, learning...
I just want to say thank you for sharing your pictures, your knowledge and thoughts, and for the pleasure to be the one of your virtual students.
Jeff Haws 07-Oct-2005 03:49
I stumbled across your site because of your review of the little girl spinning photo. I wanted to thank you for your explanation of why the photo of the little girl spinning was so appealing to me, the viewer. I am starting my photography business, but I don't have a feel for people and portrait photography yet. I am going to bookmark your site for future insights from you. If I lived closer, I would probably come to one of your classes.
Guest 02-Oct-2005 01:18
hi phil, i'm paola colombera from italy, i would like to publish one of your picture (with your name aside as a photographer) in a new travel magazine that will be distributed in italy in the month of november. Are you interested? No money are involved unfortunately. if yes, do you have the wake of the marco polo, caribean see in high resolution? looking forward to your answer, all the best, paola
YOP24-Sep-2005 19:11
Hi Phil,
Many thanks for such a great collection of galleries for me to digest.
Your work opens my eyes and is always inspirational to me.

I know this may be a dumb question --- I am always amazed at how consistent the color tone of your pictures, given the many different digital cameras you have used. It is a very rich, warm tone that I love a lot, unlike the digital-like colors that are so abundant nowadays. So my question is, do you have to tweak the color in post processing or you solely rely on in-camera white balance, saturation, etc controls? Thanks.

Best regards,

Ezekiel 2008-Sep-2005 14:39
Hi Phil. Although your type of photography isn't exactly what I aim for (e.g. incongruity for me is an occasional treat rather than a main theme), I have learnt lots from your gallery and enjoyed looking through them.

I have one question though - why would a professional like yourself use a compact digital camera like the G5/G6? I know that the choice of cameras matters little in the hands of a good photographer, but surely using a digital SLR would open doors to much greater artistic expression, such as controlling the depth of field, and using wide-angle lenses etc.

Greetings from Sydney
Leon Paalvast06-Sep-2005 20:13
great pictures phil, wish I had your talent
Guest 30-Aug-2005 22:08
I am in awe of your galleries. I have seen almost all of them recently. I am very new to Pbase, actually this week, so I may be researching your images for some inspiration and hopefully acquire some new photographic skills. I find your columns in the magazine very informative. Thank you for that.
Guest 19-Aug-2005 10:12
great galleries
Kavey/ Kavita 17-Aug-2005 10:15
Phil, I have told you elswhere how inspirational and motivational I find your travel galleries and tips. The diversity of the work shared is just breathtaking and there are so many images that will stay with me long after viewing them here.
I shared the link on a couple of days back and I know that many there have been equally thrilled by the images and tutorials and have bookmarked this site.
Thanks again for a wonderful resource!
Kavey/ Kavita
Guest 13-Aug-2005 17:26
hi phil...i just stumbled on your gallery today and i must say im impressed with your work and the way you've managed to fill in every detail and emotion in your photos. you have expressed them well and its very inspiring =D im a newbie at this art and ive always believed in self-expression. true passion and eagerness to learn new things keeps me going.
Lisbeth LandstrÝm12-Aug-2005 15:13
I have hurried home from work to study your galleries!
Thanks for being so "giving" about your ideas, your experiences - and your time.

Gul Chotrani04-Aug-2005 03:32
Like the many commendations you've been receiving, I can only echo them. Your site has been a great guidance to my travel photography. I appreciate this invaluable virtual resource made available for all of us. At some point, I'd also like to participate in your workshops.
Chris Sofopoulos03-Aug-2005 09:00
My congratulations for your great talent and good eye. Your work is so exceptional!
From now on you are in my favourites.
Susan Bowen25-Jul-2005 17:44
Hi Phil,
I did mangage to look at your galleries but did not see the photos you mentioned of your recent trip to Santa Fe. I agree that the light there is quite unique. Just returned from France and Italy, and I'm in the process of loading my photos. I'm just an amateur at this and didn't really have time for "meaningful" composition on this trip. Your photos are lovely.

Susan (scbowen on Pbase)
Peter 16-Jul-2005 17:26
How do end up on a website? Via other sites and contacts. I'm not suprised you have already an extensive share of fans and "colleagues".
I enjoyed many of your photos and it's clear your experience through the years have brought you some interesting perspective on life and how to photograph it.

I would say though to try and use sometimes more B&W. To my opinion it works better to express emotions and it clears out the random coulered noise. Nevertheless these photos are made by one with a keen eye.

Thanks for that.

SimplePhotography 15-Jul-2005 00:50
I've visited numerous websites about photographic techniques, and I almost know them by heart, but my photographs lack originality and expression. And now I've found your website here, and thank God for that. Seeing the rules in practice is better than any tutorial. Thank you Phil, this will stay my one and only favorite tutorial. If you want to see what I mean, feel free to take a look here:
I will definitely put you in my links section.
Thanks again!
Guest 15-Jul-2005 00:02
Hi Phil

I just want to say - Thank God for Phil Douglis! Your cyberbook has been of great inspiration to me. I am an amateur photographer and feel that my images are not really expressive enough despite my very conscious effort to be so. I have now put you as my favourite and will definitely come back often to learn the technique step by step. Thank you so much for inspiring so many others.

