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Joe Breeze 20-Apr-2024 06:48
Hi James, I was told you know well the Portland area bike racing scene of the 1970s. In 1977 or so I did a 12-hour TT (on a tandem). The course was in the Wilsonville/Woodburn area, west of I-5 south of Portland. I think the race was put on by George Wilson. I'm hoping to re-learn the course, where it was. Any idea?
--Joe Breeze
Gregory Vohs 12-Jun-2023 23:31
HI JAMES...A couple weeks ago I met a guy last name of Zellar while driving back from some cycling in the bay area. He said he was Oregon state road champ a few years in the 70's. Ran across your racing photos and there were a couple of Nick Zellar. I had my '73 Merz road bike with me and he enjoyed seeing it, knew Merz and DiNucci as we all did to one degree or another back then. Just following up with him because we had a great conversation at a rest stop near Dunsmuir. Looking for a list of all the road champs from the 70's and 80's. Love your historic shots!...GREG
Jasminka 10-Nov-2022 20:34
Dear James,

I would Like to use some of your photos for exhibition about Sarajevo under the siege. You will be cited as an author. E-mail me at:
Josh K 07-Feb-2022 23:14
Hey James! Are you the same James Mason that was commenting on the Portland Tribune article about Paul Knauls? Working on a documentary about the Blazers and Portland at that time and looking find shots of Paul sitting court side. Please email if you get this ! - Thank you! Josh
Judy Spannagel 17-Jun-2021 19:54
James, how long have we been out of touch? Not sure if you know that Zack passed away in 2015 -- on his birthday. As soon as I could, I sold the house in Missoula and relocated -- to Lincoln City, Oregon. Have been here about 4 years. Would love to hear from you. Your website is fabulous! Would love to know how tour life has evolved. Cheers, m'dear!
Peter Kelley 24-Apr-2021 05:29
I wanted to request permission to use some of your pictures for the Berkeley Bike Club web site. We are updating our history page and some of your pics would complement the story.

We would, of course, include attribution.

We are interested in pictures related to Velo Club Berkeley, Berkeley Wheelman, BBC or riders who once rode in the BBC.

Let me know.

Pete Bysom 21-Feb-2021 02:45
Those are fantastic pictures of the Kinks at Reed College. Just amazing images of a great band.
Larry Ganders 19-May-2020 06:21
Thought of you on the anniversary of Mt. St. Helens and our time at the Tri-City Herald. You are a great photographer!
Kevin Sinclair 12-Jan-2020 21:46

Did you attend Reed College? I saw your photos of the Kinks concert at Reed, from 1969. I am looking for more Reed photos, of students in general, in the last 60s and early 70s. Please contact me, thanks!
- Kevin Sinclair
Agatha Jackson 15-Aug-2019 12:55
Hi James,

I'm an archive researcher on an upcoming National Geographic documentary about the May 18th eruption of MSH. Could you please contact me on to discuss licensing some of your photographs from that time?

Many thanks
James Mason30-Jul-2019 19:47
Kim, I corrected the date to 1981. I attended a festival where I'm sure there were more than 10,000. But I'm sure you're right, it wasn't 55,000. - James
M.R. Hilow 29-Jul-2019 23:05
James, I would like your permission to use one of your photos from the Rajneesh collection, specifically, the "even the dogs are red pic". I have that pic up now on IMDB with the photo gallery for my 1993 documentary film; Rajneeshpuram an Experiment to Provoke God. Thank you, and look forward to your reply. It is for educational use only.
katie hickey 14-Mar-2019 00:14
Hi James, Awesome shots! I'm working on an annual report for OTZ in Kotzebue and am interested in purchasing a photo for the cover and perhaps others from your Kobuk 440 collection. (Looking for images that communicate "speed" like dogs pulling and such.) If you're game, please let me know soon so we can work on any permissions needed and all that good stuff. Thanks!
Guest 11-Jan-2019 19:28
Is this working?
Jon Spangler 06-Jul-2017 21:11
James Mason--I just posted a photo of yours to the Classic Rendezvous list. Sorry I did not request permission first, but this is my retroactive request to use:

No commercial use was involved.
Guest 14-Dec-2016 11:23
I found this GIRL u r looking for
Guest 12-Feb-2016 06:08
Postthe URL for your blog and I'll contact you.

James Mason
matea28-Jan-2016 17:11
Dear Mr. Mason,

I would like to use some of your photos from 'The war in Central Bosnia' gallery on my blog where I occasionally post about the Bosnian war. Your photographs means a lot because I am from Central Bosnia and was trying to find photographs from the war for a while and it is very hard to find anything, especially quality photography like yours. Could you please send me your email address or contact me?
Your photographs are beautiful and it is very touching for me to go through this gallery. That is why I would like to share it with more people because I know there are others who are interested in this war and it would mean a lot for other Bosnians as well.
Thank you and all the best,

Matea G.
E.B. Kist 16-Jun-2015 13:55
Dear James Mason,

we would like to use your photograph of General Michael Rose for a long-read on our website.
Could you be so kind to send me your email adress so I can contact you?
Thank you and kind regards,

E.B. Kist
VPRO Dutch public broadcasting
Vlatko 13-Aug-2014 09:46
Stupid Slavs kill mutually... Germans and Anglicans enjoy. Gooood my brothers so damn goood.
Guest 19-Apr-2014 07:23
James........where you at?

Kotzebue, AK, USA
gvozden 20-Mar-2014 22:34
pozz james javljam se iz centralne bosne vitez tvoj prijatelj s kojim si obilazio prvu crtu na brdu živ sam bog drago mi bi bilo da se javiš
Cushla Thompson 09-Mar-2014 00:11
Hi, James:
Talk about a walk down memory lane! Your photos are really awesome. I am doing a project for school at UAF and would like to use some of your Kotzebue pictures if that is okay. I will add a credit for photos used.
Thank you.
Cushla Thompson
andrew goldstein 04-Mar-2014 14:38
Hi James,

I am currently editing a book about the hippies and was wondering if I could get permission to use one of your photos of Ken Kesey.

thanks, andrew
Lina Fröding 12-Dec-2013 10:50
Hi James!

I work for the biggest womens magazine in Sweden, called Amelia. We're writing an article about Janine di Giovanni and found a picture at the PBase we would love to use. The "Tuzla aiport"-picture.

We really like it, and hope it's possible to buy it!

Hope to hear from u as soon as possible!

