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Steven Noyes | all galleries >> Galleries >> Grand Canyon > Horseshoe Bend : Week13a Color
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Summer 2004 Steven Noyes

Horseshoe Bend : Week13a Color

Horseshoe bend, Grand Canyon

Horseshoe Bend panoramic. This is one of several Horseshoe Bends that can be found throughout the world. This one happens to be near Marble Canyon on the North East end of the Grand Canyon. The walk is about 10-15 minutes through heavy sand and thee are several up-drafts that you have to be careful of. The view, however, is dramatic.

I could not decide if I liked the high-contrast Black and White or the color better. So I thought I would post both of them. You might notice that this is a shot that I have previously posted. However, this one is re-stitched because the otherone was not very well done. There wer several misalignments and seems visible. This has new lens calibration data and the brightness has been matched much better.

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Jacob Padrul05-Mar-2019 02:28
I have seen many images of this place and have my own pictures (did not have wide angle lens at that time), but this one is the best by composition, color, and. of course, image quality. V
Guest 15-Mar-2007 21:40
This is an amazing work staven ,, thanks for sharing
Thierry Lucas24-Nov-2006 11:25
Very nice capture.
boliston03-Oct-2006 20:35
There must be countless images of this horseshoe bend on Pbase alone, but this one seems to give a much wider an vibrant view than others I have seen.
nomada16-Dec-2005 18:58
WOW!!!!superb capture!
Reflections by Ruth09-Dec-2005 17:00
Amazing work Steven, this is the first time I have seen Horseshoe Bend at such a wide view. Your post processing work in stitching it all together is excellent.
Hopefully I will get to travel to AZ again in the next couple years to see all that I missed the last trip :)
Mark L20-Jun-2005 00:25
This spot is a photographer's dream. It blows me away every time I see it.
Beautiful shot!
Guest 04-Mar-2005 10:10
This has got to be one of the best panoramas you are likely to see. Superb.
Steven Noyes03-Mar-2005 22:48
This is a simple 4X1 pano using the 1D and the 16-35 mm lens.
Eric03-Mar-2005 15:03
Great shot! This is a classic postcard viewpoint, but I like how you delivered a wider angle of view. Thanks for the details on your workflow. How many shots was this? Single row or multiple row? I have several panos on my website at
Guest 03-Jan-2005 13:47
This shot is amazing ! Very impressive !
Guest 01-Oct-2004 18:28
GREAT! One of the best photos taken at the same place.
Steven Noyes25-Sep-2004 22:18
I remember the situation well. Karthik has been able to get some amazing shots in the last year; it is really impressive. If you study from what he is doing, you will do well.

Guest 25-Sep-2004 02:35
Stunning shot...! We have met you at this place last July with my friends Karthik, Ganesh and Mani. Remember us.. we were a group of 8.. I've started learning photography as well.. please visit my gallery when you have time and annotate your thoughts.

-- Gopi
Steven Noyes13-Sep-2004 00:39
> Love this shot and your photography in general.

Thank you.

> What is your work flow?

It is 100% digital. I used a 1D for this shot (4MP) and a home made panoramic head. I shoot the frame for the brightest hi-lights and will sometimes blend in an exposure compensated shot for the shadows.

RAW Conversion (this was shot JPEG) is done using C1 Pro. A highly recommended program.

> Did you hand hold this one?

No. This is with a simple home made pano head.

> How did you shoot the photos with multiple exposures?

Most cameras have the ability to auto exposure bracket. I set the shortest exposure for the hi-lights and the longest exposure for the shadows. I then take 2 or 3 shots (the 1 series lets you set this) at each shot. Later, I do 1 of 2 things:

1) blend all the individual images and the stitch.

2) do multiple stitches and then blend the final result.

Alignment is easier for #1 and brightness matching is easier on #2. I find #2 the easiest to do.

> What equipment (tripod, head, etc.) do you use?

Camera: EOS series. 1D recently upgraded to 1D Mk II. This is a personal preference and does not have as much impact as some would lead you to believe.

Tripod: I currently use a Gitzo 1325. This makes more difference than the camera IMO. You need a tripod that will hold the weight of your equipment. This might be a $35 Walmart Special for a light P&S to a $700 carbon fiber for a 600 f4.0 lens.

Head: I have a MagicBall by NovaFlex. This is similar to the tripod. It needs to be good enough to hold YOUR equipment. There are no right tripod head except the one that works well for you. Try before you buy.

QR: I opted for the Ideesign Q-Top Quick release because they are very secure, solid, light, low profile and plates are just $10 USD. They are non-standard meaning that many 3rd party (Really Right Stuff for example) things won't work.

Software: I use a Mac with C1 Pro and TIFFany III (not Photoshop). When I went to Mac, OS X had just been released and I needed an image editor. Adobe failed to deliver a product for almost 2 years and lost my buisness. PS is "better" and has more options but TIFFany provides all of the tools and scripting I have ever needed. I also have the Dev set for it allowing me write my own stuff.

For stitching, I use PTMac
Adjuster11-Sep-2004 14:44
Love this shot and your photography in general. What is your work flow? Did you hand hold this one? How did you shoot the photos with mulitple exposures? What equipment (tripod, head, etc.) do you use?
Rod Ostoski - Brevard County Real Estate Photographer08-Sep-2004 02:17
All I can say is WOW!
Guest 13-Jun-2004 16:22
Jaw-dropping... a wonderful rendition of this scene- the best I have seen. Beats even Max Lyons' effort.
Aaron Peterson12-May-2004 15:31
One of the better photographs I've seen of this location. Nice!
Guest 21-Apr-2004 19:10
I've never seen anything like this before. Cool! Also, the color one is better because it relays much more information about the scene.
Guest 01-Apr-2004 15:05
Nice..... Very nice.....