Rob 13-Jul-2005 03:58
Phil, I found you gallery quite by mistake. But WOW am I glad I found it. It gives me new inspiration. I'm in Phoenix also, I mught look you up for your workshop.
Tom 05-Jul-2005 13:06
Phil, Your work is great!

I often see the moment of creative street photos but seldom do I have my camera ready; your gallery has challenged me to be prepared. Some of your images are in the category of Elliot Erwitt, whom I consider to be the best at capturing that supprise moment in a compelling manner.

Tom Madden
Barry Ashpole 04-Jul-2005 19:39
Hi, Phil.

I stumbled across your web site by chance ...and relived memories of another life. I put down my camera a very long time ago, but think back fondly to the contact and conversations we enjoyed. You remain an influence in that I still view life through the lens of a photopjournalist. My work is focused on palliative and end-of-life care ...and still based in Canada. Good wishes ...and much gratitude for many lessons learned.

Barry Ashpole
Guest 01-Jul-2005 19:45
Hello Phil, you have some outstanding images and I wish I was closer to your place as there is a lot that I could have learnt from you.. Enjoyed the galleries.. Regards.. Srini RR
Guest 29-Jun-2005 12:23

nice homepage you've got!
keep up the good work

Guest 16-Jun-2005 02:31
thank you so much for sharing. You are impacting the lives of all who visit your site and learn from your insights and advice.
Andrew T.
aliusvetus16-Jun-2005 02:04
Great galleries you have here, Phil, full of technique, good taste and photographic shrewdness.

Raul Costa
Guest 15-Jun-2005 19:48
Phil, I am amazed at the beauty I have found here. Boundless your eye and mind seems to be. Thank you for showing me so much in such a little time. I will be back and try to abstract what lessons I may. I am a new photographer trying to do a few new things (*G* what is new under the sun? Nothing.) Thank you for just being here. Sincerely, Ellsworth Weaver
Guest 02-Jun-2005 12:03
Stunning work! It's impossible to properly view them all in one sitting, so I'll be bookmarking this site for sure. Thanks for sharing your work here.

Della Huff31-May-2005 16:55
Hi Phil,

Thanks for taking the time to comment on a photo in my Paris gallery I appreciate the time you've taken to create a learning space for pbasers in your galleries. My favorite shot of yours is the drying salmon - wonderful! Your critiques are welcome at any time.

Guest 30-May-2005 06:07
hello Phil :-) i just wanted to thank you for stopping by my gallery and giving me your insight.. i've heard so much about you from my dear friends Ana and Zandra and i know Ana in particular is so happy with the guidance you've given her and we can certainly see how she's blossoming to realize her potential.. and as someone who cares for her a great deal this makes me very happy and i thank you too ^_^

sorry it's taken a few days to get back to you but as you may know my health is pretty poor right now so energy is seriously lacking.. and i will come back tomorrow to comment on some of your photos which are just wonderful and such a rich human exploration of the world... it's so hard to know where to begin with such a beautiful array of images! and so far i've also managed to spot of few places from my childhood in both california and britain which have stirred lovely memories.. i wonder if in your many travels you've ever been to Iran? i was born there and always love to see it viewed as the beautiful place it is and not only filtered through it's troubled politics... anyway.. i digress! just wanted to thank you for your visit and i'll be back soon :-)

all the best,
Guest 24-May-2005 09:38
I am speechless, professor....
Thanks for sharing

Jing 17-May-2005 23:35
Hello Mr. Douglis,

I am friend of Rod's. I commented on his photo, but mentioned you. It was only fair you knew I quoted you. I have looked at many of your photos. You are pretty good. Good day to you. -- Jing :)
giorgiopieroni17-May-2005 22:17
I' found Your galleries by Anna Pagnacco,
so i've had the possibility to admire so many photos everyone telling his story,his emotion. Thank to share, Giorgio
Donutrun17-May-2005 09:13
I found your cyberbook through a link from a Jennifer Zhou's pbase gallery -- she credits having learned much from you and by quick glance at your efforts, I expect that I too will benefit greatly. Thanks, in advance, for sharing and putting so much time into teaching others the art.
Anna Pagnacco12-May-2005 23:04
I discovered your galleries by chance.I am enchanted....english is not my language and I am not able to express the emotion I felt going through your works! Thank you ! Anna
Kal Khogali10-May-2005 15:44
Thanks for your visit to the gallery Phil and for your kind advice, the fact that you visited in itself inspires me. I feel like I am starting out a new. I will keep returning to your galleries and Jennifers to seek inspiration and tutalage. Once again thanks for your input, and I will work on incorporating abstraction and incongruity into my art. Rgds, Kal
Kal Khogali 10-May-2005 06:10
Hello Phil, Having been taking pictures for over twenty years, I now realise that that is all they really were pictures. Some had emotion, some spirit, that special something, but they were the rarity. Between you and Jennifer Zhou (I came across her first and her galleries sent me your way)I am reassessing it all. I have recently set up on pbase, and though I know you are a busy man (I notice I am not the only one making this request), I would greatly appreciate your critique of my galleries (www.pbase/shangheye).Yours in admiration. Best rgds, Kal
Ana Carloto O'Shea09-May-2005 22:38
Hello Phil!
You have amazing galleries! It took me quite a while to check them all out, but it was worth it!! I've recentely joined TL, and I still have a lot see around here, but it's without a doubt that I am going to add you as a favourite right now!!! It will be a pleasure to come back here to see your amazing work.
Congratulations Phil!

