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Peter Lien

jesus loves doritos.jpg

Image copyright 2004 - Peter Lien

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bubblesmonkey22-Jan-2012 05:47
I've been reading this entire comments page, and I'm just wondering, since when is religion ALL about the BAD things someone does? Someone might say "Oh you had sex before you're married. You're going to hell." or "You're gay. Burn in hell." God created gay people IN ADDITION to straight people. The only difference is, some people CHOOSE to be homophobic BIGOTS. There's nothing wrong with being gay. There's nothing wrong with being straight. But there IS something wrong with being a JUDGE. This is AMERICA, not AMERICAN IDOL. its a free country. No one is meant to be judged. If you read the bible, you will know that it DOES NOT say "DO NOT BE GAY." But ir DOES say "DO NOT JUDGE OTHERS."
Heritage USA04-Jan-2009 02:45
These statues are located outside The Upper Room. Please sign the online petition to save The Upper Room. The petition can be found at:

We need as many signatures as possible! Thank you for your help.
Earlene 18-Nov-2008 00:01
I'm utterly amazed at the length of this blog.....all over a pic of Christ being led before his accusers. "Guest," I'm sure you've nothing to do but comment on every picture, but insofar as you declaring that Christ was led before Herod, you're wrong. It was Pilate who said he found no fault in Him, not King Herod. Read the Bible and you will find exactly what God had to say about His Son. Furthermore, why bash people who found peace, pleasure and serenity at Heritage USA either through their jobs there, vacations, etc? What's done is done and cannot be undone. Jim Bakker started out right, like a lot of us do, but got within himself and fell into a sinful situation by doing something that was wrong. Now that's not to say that whatever he did is right because there's always a penalty for sin, but the good news is that God forgives us if we only ask Him. I'm positive Jim has been forgiven, so why continually bring it up when God Himself says He drops our sins in the deepest ocean, never to be remembered again. God forgives and forgets and so should we. ....In other words, give it a rest, son and get a life! No one likes reading criticism underneath every pic posted here. Geeeech!
Cheryl 15-Jun-2008 00:37
Bob - you expressed my ideals, feelings and beliefs so much better than I could have. I CHOOSE to believe the Bible as others choose NOT to believe the Bible.
Free will.
Rock Hill 28-Feb-2008 16:00
I thought Jesus would be more of a cool ranch guy. Seriously these are great statues. It is just a shame that security has to work out here to keep people from messing them up.
MJ 24-Feb-2008 01:11
Tracy...I agree that would be great...where did you hear thata from (Christian circles)? Glad you go to's always the greatest design of the shoot the shepherd and the sheep scatter... Love in Christ to you and yours Happy and Blessed New Year...
Tracy 07-Feb-2008 18:24
How sad! I worked at PTL 1986-1988 (Shutterbug Shoppe, Der Bakker's Bakery, & a decorator for Christmas City) I even had my wedding reception in The Grand Hotel. I have SO many fond memories of the place. These pictures make me want to cry. I've heard though (through the grapevine) that there may be plans to start fixing the place up! I hope so.
Moosie 31-Dec-2007 02:17
I'm just glad that GOD is GOD and that the more I live...the more I see that we are ALL so very unique made up of each experience (good and bad) even when interutero. This varied and flavored banter on this blog is proof of that. What is the beauty of all of this, the wonder of it all is - God saw all of us, according to the scriptures, while we were being formed in our mother womb, before our substance even came together. For all of you here my hopes for you are that you , in this coming year, will know the LOVE of GOD and His peace that passes all understanding. I was a former non believer, church goer, had not a clue. But this I do know - for those of you, who do not know Christ, He is waiting. He is a gentleman, He will not force His way, because Love never forces. I love you all in the Lord, am a "born again" Jesus person, who has had many gay friends, who have been my best friends. Sexual sins are only more confusing, because we find our identities in our sexuality and include SOMEONE ELSE, in our sezual acts. But our sexual sins are NO DIFFERENT, to God, than someone who steals money. Don't be to hard on Stephanie, fear is a great motivator for most things and I do understand some of Steph's concerns and fears and to her I say, Trust in the Lord, with all of your heart and lean not unto your own understanding, in all of your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. Cover your children with prayer and leave the rest to God. To all who know HIM...I will see you on the other side. To those who don't wish to know Him. I wish you would consider, your destiny is in YOUR hands, GOD sends no one to hell, they choose to go on their own. Jesus paid a steep price, because He LOVED THE WHOLE WORLD, choose to find out WHO loves you.
MJ 31-Dec-2007 01:40
What's so tragic about things like this, the fall of PTL - Heritage USA - that they were not the first and they will not be the last...The unfortunate reality is that PEOPLE...who have NO idea of WHO GOD is...judge GOD, by the frail humans that attempt to serve and follow HIM. Each person, should be assessed by his own deeds...not GOD judged by his creation. I think this gave everyone who wanted to, the opportunity to do what they wished to do all along...take a shot at God...through His fallen servants. Gosh, Bill Clinton got more of a break than people give GOD! I know one thing...I have nothing but compassion for people who attempt great things and fall on their faces. Because there are so many, that just sit on their butts and attempt nothing at all!! We ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of GOD.... ALL OF US!! It is not WHAT we do, that makes us alien to GOD...and neither is it the MANY SINS that we all commit, sometimes on a daily is the refusal to "play the basketball game" the way the "COACH" the RULES. To get to GOD (play the game)...HIS RULE is...we accept His Son's sacrifice. Simple. If you refuse to play by the rules of you blame the coach if he won't let you play? get in line and you play...Simple analogy, but same thing with GOD...what keeps people from knowing GOD, is their come as they are asked. My hopes are that the many who were violated with the Heritage Hoopla...are healed and have they are free. Power corrupts...always has always will...few know how to handle it. People in the Christian faith...are NO different...they are just people...only difference...they are God...but most times never man. I donated to the PTL ministry...who knows when the plans started going BAD??? I can't dwell on that...neither should others... God bless you all...may you grow to KNOW HIM WHO IS...WAS...and IS TO COME~~~ Hey...I bet Jesus would have liked Doritos!!
Guest 24-Aug-2007 01:13
Your right Fred. Life is a sureal thing.
It's funny how all of these celeb's come acrossed to us as larger than life, but in the end, no matter how much fame you have, how many friends you have, or how much money you have, we all pass the same. It really brings it down to earth that we all are made with the same components and options (if you will), and celeb status does not guarentee long life. We all end up in the same place, weather it be Heaven or Hell, or, just a pine box in the ground, which ever your beliefs.
As an ex-christian/non-christian, or however you wish to refer to me, I saw a differn't side to Tammy within her last few years. A side to me that I really enjoyed. Like she "came down to earth", if you will, but wow, such a strong woman to die a horrible death. She reminded me of my grandmother, cause she died the same way, and I still have so much respect for the strength she had to ride it out. Thats something I know I could not do!
Fred 23-Aug-2007 03:16
I saw Tammy Faye on the Larry King exclusive (along with the Bakker family) and couldn't help but be moved by her courage to endure. How could anyone see her and not be changed. Life is a fragile thing and death comes to us all - hats off to the Bakker family - I'm sure she is at peace. Take it easy everyone - Jesus loves us all - let compassion be your atmosphere.
Fred 23-Aug-2007 03:00