All the best,
Toni 22-Nov-2013 13:32
Hi, by case found some of your pictures from Turanj in the web, and just wanted to say hello....maybe you remember me, Toni, the guy that was taking care about you fotografers, like you, or mister Kurt Sauter from Switzerland....and many others, like Lee Sinco (LA Times...) Would be really happy to hear from you.....
Guest 15-Oct-2013 13:03
Thank you for sharing those photos that bring back memories of the tragedy and time there in '93 & '94.
It is sad that politicians never learn from the past. It seems no one teach them of 'best practices' and mistakes are long forgotten.
The guest comment below regarding the organizations is somehow right - the politics of those are sometimes not understandable - but made by politicians! Behind the acronyms are people from all continents, of all beliefs, of all levels of society - and they bring hope to many people in despair around the world. I.e. the United Nations is made up by numerous agencies, organizations, funds and missions and is much, much more than the Peace-Keepers - who also sometimes make the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of politicians.........
Please pay some respect - and to all users/guests, also do consider using a sober language and respect the views of other people.
Thank you
Brian 06-Aug-2013 11:55
Hi James, loved your pictures of the wartorn Yoguslavia. Have you made a photobook that i can purchase??
Guest 10-Jul-2013 12:47
Thanks wery much for those wery touching photos. I cant imagine, that the Bosnian war is almost 20 years gone, and that the war criminals have just yet been found. Shamefull. But the pictures brings back the time, when I was studying, and realising, that the terms "EU", "UN" and "Nato" is nothing but bulshit words... Best regards Brian
Jessica Tanzer 20-Apr-2013 00:15
Hi James!!
This is Jessica Tanzer! I've always wondered where you ended up and my brother and I were talking about Rajneeshees today so I Googled James Mason Rajneesee photographer. :-)
I hope you are well, your photographs look great!
I'm still in San Francisco and a professional photographer

rbfresno19-Feb-2013 03:08
Tremendous photojournalism that attests to a high degree of dedication and expertise.
Glad that I recently became aware of your work!
Peter 01-Nov-2012 05:48
Love your pictures of the Brits in Bosnia. I was there with 1PWO and worked for Roy Hunter who I see has added quite a few comments.
They brought back many memories, most of them quite sad, i was quite moved by it Thanks for the memories from nearly 20 years ago.
James Mason17-Aug-2012 04:31
Alain, I was not then and am not now a member of the Rajneesh group. What happened in Oregon was unfortunate, but it was the actions of a small group of individuals with personality and psychological problems that brought about these mistakes. Nearly all of the Rajneesh people I knew from visiting as a journalist were nice people.
Alain 16-Aug-2012 09:18
Hi James,
I am so surprised to see a gallery regarding "Rajneesh in Oregon".
Are you a member of them ?
Are you pride of what they have done in 1984 ?
Robert 18-Jul-2012 17:22
Dutch harbor images bright me here but the other galleries are incredible!

Thanks for sharing these images.
Robert 18-Jul-2012 17:22
Dutch harbor images bright me here but the other galleries are incredible!

Thanks for sharing these images.
Chris McGonigal 17-Jul-2012 15:45
Hi James, I'm a photo editor with Huffington Post, would we be able to use your photo of the Discoverer at Dutch Harbor for a post? If you could contact me at the e-mail below, that would be great. Thanks!

Chris McGonigal
Kristen Kong 16-Jul-2012 17:33
Hi James, can we use your image of the Discoverer at Dutch Harbor for an article in the Sierra Club?

Thanks for your time,
Kristen Kong
Art Director, Sierra Club
Kim Murphy 15-Jul-2012 16:56
James, would it be possible to use your image of the Discoverer at Dutch Harbor in a blog post about the situation this morning?
Kim Murphy
Los Angeles Times
jan van endert 15-Jun-2012 14:02
hello james,

i am a photographer from germany and i am also addicted to bikes since i am a little kid.
just found your great pictures from the 70ies and was falling in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is their any chance to get a print or bigger images????

i ride track bikes in the velodrome and love your black and white work.

you have a new big fan from germany,

all rthe best,


if you have a minute, this is what i do:
Punya 25-May-2012 19:55
Hello James, Would you be OK for us to use some of the photos about Rajneeshpuram in the (non-profit)online magazine Osho News ( Please let me know at They are really brilliant. Regards from
Osho News
Josh 17-May-2012 18:52
Hi James-- I'm writing an article for BikePortland about Mount Tabor racing, and I'd love to use this amazing image in the post, if possible: image/128295319

GREAT shots, I was so psyched to find these. I'm hoping to do more about the history of racing in PDX, and it's tough to find images that capture those glory days.

--Josh jliberles at gmail dot com.
Guest 02-May-2012 12:01
Hello James,

We are a film production company and we are searching to contact you about one of your photos. Can you please sent us your contact infos at ?

Have a nice day and thank you very much !
LEE BOWDEN 28-Apr-2012 13:52

Just to let you know on the 8th June 2012 we will be unvailing a plaque at Bouteville Normandy to the 91st EVAC Hospital. Please do make contact with us if you can and I will send you more details.

Kind Regards

Stuart 02-Apr-2012 16:42
Hi - I'm very keen to use a couple of your BBC pictures from Bosnia for a piece I'm writing for the BBC College of Journalism.

I'd be really grateful if you could drop me an email at stuarthughesbbc at gmail dot com

Scott C 26-Feb-2012 00:20
Just found this site last night. Amazing. In many of your cycling pictures I am certain that I was standing within 20 feet of you when you were shooting. I watched the same races at the same location and angles as the pictures of the 77 nationals, the Nevada City races, the Presidio, and fishermans' wharf. I was in the race with Auker and Broznowski at Horse Heaven. They dropped me of course.
Richard12-Feb-2012 22:20
Hi James,

Your photos of the Bosnian War are amazing. I was there and it brings it all back. I was in Gornji and Vitez and Tusla in the summer of '93 as a Captain in the British Army. I am now also a photographer ... but I shoot safe and beautiful things mainly. Too scared or too comfortable right now to be a war photographer. You should do a book. If I had work as brilliant and important as this I would get it in print (maybe you already did).

Anyway, thanks for sharing these stunning images ...

Richard Perrett
Guest 09-Jan-2012 01:36
hello James,
great pictures. finished the book on 20 years of Croatia and am wandering would it be possible to use some of your photos. My contact is
Guest 07-Jan-2012 19:47
Hello James!
Im really intresting in Bosnia and Balkans and Im writing a lot about it. Im from Poland and I want to show people, who know a lot about second world war, that on balkans not so long ago, happened similar things. Im a young journalist also. Thats why Im talking with people, who lived there during war and people who could say something about that. And now my question: could you say me something about that? Your memories, opinions and things like that?
Thank you very much for answer, I will be really happy if you could write me back, its my email:
Fred Peters 10-Dec-2011 11:32
I'm a Norwegian travler, and i've been to Bosnia sevral times since 2007. I've met up with a guy, who worked for the British forces as an interpreter. I would like to try to find some pictures of him, and therfore i ask you for help.