Guest 08-May-2005 06:47
Hi Phil,
You are a master at composition and selecting subject matters...
I really enjoyed reading your thought on each of the images and learning from them...
Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and images to all of us.
I would really appreciate if you can stop by my galleries sometimes and critique them so that I can improve...
With regards and admiration,
Gil 07-May-2005 14:49
The Liquid Gold imgae at Oak Creek Canyon is convincing evidence of skill, passion and a great deal of "know how". I also tried shooting a similar picture in this same area. All I have is a picture of a wet rock. I shot mine with a D1X and a 80-200 2.8 lens. All fine tools of the trade and considered among the best of the best in equipment. Phil shot this picture with a (u-hum)"Digicam" of modest price and features and it blows my efforts away! I feel like a baby driving in a corvette as Phil is doing circles around me in a Pinto!
Bottom line.
A superb image full of emotion, balance and beauty!

Ron Steele 27-Mar-2005 22:23
March 28, 2005 New York City

Hi Enjoyed your photos. 'The Guide' was terrific. I spent the last five months in Chongqing.

Look forward to your work. Thanks. Ron
Guest 24-Mar-2005 21:14
greetings from NYC.. very informative.. thanks for sharing

Mike Curtis23-Mar-2005 16:53
Hi Phil,

I really enjoyed looking at your galleries. I have added you to my Favorites list so I can continue to reference your images for ideas and learning. Thanks for sharing. They got my vote. If you have time, check out my small gallery of images I have made since buying my camera a couple months ago. And, as always, critique them so I can improve.


Guest 23-Mar-2005 09:12
hi phil,
really enjoy looking through your gallery, it makes me learn so much more about the art of photography, especially the topic incongruities.
i guz i will take some time looking through all your galleries because i just started my pbase account!
please feel free to visit my gallery and any comments are appreciated. and pls come and take photographs of singapore one day.

Gabriella 18-Mar-2005 07:44
esageratamente bello . Grazie per le tue foto. Ci fanno sognare. Gabriella Rinaldi
Guest 17-Mar-2005 09:56
I came by your Galleries after reading an interesting comment, made by you, which was very insightful and honest. I am awed by your work. I am just starting to learn and after wandering around your galleries, I feel humbled. Thanks for sharing! Phil
Guest 17-Mar-2005 02:30
I came across your galleries quite by accident. And after an hour I'm still here. That says something.
Phil Douglis16-Mar-2005 02:16
Thanks, HarjTT for the comment in my guestbook and for your question. As for your question, the Leica Digilux 2 is a magnificent tool but its limited zoom range of 28mm-90mm was too limited for my needs. It was not as wide as the 24mm converter on my Canon G6, nor as long as the 432mm tele on the long end of my Panasonic FZ-20. I had purchased it because of its brilliant detail created by its oversized pixels and its brilliant Summicron lens. But I simply did not use enough to justify its cost. I've put the Leica up for sale at a local camera store. So the FZ-20 (along with the G6) were more appropriate tools for my needs. As for RAW vs. jpeg, I always shoot jpeg. I am not a technically oriented photographer. I much prefer to spend my time on content than on form. And jpeg, in its highest quality and least compression, is perfect for my needs.
HarjTT 16-Mar-2005 00:41

Just want to thank you for sharing your pictures. I'm not sure what else I can add to what most others have said other than your pictures are just beautiful. How do you find the Digilux 2 compared to the FZ20 and do you shoot in RAW mode or Jpeg ?

Many thanks


FZ10 owner.
anthony195710-Mar-2005 23:04
Your galleries are the most significant discovery I have made in pbase! Thankyou for sharing so much intimacy and wisdom.
Guest 10-Mar-2005 17:26
Hi Phil,

I was just doing idle surfing when I stumbled upon your webpage and am really glad I did. Your images are astounding and kept me hooked for a few hours (and I'll definitely be a regular here). Also appreciated the accompanying critical commentaries that came with them, you've made me think of why some pictures can be so moving and open to multiple interpretations and why some are so banal. Thanks for the insights and for the inspiration. :)

Guest 26-Feb-2005 11:06
I came across your galleries last night. They are a wonderful resource and inspiration. I am sure that I will spend many more hours reading your commentaries and wondering at the many great images. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.
Guest 09-Feb-2005 01:06
Hope you're having a GREAT trip! I'm just beginniong to learn The Canon 20D . . . it's great fun.
Best regards,
John Connor
Guest 04-Feb-2005 19:19
Hello Sir

