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Reunited with a high school slut - December 2007

Chapter 6a

I clearly was becoming infatuated by my parents sexual experiences and education. I was always looking for ways to find sexual experiences for myself. I had a lot of pretty interesting sexual experiences through the end of my high school career. Once I went to college I slowed down a little bit, I started dating a girl very seriously and we moved in together. My freshman and sophomore year of college were fairly uneventful sexually, as my live-in girlfriend somewhat restricted me to her only. She ended up moving to Southern California and we had a long distance relationship for about six months and I lived in Northern California, where I went to school. We finally broke it off as I was going into my junior year of college. Traveling back home to the East Coast during school breaks was always an interesting experience. There were not a ton of people from my town that ventured far west for school and coming home I was always able to full around with a lot of girls.

Over Christmas break in 2007 I went home on the prowl for some hometown hotties. My good friend was dating a girl named Amber, who I was really good friends with growing up. She was very sexy, had a huge fake breasts, blonde hair, super tight body and was very slutty. I had fooled around with her a number of times in the past, but I never had the opportunity to fuck her. I was over at her apartment with some friends and hit it off with her roommate, who was in the same grade as she was in high school. Her roommate’s name was Rachel and both Amber and Rachel graduated a year ahead of me in high school. As I was hitting it off with Rachel during this Christmas break she was very interested in me and what I was up to out west. That Friday night we all went out to a bar and her and Amber got pretty intoxicated. We started reminiscing about high school and Rachel quickly brought up that she always thought I was very cute in high school and still felt the same way. One thing led to the next and I was making out with both of them at the very end of the night, as everyone else had passed out. As I was making out with them I realized that my good friend was dating her, however he was passed out at the time and now he is no longer with her. The reason he’s not with her is not because I made out with her.

My relationship with Amber was that like the friendship I had with my guy friends, however she had a pussy and amazing tits, that she love to show me quite frequently. I also knew that Amber had bisexual tendencies for other women and so she quickly got very handsy with Rachel. At one point when we’re all making out, Rachel and I started getting pretty handsy as well. That is when Amber said she was going to pass out with her boyfriend in the other room. I quickly stripped off Rachel’s clothes and remember as I pulled her pants down below her pussy how nice and smooth it was and how great she smelled. She had amazing natural breasts, that were not overly large, however very perky. My tongue immediately drove between her pussy lips and I started fingering her as well, trying to find her G spot. Her pussy started to get nice and wet. I remember Rachel always being a pretty big slut in high school and she was living up to her reputation. I quickly removed my clothes, exposing my large hard cock and she grabbed onto it with both hands. I didn’t mention this yet, however the college that I went to was in the mountains, rather remote and the presence of girls in my school was fairly nonexistent. So going home was my time to get all the pussy I could get. As she was sucking my cock I was rubbing her clip and finger in her. She then got on all fours and looked behind me and she said fuck me doggy style! My eyes lit up and before I did started fucking her, I buried my face in her pussy and ass from behind, licking every square inch of her pussy, asshole and even her ass cheeks.

I had not hooked up with a girl and in a number of weeks prior to this and I was so excited that I was getting to hook up with such a sexy babe. I also liked the fact that she did not make me wear a condom, as I thought that was very sexy and my girlfriend prior to this always would make me wear a condom because she was not willing to take birth control. After fucking her from behind for a little while, I then flipped her over and fucked her missionary position. I put my right arm under her butt and pulled her pelvis deep onto my cock, sending orgasmic shivers all throughout her body. I quickly realized that this was a signature move of mine as my cock would press firmly against the girls G spot. This would drive them wild and make them cum frantically. As I was fucking her really hard she was getting pretty vocal and I saw out of the corner of my eye that someone had opened her bedroom door and started watching from the doorway. It was actually a buddy of mine that I grew up with, his name was Ben.