Please contact me.

All the best
Chris Kelly 26-Nov-2011 23:32
hi James, im a big Inga fan/friend and host a radio show called "biketalk on KVMR" up in Nevada City CA. needless to say i love all of your pictures of NC especially the ones of Inga.

id like to share your pictures along with proper photo credits to you when and wherever they are shared on my biketalk page (on facebook) as well as a few other places, and just wanted to ask your permission before i did.

hoping this will be okay with you?

as well i checked out a whole bunch of your photos from Bosnia and other places and they are amazing! you've been a lot of places and seen a lot.... i wish more folks would check them out so they could get a grasp on what is really going on in the world.


Chris Kelly
Icon Books 16-Nov-2011 15:29
Hi James, I was just looking at your photos of journalists in the former Yugoslavia - really fantastic. Just wondering - do you have any more photos of Martin Bell? I work for the publisher Icon books, and we will at some point be reissuing one of his classic works of journalism on the Bosnian war, so would be really interested to know if you had any other photos. Many thanks!
Dan Fitzgerald 02-Nov-2011 01:37
Do you have any pictures of Tad Teays at Marina Cyclery circa 1991-1992? All the neighborhood bike shops have gone "effete & effeminate" (a la City Cycle) since you sold your business.

I liked your photos of the '77 Nationals as I was among the spectators. I even got to chat with Bob Cook and Greg LeMond at the post-race dinner.
Lisa K Perry, Abundant Life Photography, Inc.09-Oct-2011 17:07
As one who has an extreme passion for the people of the former Yugoslavia, I can't even look at all these pictures without tears. They are amazing!!! I do hope you go back again. I can't wait for my first trip there!!! Thank you for capturing the essence of these amazing people!!!
Paul Mitchell-Davidson 08-Aug-2011 15:13
Hi James Mason,
My name is Paul Mitchell-Davidson I'm a professional composer.
Would it be possible to use some of your incredible images of the Bosnian conflict in a photomontage.I am posting my piece Threnody,Song for Sarajeyvo on youtube and I'm making a montage of images to accompany it.
I can send you an mp3 of the piece it is approx. 11 mins in duration and scored for clarinet,cello, violin, guitar.piano and percussion. All Best Wishes
Sally David 06-Jun-2011 23:54
Jim........45th Reunion coming up in Portland on August 13th and we'd love to have you there !! Contact me ( or Lynn Lord Kirwan ( and give us your email so you can be on the list. If you can't make it for this one, the 50th is only 5 years away !! So you live in Anchorage ? My daughter lives in Palmer and we are going up to see her next week!!
Sally David
Steve Brown 19-Jan-2011 17:47
Any chance that some of these images are printed and in Portland? We'd love to hang some for the OBRA banquet coming up soon.
Great work!
John Grochau 02-Dec-2010 19:11

I am a friend of David Aukers. He recently had a stroke and I am working on some fundraising to help out with his vast medical expenses. I would really like to use a photo of him that you took for an email campaign.
Guest 13-Sep-2010 07:45
Hi Jim, It has been a long long time.would love to reconnect.
My email is
Dick Threlfall
Guest 11-Sep-2010 18:19
jp 11-Sep-2010 18:18
Jack Peek Sr. A NYC firefighter,on television just talked about the loss of his best friend today, and on what BHO, said on TV about 911 ," THAT THIS NATION MUST REMAIN TOLERENT!"

The NYC fireman said he disagreed,,"tolerence does not mean suicide!"

You damn right it doesn't mean you die for it!!!
Zander Ault 30-Aug-2010 16:34

Great photos from the bike championships. Do you have all the photos still, not just what you downloaded onto the website? Im curious if there are any more of me in that group. I met you yesterday in the New Segaya market, Zander Ault. Thanks man...
Ron 26-Jul-2010 23:02
Your pictures are raw as it gets. Thank you for telling the truth.
Luko G.-R.29-Jun-2010 16:41
Your gallery is an outstanding slice of the recent history of the western world, looking for its own future in the 40 past years and witnessing the crumbling down of all the ideologies : from the late 70's eccentric spiritual experiences to the 90's ethnic wars.
... and I'm still wondering what is left now?
Thanks for reporting it and sharing it with us.
Tony McMillan 15-Jun-2010 15:10
On your pics of early cycling, the Tour of Nevada City 66 race there is a picture where you want to identify the riders. The San Diego Rider with California on his shorts is Ed Renger, and I am pretty sure the other rider is Ian Mahon. Renger for sure. He is still in San Diego and active. I rode with him until I stopped riding in '67 and found him to be a really nice, friendly and classy guy.
Krist 02-Jun-2010 01:38
James - Your name came up the other day at the photo shop on Scott St. just off Chestnut (SF) - evidently the proprietor knows you from when you had a bike shop nearby. The Dolphin Club is about the same as ever...maybe even better - stop by when you're in town! Glad you've taken to Alaska, a wonderful place! Regards, Krist Jake
Marta 11-Mar-2010 20:04
Hello Mr.James!
I was wondering if You have more photos from Vitez and Busovaca during the war 1993. I am from Busovaca and i would be so grateful is You would send them to me,in the memory of my father...this is my e-mail :
tom 06-Mar-2010 19:18
Hllo again James,
I forgot to mention that these photoss of that place are mezmerizing..all your photos are awesome
tom dent 06-Mar-2010 19:16
Hey James, I once knew a homeless guy who was taken on a bus from California to this place, i looked for him in your photos. he said he was semi held hostage at Rajaneeshepuram,Oregon, i wrote a story about him. I assume you photo site is public. Did you ever get to know a guy named Bob Lawerence when you took the photos of the Bajwhan guy's place? Can I put a link to your photo site in my story..i dont need an individual photo...
1jaybo28-Feb-2010 03:20
Hello James,

I was in the British army and in 1993 was sent to Vitez as part of the UNPROFO. My colonel Alastair Duncan.Bosnia holds a very special place in my heart. Your pictures are very good and take me back with such clarity. I hope to return one day and visit the places there i went on patrol. I remember evacuating croates civilians from guch gora church, the convoy of joy like it was yesterday. I reconize a lot of people on your pictures not just the uk military ones but also the locals and even a couple of the local soldiers.
am girl 11-Feb-2010 07:30
I'm dating a Bosnian native (Jablanica). He and his family moved to the US in 1993. I'm trying to take an act of interest in his heritage, due to the fact that I don't know much about Bosnians. I'm currently learning to speak Bosnian with a 'knock off' Rosette Stone learner and I'm enjoying it. I tried cooking/baking several Bosnian dishes for him like zeljanica. We plan on visiting Europe this year and some of his family. We have talked about marriage and I told him that I'd like to get married in Bosnia. Could you give me any pointers as to how, as an American woman, win his family over? I'm very interested in learning more, but don't know any other Bosnians.
Sandy Kowalski 18-Jan-2010 05:12
Okay, it's not only the Kotzebue pictures I go to. These are great, and I look forward to seeing them when I can sit down and enjoy them! The pictures from the war, your father's pictures, the sports shots, the Portland pictures - they are an experience.
Best regards.