You did GREAT jobs! I love your album so much and learn a lot. Thank you for your sharing. :)

Guest 20-Jan-2005 20:55
Hi there,
I left a comment on the photo "Two for the Beach" ....(Human Values gallery) and I have again browsed around your galleries.......there is so much to take in. Thanks for sharing. Audra
Guest 13-Jan-2005 14:18
Brilliant Galleries Phil, i can learn a lot from your Photography,just happen to open your Giraffe shot at Tala Game Reserve, i live 15min drive from there.
Well done.
Arathi Holla 17-Dec-2004 13:10
Hello Sir,
I am student of Mass Communication at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore, INDIA and I've chosen Photojournalism as my topic for an Annual Project. I was surfing the net for information regarding the same, and found your cyber book. It's just amazing, and I couldn't get out of your website.

I wish to use the information and few pictures that you have taken with your permission in my project study. It would be of great help if you permit me to do so. I promise, it's only a part of the study project and not for any commercial purpose.

Waiting for your response

Thanks & Regards,
Guest 15-Dec-2004 12:56
Hi! I singled out one of your pictures while browsing through the random images from Canon S400. Upon entering your gallery I was impressed by the group of portraits of ordinary Chinese. Your composition reminds me of the great paintings. The way you frame your subject and use light to highlight the story are classic. I read your comments to each photo, too! Your gallery is great fun and a great place to learn!
Daniel Wickwire14-Dec-2004 11:34
Phil. Hi. Just wanted to say thank you for leaving such insightful comments here on pbase. They're very helpful even to others who view them. I just read through your's left for Vera's most recent gallery and they caused me to go back and review one of my own people galleries looking closely at the frame edges. You're using pbase very effectively as a teaching tool!! Thanks again. Daniel.
Guest 06-Dec-2004 06:00
Hi Phil,

I just browsed through your gallery. I can't help but be amazed at the photos I see. Thanks for sharing them! I've learned a lot from your site. Your pictures not just show the place. They tell the stories. Thanks again!

Guest 17-Nov-2004 21:18
I have sat here at my work stn, busy doing what most photographers now do! getting images uploaded th newspapers, magazines etc. But tonight i have spent the last hour just looking at your work, The most excellent collection i have seen in a very long time.
One can never say they know everything, but one can learn a great deal if they take the time to look at your work,style,presentation! I feel i have just been given a lesson by the master! thank you! Mac UK
Giulio Zanni 13-Nov-2004 11:46
Hi Phil,

very nice shots, congrats! I particularly like the ones form Tibet. You are welcome to check out mines (India, Tibet, Nepal) at
I also use Leica D2, Panasonic FZ20 and FX-7.

I wish you other great shots, Giulio
Amie 04-Nov-2004 17:31
A W E S O M E! thank you so much for sharing!
Digital Art 10117-Oct-2004 01:29
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful work. It's an inspiration to everyone - you have an incredible gift.
Guest 14-Oct-2004 14:19
Great images Phil. I have enjoyed your work for quite some time. I think we will be meeting in Yosemite this weekend.
Paul Silk14-Oct-2004 11:33
Wonderfull images Phil and a good of example of how it's the eye and the mind behind the camera that counts, sometimes we can get to hung up on equipment..Bravo a visual treat for the eye and mind.

Guest 11-Oct-2004 18:42
I am totally amazed by your wonderful galleries with such well organized instructions. Your generous works are highly appreciated and please keep it running. Thanks again for sharing it with us! :)
Derek von Briesen29-Sep-2004 07:28
i thoroughly enjoyed myself on this, my first time thru your impressive, informative set of galleries. i've bookmarked it and plan to return often, soaking it up, little bit by little bit. your deep thoughts, trenchant self-analysis, and marvelous critical eye: all things on which to go to school. by the way, color's just around the corner in my neck of the woods . . . ever get up this way?
John Hastings22-Sep-2004 10:31

Thanks for this generous and thoughtful contribution to PBase. Your collective galleries are an invaluable (in my experience unique) resource for photographic improvement. So much public domain material dwells on physics and mechanics at the expense of the art & soul. I think that balance somewhat redressed now.

In short, a feast for the eyes, soul and mind – three out o’ three ain’t bad!


John H
Guest 22-Sep-2004 05:54
Just wanted to stop by and leave a note to express admiration and such; a fleeting visit doesn't do justice to the painstaking time and care you've put into your Cyberbook; I shall return when time permits to devote ample time to this isntructional resource.
Guest 13-Sep-2004 02:22
Your galleries are full of colour, lighting and graphics works, wonderful and lovely.
Merrill 22-Aug-2004 17:59
Got a chance to take a peek at what you are doing. Appreciate the opportunity to see your wonderful work. I get to the Phoenix area once or twice a year, any chance you are giving any workshops there?
Guest 18-Aug-2004 13:31
These are truly inspiring images and they remind me that I need to get out more with camera in hand.
Jim Woodworth15-Aug-2004 17:17
I've been here before and wanted to leave a comment this time. The total impact of your images makes it exceedingly difficult to find words to describe the experience of visiting here. Sorry I can't come up with anything better.