Petra - Awesome band - loved them too. Yea, I know there is nothing I can do to make myself perfect or acceptable (my works) for God - thank for His Grace. I know He forgives me - even when I've messed up BIG - gotta put the old ways and habbits aside - that takes work. I hope people see that in all of this PTL stuff.
Peter 02-Aug-2007 21:35

The "previous guest" was me. Forgot to add my name. I appreciate your sense of humor especially on this blog. I, too, look forward to meeting Him! Problem is, all my works will be consumed by His fire and I want to be left with something other than wood, hay and stubble! Ok, enough of the Petra references!

Notice that Herod is washing his hands-very important to note that he found no guilt. Herod acknowledged that Jesus was innocent just as the prophets of old prophesied!! Like a lamb led to slaughter...
Thank God for His grace!!!
Guest 01-Aug-2007 02:51
How can you argue logic?
Of course the Bakkers were in the fore front. They were the ones asking for donations. No one held them to doing something they didn't want to do. They knew it was wrong, and choose to continue anyways. So you can't argue the Bakkers were the biggest influence in the general populations views on them and the PTL. THEY WERE WRONG!
And while your at it, find out about the countless lives the Bakkers harmed.
Ya can't argue logic and ya can't fix stupid.
Guest 31-Jul-2007 22:41
The captions in your picture is disrespectful amd tasteless. It shows you lack of knowledge...
Aqeley 31-Jul-2007 22:40
I think that the comments are not validated. One must forget that this was a group of people. unfortunately the ones in the forefront were the Bakkers so they caught the heat for it all. There were several persons in the background who were intrusted with the partners money..who weren't brought to justice. Find out about the countless lives the Bakkers touched. Two main points we aren't supposed to put our trust in man...therefore it is easy to points fingers . Most of us can't handle the responsiblity of leading. Second make sure you r glass house is reinforced before you throw stones.....
Guest 31-Jul-2007 02:11
Thats a good, well thought out comment.
Just think, if everyone thought and acted the same, this would would be awefully boring.