QBen was in Rachel’s class in high school and I played lacrosse with him. He actually used to fuck Racheal back in high school. Ben was one of the lacrosse players that I talked about in Part 1, that had one of the larger cocks on the lacrosse team. He simply watched from the doorway and said “yeah Mikey, get it! Rachel did not seem to care whatsoever that Ben was watching from the door, as we were both totally naked and her body was fully on display. I didn’t really care either, as the exhibitionist thing was new to me and I was interested in exploring it. It actually got me really turned on knowing that Ben knew I was fucking a girl that he used to fuck and it also turned me on knowing that the guy watching us used to fuck her as well. I saw him start rubbing his cock and as he was doing this I told Rachel that I had to cum and that’s when she said, cum in my pussy”. Ben, watching from the doorway, rubbing his cock, somewhat mocked her and said, “Ya cum in her pussy, cum in her pussy!” Knowing that he was somewhat mocking her, it out a smile on my face and I chuckled a little bit, blowing my load deep into her cunt. As I was cunning in her pussy, Rachel orgasmed for the second time, getting very loud and that’s when Ben called out again, “Make that hoe cum!” As she finished orgasming and I finished as well.

I pulled my cock out exposing the whole front of Rachel, with her laying on the bed. Her overworked pussy and my dripping cock covered with Rachel’s pussy juice and my cum made her looked like a used fuck slut. That’s when she looked at me, smiled, and then looked at Ben, flashing a mean glare, yelling at him to get the fuck out! I thought this is pretty funny and immediately fell in love with this sexy slut!

I slept over at Rachel’s that night and when we woke up in the morning the only people that were left were Amber, her boyfriend, Rachel and me. We congregated in the living room and made plans to go to brunch. This was 2 days after Christmas and I was leaving town on January 1st to go back to the West Coast.

Things really clicked for Rachel and me and the next few days we spent a lot of time together. On New Years Eve we even made plans to go out together as a couple. I was making a lot of money in college, doing “side projects”, so New Year’s Eve was a blast, we went out to a local club and got bottle service. That night we went back to their apartment and pretty much stayed up all night, fucking and hooking up. I slept for about an hour, waking up a little bit late and having to rush out the door to get home and get to the airport.

Before I left the apartment I told Rachel that I wanted to see her again soon and her knowing that I was going back to school on the West Coast she looked a little puzzled. I told her I was going to fly her out so she could visit me and spend some time in the West Coast with me. We texted each other often and made her first plans for her and her roommate, Amber, to come visit me and my roommate towards the end of January.

6b - Taking sluts to Tahoe - January 2007

My roommate Jonny was an awesome dude who was always single through college, had a large cock and loved fucking any girl he could get his hands on. He definitely had the reputation of being a little bit of a male slut, which I know he like to getting that attention! When Amber and Rachel arrived, Jonny and I pick them up at the airport and Jonny and Amber mediately hit it off. They were in town Thursday through Sunday and we wasted no time hitting up a casino and getting really drunk. I had a lot of ecstasy at the time and the first few hours that they were there we all decided to take a little bit. This led to Rachel and I having some pretty wild sex.

When we were at the casino we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. Rachel was wearing really tight shiny yoga pants with a one piece thong leotard with a snap in the crotch and no bra. As we sat at the bar I would slide my hand in the sides of her leotard, squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. she started to run my cock through my pants and I immediately got hard. People around us we taking notice to what we were doing with made it even sexier of an experienced. I got up from the bar and grabbed her hand and lead her out of the casino area.

I walked into the conference area of the casino and dipped into a open room that was very dimly lit, almost completely dark. There were tables setup that looked as if they were breaking down a room that had an event in it. There was no one around so I grabbed her and lifted her on to a table. I took her boots off and pulled off her yoga pants, leaving her in just a thong leotard. Then I un snapped the crotch exposing her pussy and everything from her belly button down. I whipped out my rock hard cock and stuffed it into her pussy. I was fucking her really hard and made her orgasm quickly. I didn’t cum because I wanted to be quick and also wanted to be sure I could give her multiple orgasms later that night.

We hung out at the casino a little longer flirting with each other and I loved watching her flirt with other guys and girls at the casino. Then we headed home for some more fucking and to get some rest. When we woke up in the morning I came downstairs and Johny and Amber were completely naked laying on the couch, awake, laughing and smoking weed and drinking mimosas. They both did nothing to cover up and Rachel’s eyes went to Jonny’s cock and my eyes also went to his cock and also to Amber’s sexy body. I was in basketball shorts without any boxers and no shirt, Rachel was wearing a tank top and booty shorts with no bra or underwear on.