Thanks so much for sharing these images and your expertise.
Budding Amateur 15-Jul-2004 06:06

I have learned more by watching your galleries than by reading half a dozen books on Photography. And I'm not even through half of your work yet! You are a master of your art and craft.

Thank you for freely sharing your love of seeing.

- A Budding Amateur
Naturephoto Monique26-Jun-2004 17:19
Wonderful galleries Phil, outstanding beauty and presentation. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.
Guest 12-Jun-2004 08:21
Your galleries are so colourful, graet graphic and nice lighting shoot, so lovely
Piotr Siejka10-Jun-2004 19:11
Phil, I visited your galleries a couple of weeks ago. It was a brief look but I knew straight away I was seeing great photography. You have an outstanding eye and concept... also great knowledge of this subject. Thanks for sharing. Please, pop around my galleries, I'm sure you will be able to provide some constructive criticism on my work. I'm desperate to improve.
Cheers, Pete
Guest 07-Jun-2004 01:54
~ ~ O o Phil, Your eyes are truly open. I just came across your gallery and I am instantly reminded of Minor White. Was it not White who said, "the ultimate experience of anything is a realization of what's behind it." His images are a looking glass and I sense the same from your photos. Splendid gallery but more importantly you are kind enough to share your knowledge so that others may 'see'. Thank you my friend... thank you for teaching me and others how to fish. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ . B-Real
Guest 06-Jun-2004 13:38
Thank you for stopping by my pbase gallery Phil. I always make it a point to check your galleries at least once a day; truly inspiring work. I love how you spot hidden meanings of the most mundane things- it's a great reminder that art can be found anywhere (and promptly shot, developed, and mounted for the world to see!) =)

~carlo ledesma (please check out my more detailed gallery at
Guest 02-Jun-2004 04:54
PD: Your are right. Most of the picture´s beauty lays in their meaning. Your pictures are in deed amazing and beautiful but as I live in Chile, it brings me memories that no other people have. Thanks a Lot.
Guest 02-Jun-2004 04:30
Wow!... I cannot express how impressed I am... Your Work is just wonderful. I´ll take a deep breathe and start learning about your particular point of view. By the way, I live in Chile and tjhe perspectiva you have "describe" in your pictures is very interesting for the common chilean.. ;-)

Thanks a Lot!

Guest 15-May-2004 18:31

I came across your galleries as a result of your comments at:

I too found her galleries amazing.

While I have not yet viewed all of photos that you have posted, I plan to do so asap.
They are of the very highest calibre and I have added them to my favourites.

The Canon G3 that you use is of great interest to me as it is now time to retire my trusty Olympus C2020.
Dave 11-May-2004 16:08

I am impressed with your vision and your eye. I stumbled across your galleries after seeing your post in the "Yellow" forum. Your photos are some of the best examples of capturing the essence of a theme or concept I've seen. I only wish I had your eye for seeing what can be in a given setting. The way you frame your shots to get just that portion of the scene that fits what you are trying to do is outstanding.

Well Done!!

Guest 08-May-2004 03:33
Phil you're doing a job I'd love to have when I grow up (translation: retire from flying for the military). I love to teach and I love to "capture" the essence of a place, so combining these two joys in a job would be ideal.

You have wonderful galleries. Thank you for the inspiration.

Jeff Cochran30-Apr-2004 23:02
You have some of the best galleries i've seen here on PBase! After seeing your galleries I now know I have a lot to learn about photography. Only been at it for 3 months, never owned a camera before then. I've enjoyed your images, Thanks for sharing!

Guest 29-Apr-2004 20:30
I must figure out how to spend time with you...your professional work has me somewhat speechless. And your using a G2 or G5? I feel ....I don't know what word I am looking for but, I had spent every penny I have on an EOS1D MarkII thinking that equpment will help...boy, did you prove me wrong! I truley hope that one day I will be in one of your courses. I am definetely a new fan of yours.

Tom Stillman 25-Apr-2004 00:01
Of course your photos speak volumes about color. However, I love the movement in your photographs. Wonderful things start to happen when you slow down the shutter speed. You have mastered this art as seen especially in the photo of the dancers. Also, by capturing this movement your photographs become audible. For example, in the dancer photograph I can hear the music being played. I become engaged in these photographs and feel like I am there.
Mary 22-Apr-2004 19:04
I want to learn your techniques and have a better eye for photography
Karen Stuebing25-Mar-2004 11:11
I keep coming back here and studying everything you post. Your amazing photography aptly illustrates the points you make. Thank you for this generous contribution that instructs everyone from amateur to professional.
Phyllis Stewart15-Mar-2004 04:43
These galleries and those on your other website are most impressive! You really have a knack for seeing a great photo! I'll visit these galleries often to get inspiration and ideas. Thank you for sharing so much of your talent with us!
Guest 15-Mar-2004 03:29
Photographing people at work and play is an art. This art shows through in your "Gallery Three: Expressing human values". Great work Phil - john
Guest 14-Mar-2004 19:33
These are downright awesome. And really helpful.

How have I not come across your galleries earlier?