Hatemongers??? Do you watch Glenn Beck? LOL!
Bea Keeney 31-Jul-2007 01:24
Wow, such a diversity of comments for this picture -- kind of representative of the world we live in, so great job by all! Fundamentalists, young, old, gays, good hearted, mean spirited, open and closed minds, hatemongers, non-judgmentals, and mentals...

So refreshing to see we all don't think the same way...disheartening to see the close-minded who cast stones remain with their drivel and diatribes...but wouldn't this kind of diversity really liven things up at H-USA if it reopened?!
Amy 25-Jul-2007 15:53
These pictures have taken me on a trip through my adolescent days. My grandfather was a huge PTL fan/giver. Unfortunately he spent a large amount of money to make sure his grandchildren would have a place to go every year and celebrate christianity. If you've never been there, it was a peaceful place with friendly people. Beautiful in the grand hotel, and peaceful at the Upper Room. If anything should be learned from this-live, laugh, love and make it a habit to forgive. People make mistakes. It happens. Live and let live.
guest 24-Jul-2007 18:44
I read Stephanie's comment and stopped there. Maybe Stephanie you spend TOO much $$ teaching your kids HATE! God loves all children...why don't you teach your kids that lesson! When entering the gates of Heritage, were you asked about your sexual orientation? Do you get asked that question when entering DisneyLand (if so I will make sure never to return)? Do you get asked that when going to the local grocery, gas station, bank, etc.? I hope God forgive's my comment but, it is people like you and your ignorance of other people that gives Christianty a BAD name.
Fred 09-Jul-2007 02:29
Previous guest - You're awesome! I wonder if Jesus would really like Doritos - in real life. All joking aside - The scene with these statues (excluding the two jesters for a second) reminds me of the physical and emotional pain Jesus was about to endure - he did that for me - and these two guys. Jesus - an incredible man who I'm looking forward to meeting - if he'll take me (as I continue to work on this sinful nature of mine).
Guest 15-Jun-2007 18:46
i'm thinking more orginal nacho cheese. don't think Jesus was digging the new flavors of the day. a little leaven... : )
your comments were right on and welcome! i miss the place! i was 19 in 85 when i arrived to work for a summer. i stayed for just over two years. there was no doubt that judgement was coming. i was part of the "in crowd" there and heard some rumblings. it's just sad how unrepentant sin will wreak such destruction. God is faithful!
Fred 15-Jun-2007 03:08
You're right - Jesus has these two guys exactly where he would want them - at his side. Couldn't have said it better. Jesus loves these two men, and the folks in this conversation - righteously - he died for them and for me (all of us). I know God is searching and hoping for all of us to find our way and put down the sinful things we do - that really keep hurting us over and over - the things we do that keep us from being with Him. Seriously - God bless you all - seek and find God.