Don Martinich 12-Jan-2010 00:43
Kako si, James-
As a former member of Pedali Alpini (early 60's), I greatly enjoyed your racing gallery and I am impressed by your photographic skills. You may enjoy my vintage racing site: (I will soon be adding a 1980's Nevada City page.) I was also taken by your shots of Croatia. My father was born on Brac Otok. But what a difficult time to be there!
Best wishes,
Alvin Newlin 09-Jan-2010 10:02
Hello James-
Hope this message finds you in good health and with a full belly! Those pictures you take are awesome, thanks for providing us with the opportunity to view them. Hope to catch up with you again someday.
Regards, Alvin
Sandy Kowalski 09-Jan-2010 03:24
Great pictures! I enjoyed the gallery. Are you in Anchorage yet? The Nationals are going on and with the way you know how to shoot ski shots, it would be great to see Kikkan, Tyler, David, James and Holly on your site for their finishes this year!
Mike Hedges 22-Dec-2009 00:56
James -- I hope you are well. You still in Alaska? Drop me an e-mail when you have a chance. Best, Mike Hedges
steve cottrell 18-Sep-2009 23:09
James: Not sure my previous comment transmitted, so I will do it again, briefly. I am interested in making contact with you re: Nevada City Classic photos. I am chairing a "Gathering of Champions" for the 2010 race and will be inviting all past winners in all categories. For now, I would appreciate making contact through Thanks. Steve Cottrell, Nevada City.
Guest 07-Sep-2009 03:44
Mr James Mason – you had some great pictures of Ron Monson’s funeral in Kotzebue a while back. He was my brother and your pictures are the only record of the event I have. If you have any other pics please email to me at – My regards - Bob Monson
David Strange 02-Sep-2009 10:11
Mr. Mason: The Thomas Wolfe Review is publishing an article in the 2009 issue on the Liberty Ship Thomas Wolfe. Would you be willing to grant permission for the journal to use two of your father's photos of the ship, along with his caption comments? Please contact me. Thanks. David Strange, Associate Editor.
Pierre Lonewolf 10-Aug-2009 18:35
James....drop me a line and fill me in and I'll do the same for you......Rosie not fishing this year....she gonna be manager for KOTZ......lord help me.....
anne 29-Jul-2009 05:20
Your photos from the Rajneeshpuram are amazing. Would it be possible to correspond with you about your experience
there and perhaps licensing your stills for a possible film? please let me know.
Brane 13-Apr-2009 20:06
James, thank you for all Karlovac Pics, and Turanj area.
amanda ware 02-Apr-2009 15:16
hello there James.
the pictures of your dad's time in ww2 are fantastic. i am currently researching the nurses of the Army Nurse Corps who were assigned to the 91st Evacuation hospital during that time. i would appreciate it if you would let me post a link to your pictures on a web site I am compiling. many thanks
amanda ware england
johnmarkoff19-Mar-2009 16:48
Hi, I was tickled to see that you had a photo of the 1966 Nevada City Jr. Crit. That was my first race! (I was dropped). But, hey, I finished 10th the next year... 8) Any chance you have any more pix of 1966, I would love to buy some even if there isn't anything of me...

John Markoff
philip scott habeger 15-Jan-2009 14:21
Your compsitions are power in the most pure form. You took myself and other 1966 graduates of Los Altos High School on a Great Trip. (I felt like my very essence was right there). A few of us were wondering if you attended school at Los Altos, and when. I am an oil painter, and have been since the early days of Los Altos. I appreciate conceptual brilliance such as yours, and I need to tell you so. PSHabeger
branimirez14-Jan-2009 09:58
Greetings from Bosnia! I like your photos very much. Me and my colleague recently made a video about the church-hospital in Nova Bila in the Lasva Valley during the conflict. The video (it lasts around 15 minutes, so it had to be broken up in two parts) can be found here: -- NOTE: It has English
subtitles/translation! Just enable CAPTIONS (CC) in the lower-right corner of the video.

We really tried to make a short documentary about good people, and not to talk about how someone else is bad.

Emina 29-Dec-2008 23:14
Hello James!
Thank you for this web.And specialy for picture of Vitez,because iam from there and i was there when was war.....Please if u have some picture to send me of Vitez i will be realy happy.You can send me on
Bob Muzzy 14-Dec-2008 01:28
redwood city 1966, the front rider from pedali alpini looks like steve lubin to me.
Sandra 01-Dec-2008 13:46
And Alan from BBC was Alan Heyman. Heard he died... he was amazing and always could find some safe road from hell to safe place. so we called those roads heyman s roads...
sanjica160822-Nov-2008 14:29
Dear James,

thanks for sharing the photos from central Bosnia.
Plava sa Siroki 19-Nov-2008 18:33
Jimich..javi se...where are you these days. I was back in Agram and the Domovina in the summer and plan to go back soon. Let's meet up there. Pisi mi.
Robert 18-Nov-2008 21:54
I just would like to thank you very much for the insight into this beautiful country. I have been looking for pictures of Mostar (before the war)for sometime. My wife was born there, and came to America in 1994. This helps me picture what she had to go through. Again Thank You!
I would love to see some more pictures of the town itself if you have some.
Guest 05-Nov-2008 21:28
I'm impressed from your work. Thank you very much.
Sebaneau 19-Oct-2008 15:51
Jim Merz 12-Oct-2008 18:43
Hi James,

I saw your photo of Mark and me, really nice. It's been awhile. I have been married to Heidi Hopkins and was living in Big Sur until our home burned up. I have returned to taking photos in my retirement. After losing everything in the fire life is disrupted, but still spend time in Eastern Sierra walking and cycling. It would be great to hook up with you again.

Guest 05-Oct-2008 12:40
Dear James

Thank you for the photos of the Bosnia War, I am at college and doing an investigation into the Bosnian War and your photos and written summary has helped me very much.

All the best in your future, may it be enlightening.