Michael 14-Mar-2004 16:36

I have been trying to decide for weeks now what camera I should buy ( first digital purchase). One that I chose was the Canon G5 - but after reading so many review ( good and bad) I was left confused. I have just found your galleries, and in particular your G5 and I am blown away. If this is what you can do with a G5 then I am baout to go out and buy one!!!!!!

Fantastic photo's- absolutely stunning!!!
Michael 14-Mar-2004 11:52
I like all of your work. I am epically drawn to your photos that use people to convey a feeling. I have only a very small gallery but would appreciate any comments. Thank you for sharing your work with us.Michael Veach
spectre07-Mar-2004 12:11
phil - i come here often to see what you've been up to and to "drink" from this fountain of fine work you've shared. i also have visited your travel pages and find it all very interesting and rewarding to take in.
Peggy Savage 06-Mar-2004 22:58
These are incredibly beautiful, creative photos.
Claudio Gatti29-Feb-2004 20:26
Hi Phil,

Your photos are awsome but the more importantly your approach brings to the surface with such clarity many things that I sub-consciusly probably consider when taking picture but that I never really analized properly. I barely got started with photography and I'm still exploring the mechanics, but I've always felt a strong attraction for picture that go beyond the visual aspect. You have provided me with much welcomed "food for thoughts"


Carolyn B.29-Feb-2004 09:08
It was upon happenstance that I visited your galleries and I have found you to be a poet with pictures. Your commentary on the many wonderful captures here are as moving as the images themselves. Like so many here, I'm looking about this place childlike, taking a walk in a magical forest.
Chuck Kuhn25-Feb-2004 04:14
Just reading your Guestbook, drives one with Passion to aquire some of your magic. I started shooting last yr and this year I started photographing...there is a difference and YOUR photos, word and passion for the art is truly amazing. I'm interested in learning from YOU..I've sent you separate e-mail.
judy sidonie tillinger21-Feb-2004 20:20
Phil -
Thanks for your kind words regarding my work. It's wonderful to be appreciated in any context and I was especially pleased after viewing your work. I think we're on something of the same wavelength and your work is consistently superb. I noticed that you did a workshop in Santa Fe and I was wondering if there are any others that you'd particularly recommend. Do you conduct travel workshops yourself?
Again thanks for the kind words. As a newbie I hope I can contribute something to the ongoing photographic dialogue.
Gary Blanchette19-Feb-2004 22:27
Greetings Phil,

I truly love your work, especially those with the human subjects. This is an area I struggle with a great deal. I hope one day to capture what you have.
paul yung15-Feb-2004 20:55
I enjoyed your work very much, thanks for your insights. Your work is an inspiration to me.

Thanks again!

Andrea 08-Feb-2004 18:20
Hi Phil; to see some of your pictures in this new format is very interesting: the composition of the galleries paints a trip through the world of photography in general and through you world of photography in particular.
lamaga 07-Feb-2004 06:51
What a fantastic discovery your galleries are for me. They embody everything I look for in photographs, beauty and meaning certainly,but especially the unmistakable spirit, soul of every place .
Guest 06-Feb-2004 05:58
Phil, your work is truly inspiring as well as educational. It works equally well as both an introductory primer and as a review and study for experts. Thanks for all the work you've done here!
Guest 05-Feb-2004 19:08
Thank you for posting such an informative and beautiful gallery of images. I am quite the novice to photography but have found in it an outlet that I love. Your gallery contains so much wonderful information. I am sure I will return to it often.
ac28-Jan-2004 21:28
When we meet something new, we all remember more easily what we knew before, and what I remember when I see your work is "think and organize" before, while and after shooting. You do it and you teach it well, IMO.
Guest 28-Jan-2004 15:47

I found your site through your DPReview messages. Absolutely stunning photos. It's reawakened in me the desire to get back into photography as art, not just snapshots. To focus on shooting, not technology. I'm learning so much from your inspirational images and comments, and will truly enjoy visiting your virtual museum again and again.

Dorene Sykes
Cecilia Lim 27-Jan-2004 21:46

There are many talented and passionate photographers like yourself out there but what really SETS YOU APART is your immense generosity, kindness, patience and unwavering dedication in helping all of us faceless "students" of photography in this cyberworld. You are a truly gifted and articulate teacher, and there are few who would impart their knowledge so willingly to people they don't know as you do. You also bring us into your thoughts behind the making of every image which is truely invaluable. What better way to understand photography than to be able to go into the mind of a photographic genious! This cyberbook has been a real treasure!

Thank you again for all your words of encouragement, and for sharing your travel experiences with us - Seeing your passion for life and the world through your eyes is a joy! Your work has been an INSPIRATION and I am so honoured to have you as a mentor and friend. I will forever be in your debt.

With Best Wishes Always,
Guest 26-Jan-2004 08:06
Hi, Phil,

I just went back school this afternoon, after this Chinese New Year.
What a surprise, to notice that you finally came back from your great voyage!
Please forgive my somehow slow process and I will try to catch up!