We took a seat in the living room and started to chat with them. Rachel’s eyes were glued on Jonny’s cock, which I was completely fine with and this is when Rachel made a comment that everyone laughed at, “ Amber I’m pretty sure I can see cum dripping out of your pussy! You made him wear a condom right!” As she said that, she was half joking, but that’s when Jonny chimed in and said, “Fuck no I didn’t wear a condom, I fucking hit that shit raw dog and busted inside her!” We all laughed and I chimed in again and said, “That’s my boy!” and gave him a high five.

The rest of the weekend was just as eventful, we found ourselves on a secluded beach smoking weed and doing other recreational drugs. I’m not sure if it was the drugs, the alcohol, the atmosphere or all of it, but Amber and Rachel let their slutty side show! They were both wearing one piece jumpers. Amber‘s fake tits looked incredible through the thin sheer fabric of the one piece outfit. The thin fabric laid across her body nicely. The jumper outlined her breasts, hips and ass in an amazing way. It was not too tight, which allowed her voluptuous private parts to bounce and move freely against the fabric leaving very little for the imagination.

Rachel, despite having natural breasts still looked amazing with the thin fabric hugging her body. These two girls were absolutely exhibitionist as it took no request for them to drop their shoulder straps letting the top half of their one piece jumper’s fall around their waist, exposing everything from the waist up. Even when a couple of my friends met us down at the beach they didn’t hesitate to leave their jumpers hanging off. They were so flirty and it was incredibly sexy to see them make everyone smile. Nothing crazy sexually happened on the beach, except for a lot of making out and I let my roommate Jonny make out with Rachel a couple times and suck on her breast. Amber always encouraged me to kiss her and suck on her breasts so I figured I should let Jonny kiss and suck on Rachel. The weekend was coming to an end and all I could think about was the next time that I was gonna get together with Rachel.

6c - Horny in Charleston - March 2007

It was a matter of days after Rachel returned home and we were already planning our next get together. My parent’s had a house in Charleston, South Carolina and we thought it would be a great opportunity to to meet there for a weekend. Seeing as my birthday was going to be coming up we decided to plan for end of March beginning of April. We planned the trip and I was going to fly to Charleston, South Carolina to meet Rachel. Two of my friends, Matt and Bill we’re going to meet us down there as well. Bill, was actually Amber’s ex-boyfriend that I was talking about earlier in in Part 1. So I flew from the West Coast, all the way to South Carolina, to see this girl. The lack of women in my college town and the fact that she was a huge slut, made it worth it. Rachel flew down to Charleston and my two friends ended up driving. Since they planned to drive, they were able to bring lots of booze, weed and other fun things. I didn’t mention this but my family is very wealthy and we had quite the estate in Charleston. Rachel and I arrived at our estate at 3 o’clock on Friday and my friends were not arriving until nine or 10 that evening. We settled in and had a few drinks. We also went to the grocery store and got some small snacks for our stay. We stripped off all of our clothes and I drew a nice bubble bath for us to take and we drink a bottle of champagne together.

Another thing I love about Rachel was she always let me photograph her naked and also would send me tons of naked pictures. I snapped a lot of photos when we are in Charleston, some of them X-rated, others just casual naked sexy pictures. This girl loved my fat cock. She really loved sucking and fucking it and documenting it!

Once my friends arrived we broke into the extracurricular substances and started drinking tequila as Rachel prepared us some heavy snacks. Our plan was to go to a local bar and also find a strip club. We ended up doing both and had a fantastic evening! When we were at the strip club Rachel was very interactive with the strippers at the club. She even looked at me at one point as she was getting a lap dance and said, “Can we take her home with us?!?” That’s when I got the idea to actually try and bring one of these girls home. Unfortunately, none of them would leave with us from the strip club, so I went to the phonebook!

We arrived home around 1 o’clock, not super late and since we could not get a stripper to come home with us I went to the phonebook and looked up escort services. Upon calling the first escort service they asked me what type of girl we were looking for and missing our big boob blonde friend, Amber, we said that’s exactly what we wanted. The gentleman on the phone said I have just a girl! Sure enough a woman in the same stature as Amber arrives at our estate in Charleston.