Akiko 02-Oct-2008 15:02
Dear Mr. Mason,

I am contacting you because I am looking for some photos of Croatia which were photographed during the civil war beteween 1991 and 1995 for a TV documentary. I would like to know if we could use your photos for the documentary because they are very well photographed quality pictures. I would be very grateful if you could kindly contact me for the details. Best regards, Akiko ( )
Lou Jaffe 01-Oct-2008 19:35

Jaffe here. Norm Thompson in the '70s. I tried Googling you a few years back, but came up empty. We just returned from Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia. While there I thought of you and your "stuff" in some attic in Dubrovnik. We were very taken with the trip and learned a lot about this history. Then I stumbled across your photos. Wow. We're still in Portland; Kriger is in Casablanca; where are you?? Lou
Frank Smith 25-Aug-2008 17:21
Hi James,

Don't think we've met, but odd that we didn't, somewhere. Poona, SF, ANC, North Slope (never been to OTZ or PHO though), etc., etc.

I ran marathons for years and knew some triathletes. My roomie was 2nd woman in the 2nd Ironman in Hawai'i.

Halfway expected to see a shot of an old friend, the late Walt Stack, in your DSE shots.
®elimir Kaselj 27-Jul-2008 18:25
if you want to contact Marinko from Bosnia send a e-mail to me.
Marinko is also interested to meet you.
Fero 16-Jun-2008 02:17
Thank you for great photos.
Tom 01-May-2008 20:00
Hey--The only Nevada City Classic race I saw was in '84. I still have the tee shirt. Great stuff. I also remember the Coors Classic from '86. I remember most just how _tiny_ these guys were, especially Hinault.
andy 07-Mar-2008 21:50
Hello Mr Mason,
just stumbled on your excellent gallerys.The photo of Robin Searby caught my eye.I used to be he driver when he was a Colonel.He is a great man i believe he is now a Major General
Reijo Ruokanen 18-Feb-2008 11:47

brings back a lot of memories. Some of them are even good. Should we try once again?
Get in touch!
Guest 14-Feb-2008 22:44
Wonderful to see golden era Nor Cal bike race pictures. It pleasantly cast my mind back. Thanks. I can't wait for you to post more.
Mario 06-Feb-2008 15:44
Hello Mr. Mason!

I just saw your beautiful photographs and since I really like photography I would like to thank you for sharing them with all of us.

I am from Karlovac in Croatia and I could maybe get you more information about the people in one of your photographs:

James Mason | all galleries >> Hrvatska - Croatia > Recognize Croatia!

Your comment:

I'd like to know what these men are doing now, if anybody in the Karlovac area can tell me.

I might be able to get some info about those brave men if you would like me to investigate it.

Please send me mail to my address if you would like to talk more about it.

Thank you in advance!

andre 04-Feb-2008 15:56
very nice site james
specially the pictures from your father, you know why
and thanks for writhing in our guestbook on which we just started
hope to here from you about the pictures from valkenburg the netherlands ok
andre and maggy
odd ingvar 26-Jan-2008 05:43
Hello Mr Mason
I was in Busovaca in February and Mars 93,i was there with a friend of who is a Croat,my self is a Norwegian,why i did go ther,because i wanted to help people,but during my period in Busovaca i see much very bad things that i will never get out of my head,i still have problems with this today,and also i have many photos that i have taken during this time,i was in places that UN dident wanted to go because of the safety,so what is your reaction after you have been there.
Guest 24-Jan-2008 12:11
Love your work, thanks for sharing!
AL 07-Jan-2008 07:19
James: Nice work! Please contact me (or let me know how I can contact you) regarding possible use of one or more of your photos in a book. weirdoregon(at)gmail(dot)com
James Mason23-Dec-2007 21:26
I never heard the tale of the suicide at the start of the Munich road race. Hand guns are pretty rare in Germany....- James
Fernando Castro 21-Dec-2007 04:47
Great Pictures. I had heard that at the start of the Munich Olympics road race, some spectator was standing next to John Howard and the spectator commited suicide with a handgun. Apparently this really upset John. Later on he crashed and was unable to finish because he lost one of his shoes.
uskopljanka 27-Nov-2007 15:31
Powerful images …Even though they bring mixed emotions, I appreciate seeing them – they should never be forgotten.
Thank you so much for posting these photos, and if you have more material – especially from Uskoplje region I hope to see it on your site.
Tycho 19-Nov-2007 10:49
Dear "slobodni zidar"
excellent job;
greetings from croatia
Angela Marie 12-Oct-2007 14:23
I love the pictures you have taken and glad I got to see them. Thank you.
Guest 27-Jun-2007 13:27
When I get photoshop and a new camera, I'm going to model my work after you.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 09:06
Simply astounding! Keep getting better ok?
Gus06-Nov-2006 23:32
Great pictures! Used up too much of my time looking, but you'll have to post more as everything on TV are filterd.
James Mason20-Oct-2006 20:03
My answer to Malcolm below is "no thanks." These pictures in this gallery, and the journalism work I do everyday on the radio, are my statement.

Thanks anyway.

James Mason
Guest 16-Oct-2006 07:46
I really enjoyed your galleries. You do a wonderful job. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us.
MARK KENNY 12-Oct-2006 15:09
hi james,
iwas wondering if you or any of the reporters could help me,
iwas in vitez 1993 on op grapple 2 may/nov. one of the reporters there put a video together for me it showed the events at gucha gora, tuzla and a few moments in a bosnian hospital. it also showed the BBC BBQ at the end, from memory brown eyed girl was the music playing,sadly i have lost this tape and was hoping you can help me.
IT also bothers me that i cant find any photos about what happened in STUPNI DO in oct 93
the whole world should see what them murdering bastards did to those women and children,
please get in touch .MARK KENNY
Guest 10-Oct-2006 15:27
E moj Gagi...

Tebi je ocito draze sto sad zivis u Slunjavcu a ne u Karlovcu...Kad su vam se Slunjani ubacili u srpske stanove i metnuli svoje svinje u kupatila i na balkone onda ste po gradu pisali parole trazeci od srpskih civila da se vrate...Nema nista od onog starog Karlovca...Otisle je sve niz Koranu onog dana kad su na mostu prema NK Karlovcu poklani rezervisti JNA...
Gagi 06-Oct-2006 11:26
James..please contact me at: , or if somebody could give me his email adress?!