(on a light note to Peter Lien: if those were hot and spicy doritos -the ones in a red bag with the flames on it - I think Jesus would have prefered the Cool Ranch flavor - just a guess though).
Peter 13-Jun-2007 17:40
Everybody has an opinion and you all spout it out. Some with genuine love that shines through in your comments. Others of you just simply like to hate-it's who you are. OK. Just know that Jesus is God's Word made flesh, our perfect sacrifice for the sin we are in and He is the One who will pass judgement. God said that He is the rewarder of those that diligently seek him. And that by this shall all men know you are my disciples-that you have love for one another. God hates the sin but has absolute love for the sinner.
For you proud sinners on this blog, judgement is coming. Not "christian" judgement, not human judgement but God's righteous judgement. This is what you should fear. Who cares what some "so-called" christian has to say. What does God's Word have to say?? This is what you should be thinking about.
Sin is sin-period. Sin, according to scripture, separates us from God's presence. Christians on this blog, remove the log from your eye first. And remember, the Bible tells us, that we will be judged with the same judgement we use on others. Pretty scary. God is Holy and in 1 Peter He commands us to be Holy too.
Believers, go and walk like the Child of God that you are and love! Sinner, acknowledge your sin, ask for forgiveness, and be be washed anew by the blood shed for you!!
To all-Gods' Peace that passes all understanding...
Bob 09-Jun-2007 16:41
"If homosexuality was an issue to God -- God knowing everything He was planning for the universe He created -- wouldn't He had made His wishes known to all with an 11th commandment -- Thou shalt not be GAY? After all, God made all of us in His Divine Image. And God doesn't make mistakes." THEN I ask you, what about Sodom and Gomorrha, which translated means, DEAD & BURIED. It should be obvious that if it were normal behavior then 2 men or 2 women without any assistance, could produce a child. BUT THEY CANNOT. You see, this is why they sometimes are called "perverts" as they have attempted to pervert what nature has given them. I have 3 homosexual friends that are in their 50's now, and all 3 have spent time in prison for abusing male children. This seems to be the progression of homosexuals as they age and find a need to transfer their lusts to children. Do you think I am wrong? Look at all the homosexual priests that have been convicted. But no one calls them "homosexual", but instead titles them as "child abusers". And don't think for one minute that this is not the reason why the Boy Scout leaderhip has banned Gay scouts from leadership. They do not want theirs to be the playground for Gay sex. AND YET, Gays do all they can do discredit this fine organization when we all know why they are doing it. The Gay life is all about one's self and one's desires. It is completely self-centered and cares not for any decent person or organization that stands in their way. The temptation to have relations with one of the same sex SHOUD BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS, because once that line is crossed, the world becomes a different place for those that are trapped in it. My gay friends have told me that there is NEVER satisfaction that lasts, and the minute they are finished with one encounter, they are driven to find another. They are slaves to their passions and will never find the peace that lasts in their condition. I think God expects us to have at least enough sense that tells one that if those 2 of the same sex don't have the plumbing to reproduce, that they should never attempt to engage in such an act. It's called Sodomy, and in Webster's dictionary it is defined as "sexual relations with one of the same sex, or with an animal." Either should bring utter disgust to a thinking person. RUN from the Gay life, as it will bring you and those around you nothing but heartache.
Been Freed 07-Jun-2007 18:45
My family went to HUSA when I was a child for my birthday. These pictures have reminded me of the wonderful times I had there. I hate to see what's become of the place. I do think it is neat that the prayer room is still doing well. Just goes to prove that prayer works! There is something powerful and special about prayer. And I hear they are building a road AROUND the building. HA! That's pretty cool that they aren't tearing it down. Seems like some people are so against prayer in school and God bless America on money these days. We all see what happens when we take God out of the picture! Pure chaos! My parents always said the family that prays together, stays together. I grew up in a Christian school all my live and still happened to meet "bad" people whether one refers to bad people as thiefs, drunks, druggies or even gays as Steph so "elegantly" put it. I may not agree with how homosexuals live thier lives but I don't judge them. Who am I to through stones? As far as the ten commandments goes, no there is no commandment that says Don't Be Gay . . . . but didn't God make Adam and Eve - NOT Adam and Steve? he he he
Jesus didn't come into this world to save to healthy - He came to save the sick. Those of us who are Christians are to go out into the the world and tell those who don't know Jesus as their personal savior about what He did for them on the cross and what He's doing for us now. He loves us no matter what. He created us. He knows us better than we know ourselves. We're all sinners and have fallen short of the glory of God. Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross or all our sins, for conquering death and for going home to prepare a place for your people! Thank you for your free gift of salvation. Thank you for the power in prayer! God bless you all! Reading this is just cracking me up! Keep em coming!
Jeff Blair 05-Jun-2007 04:21
I just made a visit to H-USA last week and happened upon the upper room. It was in great shape - ironic that it has been restored and remains intact. It is the same with God's love for us. No matter the destruction and turmoil around us His love withstands. God has a special place in His heart for the guys in the pic -- he has you right where He wants you , right by His side. God Bless.
Fred 02-Jun-2007 05:19
Nobody wants you to leave or die, be condemned etc. If they do, they have a problem God is going to be working on them with. God/ Jesus, loves you, me, all of us. Jesus looked for and hung out with the folks that needed the love of his father (Man - he would have hung out with me and been hunting for me). Really pray about it - ask God - look in His word - and know this question for you will be answered - if you just listen closely. He will seriously answer you. God's love is ready for you dude - and you're right - God doesn't make any junk.
Guest 08-Apr-2007 00:14
There WILL always be gay people and we only want to be treated the same as everyone else. You can hate and bash us but we aren't going anywhere. Most of us conduct ourselves in a respectable manner and are not on the news or in the papers. Most of us just want to be left alone to live. God created me and he has yet to make any junk.
Guest 10-Mar-2007 08:17
it all comes down to This If you look through history, there will always be gay people, there will always be rasism, there will always be free sex, unwed mothers, drugs, and there will always be war. And many other issues that people can not get over. Not a thing any one or many people or even a nation can do about. It is how our world goes around. Check your history. See a pattern? We are no different than the animals God put here, no matter how smart we think we are. We are here to live, breath and die. It is how we are made. You can't stop it, when you're dead and buried, it will still be spinning the same way it always has. What matters is the peace you find within yourself and forget about the rest because once your gone, your gone and everything you tried to stop here on earth is still here, going strong... and you're dead.
Cindy 29-Jan-2007 04:10
Why does one group of people insist on being heard, yet tell another group of people to shut up when it's their turn to be heard simply because of a difference in opinion? Don't be so paranoid that everyone and everything is out to get you and judge you. Live and let live. Pray for those who persecute you. But in everything you say, say it in love...otherwise, it's just noise. No one likes to hear noise.
Guest 24-Jan-2007 03:27
I remember coming to Heritage USA every August from the year it opened to the year it closed. It was a fantastic place for vacation. My mother would charter five or six buses, and arrange for families to spend their summer vacation there. It was a place of fun, freedom, and spiritual enlightment. I would cut grass all summer so that I could have spending money when we went to PTL in August.