Likyin Y.
Selvin Chance26-Jan-2004 03:53

Like others I am enthralled by our work and willingness to share your experience with beginners. I find it extremely encouraging that you emphasize the heart and soul of the photographer rather than the wizardry of the camera. Imagine all of this without mountains of equipment.

Aloha and best wishes to you.
Paul Teixeira25-Jan-2004 23:21
Nice work, Phil!

Best regards,
Paul Teixeira
Anna Yu17-Jan-2004 17:11
Hi Phil,
I wonder if you're back yet. Am impatient to see the pictures you brought back from the Antarctic! Just leaving a welcome home greeting.
Adalberto Tiburzi14-Jan-2004 14:18
Great work, and you are really born to teach. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Christy Anderson 12-Jan-2004 19:47
Your pictures are stunning! The color is so vibrant, and I love the different angles that you use. I have always enjoyed photography and would love, to one day, have just a few photos that as good as yours.
Guest 30-Dec-2003 22:05
You have given many of us a new thoughtful approach . . and valuable comments during the past year . . Thank you for sharing! Thank you for teaching us perspective . . and the thought process. Happy New Year!
Best regards,
John Connor
Guest 10-Dec-2003 00:46
Excellent work Phil!!
And thanks a lot for taking your time to write the stories behind the pictures... I think that's very valuable.
My respect and best wishes from Buenos Aires,

Guest 26-Nov-2003 19:10
thanks for sharing your pictures with us.I wish I could learn photo journalism.i like the way you commented your picture and also your nice work.I also don't like to be intrusive in the picture I shoot.If you have time and can give me your point of view or advices would be welcome.Criticism appreciated.
Rachael Davies 18-Nov-2003 17:32
Amazing! I am a first year University student in England studying Culture, Media and Communication, and your gallery and critical eye have truly been an inspiration. As I am to write my coursework based on the art of photography and the construction of meaning, I have found your site a truly wonderful experience to set me in the right frame of mind in order to tackle the task that lies ahead of me. I have found the key to writing at length on any topic is to first find a core enthusiasm and love for what you are writing, and this I found through you. I wish to thank you for sharing your amazing experiences, and for aiding my imagination and thoughts on the topic.

Keep up the good work,
Rachael Davies
Guest 17-Nov-2003 02:37
Doctor Douglas, your work is amazing! I am a first year UCSC photo major, and I have been very unlucky in getting photography classes. I really want to improve my style but I have nobody to cretique my work. I was wondering if you would be willing to give my photo's a quick lookover and tell me how I could improve my style. Your perfect compositon and eye for color are amazing, it would be an honor to have you do this for me.

thank you,

Robert Plant
Guest 29-Oct-2003 05:54
I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at your galleries. Wonderful eye for composition and interesting subjects. Great color and crops. I love your travel photos.
Carol E Sandgren21-Oct-2003 22:52
Hi Phil, I thought it was about time I signed your guestbook after days of wonderful email correspondence. I have already learned a great deal from you, in spite of my rebellious nature that you may have already picked up on. Thank you for all your kind words and advice as well. I keep going back and finding more photos of yours that I never really looked at, and as always, I'm constantly amazed at your expertise and wisdom. And who wouldn't admire the extensive travels you have gone on, photographing the moments that I could only dream of.
Thank you from your friend, Carol E
Karen Stuebing21-Oct-2003 11:11
Wow, Phil, what an education in photography. Thank you for sharing this wonderful gallery. I learned more from looking your wonderful photos and commentary than from any book, course or even personal experience.

Guest 19-Oct-2003 01:59
Thanks for the great posts. They are wonderful.
Guest 15-Oct-2003 10:55
Hi Phil, you are a very kind man and very generous to share all this very interesting information with the whole world. Thanks also for your very fine comment on ones of my galleries. I was very glad that I found it so that I could find your fine and interesting work. Wish you all the very best. Dirk
Guest 07-Oct-2003 15:22
Thank you Phil
In viewing your galleries, I find myself first caught up in the image, then your thoughtful comments add another layer. Your images stay with a person. Those dusty muddy elephants with the clean, beautiful ivory. I see them as I write. One thing is consistant in all of your images (just as important as your technical skills) that is "what is the image ABOUT" To compare photography with writing, there is "reporting", then there is poetry. Writng skills for reporting can be taught ... as in grammar and focusing a camera. Poetry is a lot more difficult. I think an understanding of color cannot always be taught. I think you see poetry . Again, thank you,
Tom Beech03-Oct-2003 14:50
Thank you Phil !
Guest 03-Oct-2003 14:17
I am constantly visiting your galleries for inspiration and motivation. I have been through each one several times. I really appreciate how you have taken the time to explain your intention for each photo.
I have added a link to your home page to the 'Fuji Talk Forum' at dpreview because there are many there who, I think, will appreciate the knowledge you impart. I hope this does not upset you.