Greet's from Karlovac who never became Kordunovac! :))

Guest 12-Sep-2006 06:22
Hey man, a lot of people are talking about you on pbase and a lot of them, including me, want you back in there.
Erica 25-Jul-2006 21:19
Sto se ne javljas covjece kad ti pisem na yahoo????? Javi se bona
Eddie 15-Jul-2006 19:57
The British Scimitar in Bosnia, correct information but wrong unit, The 3 guy were in my troop.

the Unit Should Read 9th/12th Lancer, a medium recconaisance unit. WE we based in the School in Vitez at the time.
andrea HOLMAN 08-Jul-2006 14:29
James, no matter wat these serbs say, u DO know wat ur talking about!!
its just how they r, they always think they r right, and dats y their Yugoslavia fell apart!!!!
Jim Bartlett 03-Jul-2006 22:34
Hey james. Long time. Glad to see your stuff on the crew from Vitez, etc. Lots of memories. So long ago, but so very fresh in the mind. Cheers,
Jim 17-Jun-2006 17:37
Sehr nützlich, informativ und anschaulich!
James Mason15-May-2006 05:50
Was this Cro at the amateur topless contest? It was at the Polaris Bar.
Guest 12-May-2006 03:53
There was just one Aussie I know. He wasn't racing. He was taking pics. He is a Cro. Wrong Aussies.
James Mason11-May-2006 07:30
I remember the two Aussies well. Were they Croats? I never got their names. They were real dog lovers, but their tales of racing in Oz were bizarre. I think the beer was as important as the dogs. In retrospect I wish I'd done a story about them for the paper.
Guest 10-May-2006 18:22
I never told you back in 2003-2004 a bifshi beau of mine from Australia travelled to Alaska. I was looking at his photos from the dog run/races and low and behold...there you were snapping photos!!! Small world eh? Inache kad ches doma? Svak ziv pita za tebe....Cuvaj mi se tamo. Talk soon. Plava Macka u Kanadi
James Mason05-May-2006 22:43
I'm sorry Stefan, but I'm not an idiot, and I do know what the hell I'm talking about.
Guest 04-May-2006 16:36
Your an idiot and clearly don't know what the hell you are talking about.
Guest 27-Apr-2006 06:19
Tenks hani
Will drop you a line shortly.
Plava Macka u Kanadi
James Mason27-Apr-2006 02:38

I'm at

Guest 25-Apr-2006 19:37
Where can I drop you a line that is not visible to every insane Chedo on the planet who has nothing better to do than to spew venom...Lemme know...need to ask you something.
ps. Sonja P and Don L send their hellos.
Cynthia Flood See 13-Apr-2006 18:16
Thank you so much for sharing the Kotzebue Area pictures. My father was Norman Flood, he was from Kotzebue.

Our family lives in southeast Alaska, Juneau.

We knew that our father loved his homeland so much and was homesick many times, we can see why.

Gunalcheesh (tlingit - thank you)
Greg 20-Jan-2006 02:57
Well, I wouldn't want to step in your international bull pucky sling with James, Mr. "Guest", but for whatever its worth it's pretty much a toss-up as to distance from Kotz to New Orleans or Serbville, albeit, 6-7000 kilometers either way. Northwest to Bosnia or Southeast to red beans 'n rice mmmmmm, North Korea there's a place that's close, crazy like Serbia, and has nukes to boot....'course I haven't been priveleged to visit either and I don't claim to understand what distance has to do with morality, it must be a Balkan thing. Hi James!
Guest 19-Jan-2006 23:38
Good one Greg...

There was a spelling mistake there but I think the guy was trying to be sarcastic...To make it easier for you to understand, Louisiana is much closer to Alaska than the Balkans...I am sure next time a correct mileage will be entered not to offend your supreme knowledge of geography...

And for the know-it-all from Alaska...

Ante Gotovina sends his greetings to you from Hague and wants you to read some info from a bosnian link below...
James Mason 17-Dec-2005 09:28
A "few hudred kilometers" puts me out in the middle of nowhere. I'm 650 air miles from the closest McDonalds.
Greg 17-Dec-2005 05:35
You know bucko you do have talent...I never bothered to mention that I do enjoy seeing your work...on occasion.
I enjoyed the "few hudred kilometres" remark from your admiring Serb. And they say Americans have no sense of geography!
James Mason14-Dec-2005 01:08
I deleted the previous messages of this character below because I got real tired of Serb whackos during the war. This gentleman is typical of the Serbs who sat the war out in the ausland and have some funny ideas about what went down. Read his post and make your own mind this a well-adjusted individual? Can you picture him in some basement apartment on the outskirts of Toronto, stabbing my pictures with a kitchen knife while the TV is locked onto the cartoon channel? The trash is overflowing with cheap beer empties and TV dinner trays. There's a whole country full of guys just like him. It's called Serbia.
Guest 11-Dec-2005 23:34
Thanks for deleting my comments...What was wrong with them...Didn't like a few facts I stated...

Please don't compare Germans with Serbs...We are the ones that fought against them and we are the ones who ended up in their concentration camps in the then fascist state of NDH...

Again get a history book and read a little...

Gee you must have been so busy in your newspaper reporting in Alaska...Major stories on Alaskan malamute riots...What a pathetic excuse...You could not find time to travel a few hudred kilometres south to Louisiana but were more than happy to go to war torn central Europe...Give me a break...You are just another typical weekend commando...Which newspaper did you represent in the war torn regions...Don't think anybody would be paying your airfare to Europe so you can take low grade photos overseas...Thats why as you said you "have a job ON a newspaper here in Alaska"...Make sure you stay "ON a newspaper" there in Alaska and don't come back...

Over and out from me fool...I am not wasting my time with a Grizzly Adams stuck in some igloo who does not even respect his own country's basic law of 'Freedom of Speech'...Apologies for taking up 'Your' space...Didn't know 'You' own the whole of PBase...

Since you speak languages from the former YU so well learn how to spell you loser...Your friends were called Ustase not Ustashi...Where did you get that from, CNN...Next time you come around you'll meet some new friends...It would not take more than my grandma to teach a hate spreading fascist like you a lesson...

Guest 11-Dec-2005 03:34
Well first of all Chedo, Tesla had to emmigrate to America to become a success....and I am quite aware of his accomplishments. Your grandmother is a liar. There were no American planes shooting at her. Poor Chedo started a war down there in the Krajina under the assumption that the JNA would stand by him. Too bad Milosevich stabbed you guys in the back. The Ustashi gave you a little of your own medicine, didn't they? In fact, I wish those had been American planes shooting at your grandma! Hajde Bakico! Bjezi! Bam! bam! You don't get it. Your picture of the war is not accurate. Mine is. I'm not teaching hatred of Serbs, I'm telling what happened. You sound like a German complaining that the Jews' holocaust tales are just anti-German propaganda.