I was in my early teens when the scandal came to light. It took me some time and talking to from my folks to understand that we (mankind) cannot put people on pedistals. The Bible tells us in Proverbs that "he who trusts in his own heart is a fool". So we certainly can't put our trust and faith in someone else.

Now that I'm grown and have a career as a civil engineer, I'm really suprised at the level of deterioration the facilities have undergone over the years. However, I look forward to the new Heaven and Earth that the Lord will bring, and they will never pass away.
Guest 19-Dec-2006 06:11
God told us all -- to love one another, as well as yourself. I believe that this was His most important commandment for all He created. Is it possible, that the bible, interpreted and written by humans was misinterpreted over the centuries? If homosexuality was an issue to God -- God knowing everything He was planning for the universe He created -- wouldn't He had made His wishes known to all with an 11th commandment -- Thou shalt not be GAY? After all, God made all of us in His Divine Image. And God doesn't make mistakes. Just something to think about.
Kristen 06-Dec-2006 19:48
I don't agree with Stephanie's comment about "Those Gays". I do understand what she means by wanting to take your kids somewhere that is somewhat moral. You can't hardly take your kids to the mall without exposing them to extreme sexuality. I have been to DW during the Gay Days event. I realize it isn't a planned event for the resort, but you have to admit it gets pretty wild. I am friends with a lesbian couple, and they have said they wouldn't take their kids to Disney World during "Gay Days."

I am a Christian, and it kills me that so many other Christians spend so much time hating. I believe in the Bible. This same book that tells me that homosexuality is wrong, also tells me that I am to love the sinner. It also tells me that I am a sinner, and that unless I am free of sin...I should never cast the first stone. How can you possibly have room in your heart for Jesus, when you obviously have filled your heart with hate.