My two guy friends decided to go to sleep! I couldn’t believe it. When the escort arrived she gave us some pretty strict ground rules, as far as not being able to touch her and some of those things that you would experience in a strip club. I was kind of surprised, as I thought she would let us do with her what we like. Rachel did ask her if she was allowed to touch her and the escort did say that Rachel was allowed to touch her. Rachel then asked am I allowed to touch Mike in front of you and she said, “You can have sex for all I care!” So we asked the escort to strip and we put on some music for her, at the same time I started to take off Rachel’s clothes and I took my own shirt off as well. The escort was stripping on the couch and kind of sitting up higher on the armrest, she was completely naked and she started rubbing her pussy.

At this time I had Rachel completely naked and I set her on the couch directly in front of the escort’s spread legs. I started eating out Rachel and Rachel started rubbing the inner thighs of the escort. I then stood up and took my pants off and my cock was very hard. Base on how the escort was looking at us I felt like she was considering changing her initial rules.

As I stood in front of Rachel I pulled her head towards me and then she started sucking my cock. I looked at the escort, made passionate I contact with her and her juices in her pussy were flowing. The escort then took her middle finger and ring finger with her left hand and started them working them in an out of her pussy, while using her right hand to rub her clit. She started to moan rather loudly which caused Rachel to look up at her. While Rachel was using her right hand to stroke my cock she took her left hand and placed it on the inner thigh of the escort. She started rubbing her thigh working at closer to her pussy and then the escort grabbed her left hand and moved it directly onto her pussy.

At this point Rachel then had to turn her whole body towards the escort and she got up on her knees and put both hands on the escort, one on her right thigh and the other one on her pelvic area, with her thumb rubbing her clit. The escort took her own hands and started massaging her own breasts, which were huge! She started pinching and pulling her nipples. With Rachel on her knees on the couch and her hands on the the escorts thighs, she dropped her face into the escorts pussy and started eating her out. It was so fucking sexy! The escort grabbed the back of Rachel’s head, keeping her mouth pressed firmly against her pussy. The escort took her other hand and kept it on her right breast, squeezing and massaging it intensely. I then climbed up onto the couch, positioning myself directly behind Rachel’s ass, as she was on her knees in a doggy style position. Then I buried my face in her ass and pussy.

After I had covered her holes with a thick coating of my saliva I started working two fingers and her pussy and two fingers into her asshole. The escort looked down at us and gave us a big smile and a wink. Just as this happened I heard a door above us open and I looked up at the balcony overlooking our living room area and saw my buddies stick their heads out. They both just laughed. I asked them if they both wanted to join us and they both just smiled and said no thanks man we’re going to sleep. After eating and fingering her holes for a few minutes I then got behind Rachel and started fucking her from behind while she continued to eat out the escort. As I was fucking her I was in heaven, thinking about what exactly I was experiencing, which was another threesome with two really hot girls. I had to cum and I asked Racheal where she wanted me to cum and she said, “On my face!” Seeing as how her face was buried in her escorts pussy I paused for a minute, wondering if I should get approval from the escort to cum on her as well. I quickly removed my cock from Rachel’s asshole while continuing to jack off and I moved around to where Rachel’s face was buried in the escorts pussy. I got my cock as close to Rachel’s face and mouth as I could and then Rachel grabbed it and pulled it in closer, touching it to her own lips and also pressing and rubbing it against the escorts pussy lips.

Rachel tried to keep her mouth on my cock the best she could, but the escort bucked her pelvis forward which made her clit press against the hole of my cock. I started to shoot my load all over the escorts pussy and on the side of Rachel’s face. The escort then reached down and grabbed my cock and started stroking it as I continued to shoot my load onto Rachel’s face and onto the escort’s pussy. The escort then leaned in to my face and started kissing me, sticking her tongue deep into my mouth. As soon as I stopped shooting my load, Rachel lifted her head up, with her face covered in cum and started making out with the escort and me. We went back-and-forth cleaning each other up from the cum. The escort even let me suck her breasts before we were done. I was very fucking sexy. The escort had been paid for an hour, but ended up staying about an hour and a half. Another incredibly sexy time.

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