I didn't go to Louisiana, or go take pictures of black folks been whacked around by the LAPD because I have a job on a newspaper here in Alaska. Now go take up somebody else's space Chedo. Where'd you spend the war? Canada?
James Mason 08-Dec-2005 02:36
Hey get lost. I was there and know what I saw. I spent time on the Serbian side and for the most part, was not allowed to shoot pictures. I do have stuff from Vukovar but have not had a chance to scan it. The Serb politicians certainly are guilty, but the average Serbian citizen went along for the ride. I hung out in Knin for two weeks early in the war, before it had started in Bosnia, and I met some really nice people. But they were nuts. Their view of the situation was crazy. To answer your post, the borders of the former Yugoslavia are a lot older than Tito. Now why the fuck should the Serbs get part of the Adriatic coast? It is not part of Serbia. Go to Kotor Bay. That is Croatia, yet it belongs to the Crnogorci. Croatia and Bosnia were not favored by the US government in the war until the end. James Baker essentially gave Slobo the go ahead by saying "we don't have a dog in that fight." You are yet another Serbian idiot who can't face up to the reality of the crimes committed by the Serbs. When the US leaves you'll start the war up again and I hope this time you get pushed into Siberia.
Plavusha 14-Nov-2005 23:48
Love the pictures.
All of them.
You were one of the few journos covering the wars in Croatia and BiH who actually knew what he was were talking about. You didn't show up claiming you knew everything like so many other pricks who covered the wars.
Keep in touch.
See you in Croatia and BiH soon.
Big hug,
Kimberley 04-Nov-2005 05:43
Dear James,
You've skillfully hidden this website from me for so many years! If you hadn't just posted that photo of me, you probably never would have told me of its existence. It is so strange to see all your work from Bosnia, etc. again-- it really brings back the bizarre feeling of that time to me. Your stories and pictures were a real window on that world for us. I see by the recent comments here that you are still attracting crazies from that part of the world. Their comments make it plain that trouble is not yet over for the Balkans. Well, I'm glad you got out of there with your hide intact, and your pictures of Kotzebue are every bit as good-- and somewhat safer to shoot! That's an awesome shot of people walking out of the church. There's a lot of dynamic visual tension in that peaceful scene. Well, keep the bottom side of the Snow Machine down and show us a shot of Nikki in the wolf costume?
Andrew Lai 02-Nov-2005 21:11
Dear James Mason,
I'm the student you gave the furniture to when you were here in California. Just wanted to say thanks once more for the furniture! I also found a film roll in the dresser that you may want. I'll be more than willing to send it to you. Feel free to email me.
Lee Stewardson 18-Oct-2005 13:18
haha no ot the "dead photographer" beaverton, home of Nike!!

Frimley is in the UK, an old school friend of mine, also called james mason is also a photographer and I wondered of you were him.
James Mason 17-Oct-2005 23:04
Never heard of Frimley. I'm originally from Beaverton, Oregon, USA, but I've lived many places. Not in Frimley, however. Are you the crazy "dead photographer" guy?
Lee Stewardson 17-Oct-2005 20:08
Are you the James Mason of Frimley by any chance?
James Mason 07-Oct-2005 17:53
Why did I delete it? Because it is crazy and weird. Why don't you go figure out who actually wrote Shakespeare and then get back to us.
Mr. Dunn 07-Oct-2005 13:38
hello James,

see you deleted my comment regarding dead photographers and stolen exposed film stock.

James Mason 05-Oct-2005 21:38
I've always valued free psychiatric advice very highly. So I thank you for the analysis. Could you send me some drugs maybe? Since you are an expert on the human psyche, why don't you explain to us what makes the Serbs so fucking criminal? And why do you, a man who apparently has a high school diploma, defend the criminals and psychos who dragged the name of the Serbs thru the manure?
Milovan Mugoša 05-Oct-2005 10:46
Wow, your lunacy is much worse than I originally thought.

What these photos, along with the odious garbage you write around here, document above all - is your own personal descent into dementia.

Although I very much doubt you were ever properly "wired up" to begin with, at the moment you're a case that should be institutionalized.

With the amount of hate that's running through your veins, you ended up destroying no one but yourself and your own emotional well being.

Hopefully your condition deosn't deteriorate any further, but, just in case, seek some professional help, so you don't become a danger to your immediate environment.
James Mason 05-Oct-2005 08:59
Well Milovan, out here in the real world we are allowed express our views. What I'm sharing is what I experienced, not some Serbian fairy tale that was handed down to me by an alcoholic uncle who drove buses in Nis for twenty years before emigrating to Toronto to become a janitor at Wal-Mart. If you want to talk about ethnic hatred and mental instability, then let's talk about the Serbs. I didn't start out this way. I got tweaked by experiencing what was called a war but actually wasn't. I haven't thought up a name for it yet. The Serbs are in serious denial. You refuse to admit that you did what you did. These pictures are here so "foreigners" will know a small part of what happened, and who the criminals were behind it. Now get lost.
Milovan Mugosa 05-Oct-2005 07:26
The comments that accompany most of your Sarajevo photos are at best scandalous and at worst contain statements that are brimming with ethnic hatred.

And as far as your shtick in this guestbook goes - it reveals an extremely hateful and unstable individual to a point of making me question whether the space between your ears holds much sanity.

I don't know what your personal situation is like or what kind of horrible visuals you might've been exposed to in Sarajevo, but this is a photo-sharing site. Not a political forum, hate hub or a therapy session.

The fact that your photos hold historical value should not provide you with the soapbox for your hateful views.
James Mason 03-Oct-2005 03:50
So your father was an Ustashi?
Captain Obvious 03-Oct-2005 02:54
I was a Serbian child during the Ustashi reign. I saw it all. I was raped several times when I was just a 12 year old girl.
James Mason28-Sep-2005 07:04
To Timothy Dunn:

I don't care what you think of my photos.

James Mason
James Mason28-Sep-2005 06:58

My father fought the Nazis in WW2. Did yours? I don't support brutal violence against anybody and that includes Serbs. There is nothing here that supports the Ustashi in WW2. Now get lost you creep.
CaptainReality 20-Sep-2005 16:39
Then please, Sir, explain yourself. Were the Ustashi right, or wrong, in their brutal violence against Serbs?
Timothy Dunn 20-Sep-2005 15:32
James Mason,

I struggle to recall the last time I've encountered someone as self infatuated, as far up his own shit hole and as totally misinformed as you. We have a word in England that I think best describes you: Wanker.

You are a Facist Wanker James Mason and an amateur photographer (at best).