One more thing...I don't get why "PTL" bashers would come here to attack people just trying to share their childhood memories. I understand your anger and frustration with the PTL and the Bakker's. I don't get why you have to criticize everything anyone says about their memories of this place. I never went to Heritage. Honestly, I never even knew it existed. I just heard about it today for the first time, while I was watching "One Punk Under God." Just because I didn't experience their vacation or memories, doesn't give me the right to bash them and ridicule them.
Master Debater 06-Oct-2006 03:58
Well, since all this thread has become is spewing venom at the gay hating Stephanie, I'll spew a little more. What more can you say but "BIGOT", grooming her children to be intolerant in the name of a "good Christian education", and not giving them the tools they need to function in a real society. She is doing her children a real disservice. The fact of the matter is that "the gays" have been and always will be a part of society and until you understand that you will forever live in a world that masquerades as christian. Any, for what it's worth, so that everyone is clear, there is no official "gay day" at Disney World. They neither sanction it, promote it, or advertise it. What began as a yearly pilgrimage by a small group of gay friends to all things Disney, grew at the grass root level and by word of mouth in the gay community to become what is now a large gathering of gay Disney lovers who dress in red shirts to show community in a respectful "un-gay" way. What right does Disney have to deny admittance to someone because they are merely wearing a red shirt? It is people like good old Steph that stigmatize it and make it an issue by drawing attention to it and making it into something that is dirty and abhorent.
Guest 02-Sep-2006 13:30
preversion is perversion....whether it be money or sex.
Jimmy 25-Aug-2006 21:34
Hey Jak, It was the Roman Empire, and we all know what those people were into! Haw Haw Haw! ("haw haw haw" appears curtesy of Jack Chick Publications. All Rights reserved.) For those times when you really want to offend that new stranger in a deep way!
Tommy 16-Aug-2006 14:38
I mentioned this site to my wife, who said "Don't even mention Heritage USA, or Jim, or Tammy Faye around here. Her family knew too many other hard working, decent people that were bilked out of all they had when they bought into memberships and timeshares and other non-existant promotions only to be told when they arrived at the theme center that there was no room at the inn.

I enjoyed this interactive site. But how dare folks like the Bakkers use our Lord and Saviour for such extravagant self indulgence at the expense of others? ...What would Jesus say? ... I believe He has spoken. Thank you, Kappasigmapi, for an excellent presentation.
Guest 27-Jun-2006 05:14
as far as gay marriage is concerend, they should just redefine marriage. I propose the following: 2 retards vow to spend their life together until A; one of them dies, or B; it ends in a nasty bitter divorce, where they can try it again with another retard. I think that could apply to all sexualities.
Super Bi- Guy 17-Apr-2006 23:35
First of all, why would a perfect God create a man that is attracted to another man, only to "condemn" him? Why does God create things that he doesn't approve of? Something I don't quite understand.
Brian 14-Apr-2006 02:24
I grew up in NC, but eastern NC, and recall being fascinated watching PTL while in High School. Not from a religious perspective, but just the extravagance. PTL bilked some family friend of my parents of tens of thousands of dollars.
Ike 15-Feb-2006 23:03
Its kinda like the song of the hummingbird, when it tries to find the female hummingbird, and make sweet love to it, all night long. Just tow humminbirds, together, forever. It makes me want to sing a special song.
jay 15-Feb-2006 21:10
I think it's sad that no one can get past one person's opinion. Why so defensive? I doubt very much that Stephanie hates gays - she simply chooses to protect her family from what the Bible says in an abomination. No, I am not anti-gay - I have friends who are gay - I love them, but I also believe that God desires to set them free. Sex was meant to be between a man & a woman. It's sad that you have nothing better to do than continually slam someone else. The gays are demanding to be heard, yet you want the Christians to sit down and shut up. Jesus died that all might be free.
Natalie 10-Feb-2006 21:47
I just think that it is ironic that Stephanie is so anti-homosexuality considering Jesus was born during the period of time when ALL Romans, Israelites, Greeks, and people of the Middle East took men as their partners and used women strictly for procreation. Homosexuality is a new idea and people didn't start becoming paranoid about until the last few centuries. It used to be the norm. Maybe you should get your narrow mind out and get an education. Since when have homosexuals done anything but try to find love. Also, do you not consider racism wrong? Essentially all you are doing is being sexist, and disriminating against homosexuals because of their feelings. It is the same thing as racism. Stephanie, you need to pull your head out of your butt and realize it's people like you that make people like me never want to go to church because you still judge and you still treat everyone different. Is that what Jesus would do? Grow up and get an education. I feel bad for your children as I am sure they are going to come out to be incredibly confused. Lord help you if you have a homosexual child.
Guest 07-Feb-2006 08:09
Steph.. wow, what comments.. Yes, I am also gay.. and grew up in a very ultra-Christian household. My father is a full time missionary to South America but lives in Miami. My mom lives Atlanta and I live in the US South somewhere..

I never went to Heritage b/c my father, even tho a hard-line Christian, thought that there was too much coruption with the Bakkers and that they were fake and phoney.

