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Adalberto Tiburzi Photography



"Maestro Adal’s images are at once clear and ambiguous, and pose a question.
Are they a record of a perceived experience, or a record of a particular moment plucked from an infinity of time and place?
Each gallery is a splendid journey, just like Kavafys' Ithaka, 'full of adventure, full of instruction'"
~ Ray Rebortira

"Adal's entire mindset is an out-of-the-box experience. He combines image with thought, thought with word and word with image.
And in doing so, his aesthetic web is woven and we all are willing captives"
~ Jeanne Newman

"I've always felt that, as a photographer, our work is so much a product of our accumulated experiences.
If this is true, the life of Mr. Tiburzi has truly been rich beyond all measure"
~ Bill Hughes

"Les angles nets et les perspectives profondes sont 'habillés' de tons chauds étouffants et de bleus tranchants et sombres.
Mais derrière cette dureté/force de style se cache une profonde et impérieuse exploration des vibrations et émotions.
C'est... l' Adalisme"
~ Gilles Navet

"Adal creates the sort of symbolic and allusory images that Authors such as Umberto Eco write of the 'need to decipher'.
Embedded within them is often a rich complexity, philosophical and literary references with meaning far beyond the obvious.
His images challenge us to interpret and understand; but we are enriched by seeing the world through his vision"
~ Kimberly Borchardt

"Looking at Adal's galleries I always have the impression of 'tasting' in premiere some special element,
something we will (possibly) only later see in the work of other photographers"
~ Andrea Aschedamini

"Why wasting time looking at these photos? Spot what you want, stop on which you can.
Then take a breath... and rush to photograph..."
~ Luca Zanoni

All my projects:
L'Adalismo, cose di un altro mondo.
<< L'Adalismo, cose di un altro mondo. >>
Adal's selection
<< Adal's selection >>
 Heraclitus, my Testament to Light
<<  Heraclitus, my Testament to Light >>
Late Style
<< Late Style >>
Seeing by Shapes /  Vedere per Forme / Voir par Formes
<< Seeing by Shapes / Vedere per Forme / Voir par Formes >>
<< Mu >>
A Stranger to Capri
<< A Stranger to Capri >>
The Last Hour (ontop the Pincio)
<< The Last Hour (ontop the Pincio) >>
One and the same thing
<< One and the same thing >>
the Montréal Experience
<< the Montréal Experience >>
Rome architecture (historical)
<< Rome architecture (historical) >>
Architecture (modern & contemporary)
<< Architecture (modern & contemporary) >>
La mort baroque
<< La mort baroque >>
Prototypal symbols
<< Prototypal symbols >>
<< Eros >>
Lumière / Matière / Géométrie / Textures etc...
<< Lumière / Matière / Géométrie / Textures etc... >>
<< Meta-exhibits >>
Roma Coppedè, Fontana delle Rane, Fountain of the Frogs
<< Roma Coppedè, Fontana delle Rane, Fountain of the Frogs >>
Where I come from:  Film 1963- 1999
<< Where I come from: Film 1963- 1999 >>
Wandering Years
<< Wandering Years >>
<< Shop-Shot >>
Nice, France
<< Nice, France >>
Dürer e l'Italia
<< Dürer e l'Italia >>
Interstitial Rome
<< Interstitial Rome >>
Cozy places in Rome
<< Cozy places in Rome >>
<< Etsy >>
and my window tells...
<< and my window tells... >>
the Call of the Unseen
<< the Call of the Unseen >>
experimental galleries
<< experimental galleries >>
<< Ouroboros >>
Cagli (PU)
<< Cagli (PU) >>
Via Francigena the final steps
<< Via Francigena the final steps >>
Metà della vita (per Hölderlin)
<< Metà della vita (per Hölderlin) >>
Calcata, Italy.
<< Calcata, Italy. >>
 the hours
<<  the hours >>
Mercato Monti 2011-2013
<< Mercato Monti 2011-2013 >>
<< Reportage >>
Bomarzo the Park of  Monsters
<< Bomarzo the Park of Monsters >>
<< journeys >>
Guests / Ospiti / Invités
<< Guests / Ospiti / Invités >>
Alice la nièce, et sa  jupe
<< Alice la nièce, et sa jupe >>
Out Of A Fairy Tale
<< Out Of A Fairy Tale >>
Giolitti Gelati, early morning
<< Giolitti Gelati, early morning >>
Just for a smile :-)
<< Just for a smile :-) >>
My cameras
<< My cameras >>
PBase, the early years
<< PBase, the early years >>
fuori... classe
<< fuori... classe >>
Signals From PBase
<< Signals From PBase >>
<< fakes >>
<< Id-entity >>