P.S. Take up knitting, I think you need to calm down.
James Mason17-Sep-2005 06:03
You saw my comments about the Ustashi on a forum? Where would that be? I've said that about Croats. Are you suggesting that all Croats are Ustashi? Get lost. You're another Serbian liar and you weren't in WW2 and didn't see any of that shit. You're some 13-year-old chetnik wannabee in Chicago or Toronto.
CaptainReality 10-Sep-2005 06:20
I saw your comments on a forum about how the Ustashi were not really against Serbs but just wanted "their own, pure homeland." Shame on you. I was there in WWII. I saw, with my own eyes, what the Ustashi did to Serbs. Hammers, saws, clubs, guns, you name it. I saw it. Shame on you and all who defend anything the Ustashi say or believe.
James Mason01-Sep-2005 05:14
Tiffany - I was going to have a whole collection of softball photos but a couple of players ticked me I quit going to the games. - James
Tiffany 29-Aug-2005 09:02
Hi James. Someone gave my mom the link to your website because they saw my picture on here. It looks great! Thank you for writing the softball article on me this summer. You did a great job. My parents really enjoyed the article. I hope all is well in Kotzebue. Take care James...I'll see you next summer at the field! -Tiffany
Kakaman_98 16-Mar-2005 18:29
Love your images. Current I am working on a camera project, wonder would you consider contribute a few of your work for non-commercail use (credit & link provided) Here are part of the contributing photographers' works:
Becka Brown 06-Mar-2005 12:10
Hey James! nice pictures... you should post more pictures of me in there... i like the ones you took of us on the ice making that pyramid.. that day was awesome..
glimpse 24-Feb-2005 20:16
I work for a non-profit organization called the Glimpse Foundation, which is dedicated to fostering progressive and intimate global understanding by deepening our regard for the peoples and cultures of the world. We have both a websit quarterly print magazine that features stories and photographs from people who have lived abroad, usually through school-related programs and volunteer organizations. We are particularly interested in this photo If you are interested in contributing, please email: We unfortunately cannot pay for the photos, but you would of course be credited. Thanks so much,

Katy Gross
Photo Editor

The Glimpse Foundation
(401) 632-0750
Julie Sant Schenk 19-Feb-2005 23:01
WOW! James. You have been busy since you left Los Altos. I still have some of your budding photog shots! Very fascinating. Julie
Peter Chou11-Feb-2005 02:32
Awesome documentary work you have in your gallery! I am into documentary photography myself and I appreciate if you could take a look at my gallery and I appreciate all advice and comments.
Jenny 30-Jan-2005 08:08
I posted something that I meant to be an email for you ...could you read and delete was on the fireworks page...
Jenny Sant Miller
Luciano Oliveira 25-Jan-2005 12:11
I understand that you have an EF 28mm f/1.8 USM. Would you mind giving me your perspective about this lens? How is it in terms of sharpness and color? How does it compares against other lenses that you might have?

If you don't mind, please replay to my email address (

Thanks in advance,

Terra 20-Jul-2004 23:08
Hi James,
I would like to use a photo of yours for a brochure about emergency preparation in rural Alaska. It is a small exterior photo of the Kiana school. Is that okay with you? I will give you a credit line. Please let me know asap, as it is going to the printer soon. Thanks
mike piper 12-Apr-2004 04:03
Jim long time no see.How are you. Do you ever see Glen Finch or Nick Zeller.
Mike Piper
Guest 18-Mar-2004 18:26
I love every pictures from Sarayevo.All of them can reflect your effort and visionary mind.Hope to have chance like you to take pixs in Balkan region.Do you plan to shoot some pixs from recent conflict in Kosovo or you've already stay there?
Guest 18-Mar-2004 08:23
Of all the pbase galleries, I enjoy viewing yours the most.

I realy like your photos.
Marko Stojanovic 17-Mar-2004 22:58

Dear James, I am planning to shoot documentary on Morinj concentration camp, I saw some of your photos of released prisoners and i am interested do you have some more materials that might help me? I am from Montenegro and this is still very sensitive issue here, everything is still in the closet. Here, almost no one knows that Morinj camp ever existed. I want to reveal it to our nation.

Would you be so kind to contact me on this matter?
Marko Stojanovic NTV Montena
Guest 24-Feb-2004 15:52
Amazing images, thanks for sharing.
Guest 21-Feb-2004 19:26

You have a fantastic eye. Your Bosnia images captured the essence of the front line there. I really appreciate the comments on each picture. It adds a lot.

I haven't had a chance to look through the rest of your work yet, but I will.

Where do you work now? Drop a line when you get a chance.

hey 20-Feb-2004 23:20
did you grow up in montana?
Paul Teixeira15-Feb-2004 18:25
Thanks James for sharing your pictures. Your site is one of the places that I intend to visit frequently. Please keep posting!

Best regards,
Paul Teixeira
Terra 10-Feb-2004 02:03
Hi James,
I would like to use a photo of yours in Selawik. What is the usage fee on this? Please email me. Thanks.
Guest 23-Jan-2004 10:48
Just browsed thru some of your war photos.
You did good work!!! :-)
ann morey 06-Jan-2004 00:10
hi james---thank you for dropping in (as it were) to our fair city.. i enjoyed your pics and miss your viewpoint as bears such as you are a rare animal in these parts to be sure---the seals at the dolphin club miss you i'm sure too---i have taken up billiards so the dolphins don't see much of me either. i'm glad you are making a nice contribution to your new home. gee james--why oh why did you leave sf????? hardy har
love ann--oh and hi to nikki
sfgirl 05-Jan-2004 21:17
Hi James, I lived in Kotzebue for about 1 1/2 years while my dad taught at Kotzebue High School way back in '78. It was the most memorable experience for me - I remember the Dairy Queen and my dad dragging me to my violin lesson in blinding blizzards. thanks for sharing your pictures!
K. 20-Nov-2003 23:51
Hello James;

These are great pictures! Thank you for sharing them.
Erica 24-Sep-2003 19:51
Hey James. Javi se. Nice pictures. See you u Lasvansko Dolini!
Guest 21-Aug-2003 14:25
I saw many terrible/powerfull pictures in your galleries.
I am very amazed, especially for the ones of ex-yugoslavia.
MANY BRAVO for your work. I am curious to know : who are you ? :)

Guest 12-Apr-2003 18:17
I love your work and I love your posts at dpreview. I became a fan of yours in 5 minutes! Photography is more than a hobby for some of you. Sincerely,
Guest 10-Mar-2003 08:03
my goodness. i can't imagine what it would have been like to take photos during war. who did you work for?
Jay Barnes29-Jan-2003 01:57
I love your photos. Incredible.
Guest 16-Dec-2002 01:49
Hi James. So why did you leave San Francisco!? :)