I recently met Tammy Faye. What a sweet heart. She has changed now since her days at PTL and become her own woman. She sang at the church I use to attend, which is mostly gay/lesbian/bi-sexual/transgendered, and LOVED it. She's very open minded.. very gay friendly.. and NON judgemental.

I think Tammy wil be a bit disturbed to know that Heritage is going to re-open if it is going to be how it was in it's day. It should encompase all faiths, backgrounds, races, and even yes, sexual orientations. Come on now, haven't you read your Bible correctly to read.. "Judge Not, lest Ye be JUDGED!" or Jesus's Golden Rule "Do Unto Others as They would Do unto you!"

God Speed..
Yo Yo Ma 29-Jan-2006 02:08
Doritos are not mentioned in the Bible. I really wonder if the Lord would have liked Doritos. Thank you Jesus!
Guest 24-Jan-2006 20:35
Wow Steph> you really got the homos riled up lol
Guest 08-Jan-2006 08:18
Stephanie is the type of moron who'd pay money to a Jim Bakker type, and I'm glad for it. Idiots and their money are easily parted. Hey Stephanie, I hope that your kids turn out to be gay. That would be great. Oh, that, and that they date people of the same sex, but who are of a different race. Because the good LORD above knows that you probably hate people who aren't your colour, right?

What a pile of steamy garbage you are, Stephanie.
Guest 17-Dec-2005 01:27
Stephanie you are an idiot. I do not pay money for internet access so that I can be subjected to your closeminded views.
Guest 07-Dec-2005 03:35
Just as a side note, Disney doesn't host any Gay Pride Day. It does, however, host the Night of Joy, which is a series of days that the parks are shut down early for enormous groups of highschool aged Church groups, and features the very best in Praise and Worship music.
Guest 05-Dec-2005 02:24
I don't see why people have a problem with gay pride parades. They are deliciously grand and everyone loves each other. No one is holding a gun to your head to be at a gay pride parade.
Peace out.
Guest 15-Nov-2005 01:06
I remember going here as a kid, but I do not remember it being this huge Christian place. Ironic, considering I went with my church most times. I remember it as being a fun waterpark where you could get some good saltwater taffy.

Personally, Stephanie, I do not judge you for your decision to raise your kids in a Christian home... I think it's great. However, as someone who grew up with a minister as a father in a fairly strict home, I know that most of the time what happens when children are over-protected is that they are subjected to the world with a very naive viewpoint. While I do appreciate my Christian background, I know that some of what has happened to me in my life is due to my naivity.

Also, I understand that you do not want your children to be subjected to a gay pride day at Disney... honestly, I have very close friends who are gay, and do not judge at all (In fact, I hope that I can find a gay male roommate), but I'm not sure that I would want to subject my children to that, either. However, there are 364 days that are not Gay Pride Day at Disney, where all you'll see is a happy Mickey and Minnie smiling and hugging kids. I would hope that you wouldn't strip your children of this normal childhood experience just because one day out of 365 Disney decides to open it's doors to people with other beliefs than yours.
Mike 02-Nov-2005 21:46
I'm way to young to understand most of what I'm seeing here. But I did find an unusual congruity between what I was seeing on this site and what I found at . Especially when taken in the context of the conceptual photo of the Jerusalem model.