Best regards,
Bailey Zimmerman02-Oct-2003 14:38
Thank you for such warm generosity!!!
You have a book of knowledge within your soul....thanks for sharing!!
It is evident that you have a compassionate/passionate view of the universe!
Your students are verrrry fortunate!!!
Francis Toussaint02-Oct-2003 14:27
Thanks for sharing with us this outstanding portfolio.
First time I ever visited 9 galleries in a row, and still wished there were more at the end of this wonderful virtual journey.
Francis Toussaint
Guest 30-Sep-2003 18:42
Dear Phil,
First of all let me thank you for your so nice comments on my photography in general. Words wont be easy to find for me but I'll try. You perfectly "got" how I like to use a camara. As all of us here I love photography as it offers to me, who doesn't even know how to draw a straight line, to paint, paint with light, isn't this what photography means?
I wandered a bit through your galleries here and will now jump over to your website. I am sure that I will learn much in contact with great photographers like you.
Thank you for sharing and god blesses the internet lol
Regards, Rainer
Tao Chun Liu26-Sep-2003 03:50
Dear Phil:
Thanks for sharing your experiences on Pbase with me.
I have learrnt a lot from you.
Before viewing your galleries, I had never known what is the meaning of taking pictures.
Thanks so much.
Brian Lai23-Sep-2003 10:03
I read your travel article ¡V ¡§Indochina: a digital journey¡¨ yesterday and this reminds me some joyful digital photography experiences to share.
On the date of 2002.5.16, I with my brand new canon D60 DSLR and a Compaq laptop flew to Kathmandu and started a two and a half months¡¦ journey in Nepal. It¡¦s my first time having a digital camera and the only one reason for me to buy it was I can share those photos with my wife Riki through internet wherever I took during my traveling. Of course this was the most wonderful experience we¡¦d ever have. But later when I was trekking in the remote mountains, the D60 gave me unexpected joyful experiences.
People lived in the mountains rarely saw a digital camera. They thought mine as a usual one and were not very welling to be photographed. But when I show them some pictures I took on the tiny LCD screen, they were so exciting and loved to be photoed and so proud to show others. It¡¦s all about taking and giving in this case. They used to give their images to those passengers for nothing in return, but the passion and curiosity was getting less as ages getting bigger. But this time they really enjoyed giving their images to me because they want to see themselves ¡§on TV¡¨-they called my laptop, and that¡¦s the less thing I could give to them. I really enjoyed the true smiling on their faces and it¡¦s my first time saw so many friendly faces and who trust me for my not only taking but also giving.
I also remember the sound of laughing at many cold nights in the remote mountains when they gathered their families, friends and even unknown strangers seeing a slide show ¡§on TV¡¨, they were so happy and proud and the line between they and me was suddenly disappeared.
Another practical use of the digital camera and laptop was I shared these images to those trekkers who planned to go there or others not decided where to go. Those were very useful to them for the information was really new.
These are my experiences and I¡¦d like to share with you.
Brian Lai22-Sep-2003 23:43
Phil, thanks so much for things you did for me. I hope i can return to you. Yeaterday, I sent an email to Bailey to tell her how much I appreciated her understanding my love and passion for most things in the world and she was the first one to tell me that the essence of soul of my photography is love. Thanks for her answer, now I understand what treasure and power I have and I should make the best use of them in photography.
Thanks again for you and your friend Bailey.
Jack Ingram 22-Sep-2003 23:28
Phil--Your images are truly an inspiration to us photo duffers. I remember when you took some of the African pictures. I am looking forward to seeing you aboard the Marco Polo again and maybe I can learn a thing or two from you in the process.
My best,
Guest 21-Sep-2003 17:59
Hello Phil,
I just found your gallery and have spent an extremely inspiring and enjoyable time looking at your images. Thanks so much, for someone like me, only 4 months into this passion, it is so helpful to see work like yours with so much insight into how to produce seeminly effortless and powerful shots. Cheers, Lisa
Brian Lai20-Sep-2003 03:49
Dear Phil, thanks so much for your visiting my humble galleries and having comments on them. Your encouragement is really an award after my years trying to find myself through photographing. I learned so much from you and your works. The strucure of your galleries is the answer to those had been asking themselves why and what they photograph and what kind personalities they have And i used to judge a photo from its producer's personality which is frankly showed in the photo and is unique. Since i came here, i became clearly knowing myself and knowing photography.
In chinese culture we said, who has taught me once is my teacher all my life. Thank you sincerely.
Guest 18-Sep-2003 11:36
Hi Phil

I found your place very usefull for someone like me, who wants to learn this wonderfull Art...great photos and great explanatory texts!

I would be honored if you could make a visite to my humble galleries and leave some coments

Guest 16-Sep-2003 20:21
Hi Phil

I followed a link from your Amsterdam pictures to find you here on Pbase as well!

I'm highly impressed with all your photographs, and the accompanying writing is wonderful and helpful. Many thanks.
Guest 03-Sep-2003 18:03
Phil, your photographs are so vibrant and full of life. I appreciate that you're sharing your knowledge & wonderful photographs with the rest of the world. Keep shooting!
Guest 01-Sep-2003 00:22

I liked the Samba Fans photos the best this time around. You can hear the music and feel the movement being enjoyed by young and old. Also the women dancing the Samba in the streets is such a great celebration of life.