David the Great 31-Aug-2005 03:00
When I was a kid, I watched Jim Baker and his amazing wife crying on queue. I watched cos, I thought they were out of their ever loving minds. I guess if the theme park means a lot to some people, more power to you. But the idea of mixing the bible and amusment parks is just too damn creepy! Jim and Tammy were con men through and through. How can anyone go on TV and ask for money to build this damn thing? This park is a monument to peoples greed and ignorance.
Guest 24-Jul-2005 14:45
I have the fondest childhood memories of Heritage USA. My grandparents lived in the condos on Sweetgum. My parents and grandparents were great supporters of PTL ministries. The destruction of this venue was indeed the result of Man's greed. Stephanie is correct in the fact that it was a unique place to bring your family for wholesome entertainment. It's sad that she thinks that by simply sending her children to a Christian school that her children are somehow not going to be exposed to someone who is gay. It does not somehow change the fact that homosexuals exhist in society. Afterall, you will not change the natural course of life by simply changing the setting in which your children are educated. You can possibly influence their beliefs, but you can't alter their sexuality. Even homosexuals attend Christian schools. I did! Even though I was raised in a Christian home and educated, for the most part, in a Christian school, I still managed to end up gay. How does this happen. I was never exposed to Gay Day at Disney, yet I managed to become a successful, law abiding, homosexual, and productive member of society. My parents may not believe my sexuality is moral, but they do accept me. I never chose to be gay. To think this is illogical. Afterall, did you choose to be straight, or did you choose to not be gay?
If you take your kids to Gay Day at Disney, then you chose to "subject" them to that. If you boycott Disney because they have a Gay Day because it somehow stands against YOUR beliefs, NOT Disney's, then that is your prerogative. Disney has it's annual Gay Day to let the homosexual public know that they are open to ALL people. I'm sure if they had Hallelujah Day at Disney, you would be beating down the doors to get in. You wouldn't find me boycotting. If they want to do that, that's THEIR prerogative as business owners. Please stop blaming the demise of the world on people like me, Stephanie. It's neither fair, nor is it nice. Most of all, it's not the Christian thing for you to do.
Mark 22-Jul-2005 00:13
My last visit to HUSA was around 1982. No go carts, no water park, no Main Street, no Upper Room (under construction) but I managed to have fun. I was around 14 yrs old at the time. I guess my favorite spot was the arcade right next to the Mini Golf, if I remember correctly. I even saw Jamie-Charles in there a few times and played a brand new video game called Pac-Man against him. I let him win. (not really, I couldn't even clear one level. He kicked my butt). He was only 4 or 5 at the time I think. My Mom insisted in staying up to three weeks at one point. We only had a Pop-up trailer and after 2 weeks, I was ready to go home. All in all, I do miss the place deep down. It was a great place. I just wish I could have gone back when the other attractions came around to enjoy it more. I wonder if the Big Moose is still standing at the entrance.
Guest 11-Jul-2005 03:23
Yes Stephanie, I suppose it is horrible to be ...subjected? to things you don't believe in. Everyone should only be exposed to things they already believe in. Likewise, I am cringing at being subjected to your ridiculous viewpoint (I really think you are flamebaiting anyway)

Anyway, I also was taken to Heritage USA as a child. My memory is much different. I don't know the exact year, but it was shortly after opening, because the water park was not finished. It was a reallly lame place. I just remember there wasn't a whole lot to do. A roller-rink, putt-putt, some shops.

William 07-Jul-2005 14:49
good grief Stephanie.
Jonathan 18-Jun-2005 08:06
You can get involved in rebuilding "Heritage International Ministries"
john 16-Jun-2005 21:14
yeah, Stephanie...those gays ruin everything, don't they?
Pastor Kevin McCullough 15-Jun-2005 16:03
To my knowlege there is nothing like Heritage USA anywhere.
This was a true vision of God that man destroyed and people today make fun of.

I also remember my vacation to Heritage USA and it was a wonderful time.
Stephanie 08-Jun-2005 05:59
I am currently 26 years old. I was brought to Heritage USA on a family vacation as a child. Looking back, it was the most wonderful vacation that I have ever went on during my childhood. I was looking on the internet today to get some information so that I could bring my children to experience the wonderful experience that I did when I was a child. Sad to see that the place has closed down & is in such deplorable condition. I still have the pictures from our vacation. We stayed in the grand hotel. I was only around 10 years old so, I don't remember every single detail but, I do remember going to a very moving church service where they depicted Jesus's death and ressurection. That was the first time I had ever seen a reinactment of that type. We got to go to the upper room. It was a very special visit for me. I hope that the place does get restored so that families everywhere can bring their children to a GOOD, WHOLESOME & CHRIST CENTERED vacation. If there is any christian theme park of this type, I would appreciate it if someone would drop me an email as I am always looking for ways to incorporate Christ into our everyday lives. It is horrible going to some of these other theme parks such as Disney when they have those Gay pride days & my children are forced to be subjected to things that we do not believe in as Christians. I spend ALOT of money on my children's christian education so that they are not subjected to that kind of thing at school, I will not pay my money to have them subjected to this on vacation. God Bless Heritage USA.
Alyson 05-Nov-2004 15:30
This whole site is surreal. I grew up in this neigborhood just after the Baker's left. I even have a picture of me, as a young skater-girl, pretending to kiss this same Jesus on the check. It is a ghost-town, but I am glad to have lived there at the time I did. I am a grad student in creative writing now (far away, up north), and will someday chronicle this experience in (what will have to be) a series of essays.
There is talk that this was the beginning of the Apocalypse.